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Conditions to offer DNB courses eased, Soon Online assessment to ensure quality at hospitals: NBE officials

Conditions to offer DNB courses eased, Soon Online assessment to ensure quality at hospitals: NBE officials

Karnataka: PG Medical Seats in the country through the medium of Diplomate National Board courses (DNB courses) at specialist hospitals in the country are going to see a tremendous rise in the coming years, with the National Board of Examinations relaxing various criterion for DNB courses

Information to this effect was given at joint interactive session between NBE, NITI Aayog and ANBAI stakeholders and the ANBAI Karnataka Teachers Day awards 2019 ceremony that was held at Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital, Bangalore

NBE President Dr. Sheth apprised of the various measures being taken to increase the number of seats in postgraduate training to meet the huge shortage that exists today. The Railway Hospitals, public sector hospitals and army hospitals will now start training postgraduates and to facilitate this the requirements for National board training centres have also been modified, without compromising on quality. The NBE president mentioned the target to go upto 10,000 DNB seats across the country in the coming two years.

Apprising the Medical Dialogues team about the developments, Dr Alex Thomas, President of ANBAI informed,” Many relaxations have been done to facilitate hospitals to start DNB courses. Now hospitals with 150+ beds can also start offering DNB courses in 03 programme(All DNB or All FNB or DNB & FNB). Further, now faculty requirements have also been made to 2 full time consultants (1 PG Teacher + 1 Senior/Junior Consultant), which was earlier 2+2. To ensure quality of teaching is maintained, NBE officials have promised to bring in online assessment of hospitals.”

The event organised by  Association of National board accredited Institutions (ANBAI) saw interactive meeting with the President, National board of examination, Dr Abhijat Sheth, Executive Director, Dr Rashmikant Dave, NBE on the various issues facing the institutions relating to NBE courses.

Dr Alexander Thomas President of ANBAI also shared the various steps being taken especially in Karnataka wherein for the first time in the country DNB courses have been started in the Govt district hospitals. Last year about 60 seats in district hospitals in Karnataka were approved by NBE through the efforts of ANBAI.

Dr Parimala from the Government of Karnataka explained the benefits that have accrued because of this. Earlier though consultant posts were auctioned by the government of Karnataka there were no takers, however when training posts were advertised for NBE, all such posts were filled. These consultants in addition to training also see patients. Students (including those with diploma) have contributed much to improve the quality of care in these district hospitals. More importantly, each candidate who passes will have to serve a 2 year bond with the government. All these measures will very soon ensure that quality specialises healthcare is available to all the citizens of Karnataka. Similar efforts are being made in other states where ANBAI is playing a facilitatory role. Also importantly NBE has now agreed to give 50% of the seats in district hospitals to respective state governments to allocate as per their own guidelines and rules.

An interactive session was held between the President, Executive Director of NBE along with Dr Vinod Paul, Chairman of Board of Governors, MCI and Member NITI Aayog and representatives from about 15 states from all over the country participated. These stakeholders represented smaller hospitals and single speciality hospitals. Dr Devi Shetty founder patron of ANBAI was also present at this discussions. Dr Paul felt it was important to utilise every bed in the country for training. Many suggestions were made as to how this could be done without compromising the quality of training. It is important that quality teachers are produced to ease the crisis in this area.

ANBAI also honoured 40 senior teachers who had significantly contributed to promoting NBE programmes in Karnataka

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  1. DNB is not equal to the entrance based and Teaching institute govt medical college based PG degrees.

    Level of Lateral entry candidates is !?
    Real patients and exposure is !?
    Teaching and Training is !?
    Handling the patient and hand on training on private patients is !?
    Genuinity of Exams/exam centers/ examiners and passing the exams is !?
    Mostly by money and influence.

    Qualification or Quakrification in specialities !?
    Deterioration and insult to Medical profession and Ethics .

    DND training ONLY in Govt Medical colleges will be beneficial for all, patients, candidates, institutes and Govt.


  2. user
    Sameer Rajaram Dhanumali May 20, 2019, 4:35 pm

    It\’s good news. But there has to be monitoring of DNB training. As corporate hospitals want Pg to help consultants
    Consultants r least interested in teaching. What\’s point of No hands on training for three years of DNB training. What\’s quality of Pg education. It\’s still poor. There is hardly enough teaching institute for DNB except Delhi. Both hands on,free hand , exposure is lacking in DNB.

  3. user
    Bitla p Sriharsha May 20, 2019, 12:21 pm

    10k is just a number make it 50k…
    What will change…
    Dnb has degraded so much these yrs…

    Every one passes, all exam papers are repeats….all useless hospital granted seats…
    Now recently district hospitals…

  4. Don\’t blame reservation system,In India 90% population is other than OC .They are having right to take their percentage of share .Reservation will help to get seat,not for clearing exams.See the percentage of passed outs in any course, reservation people will definitely pass the course,many times they will get good score than OC\’s.Don\’t under estimate the reserved people.
    DNB courses also required to meet the demand.Competent authority should have controls on the system.

  5. user
    sriharsha Bitla May 20, 2019, 12:24 pm

    Frustated indian…
    Its not the number game…its about the quality of doctors produced..
    I can see anesthetist who cant intubate with a degree in hand, can see surgeoan with degree who cant operate appendix and hernia…india has become one of the worst plac e for doctors

  6. This really will help or this the beginning of deterioration of medical education,how is it possible to impart postgraduate training at district hospital,how a single doctor can impart training,whether these district Hospitals are well equipped,are handling all emergencies…..big no.In fact it is mockery of medical education and people will laugh at such kind of doctors and it is doubtful ,whether he will be comment enough to handle emergencies.At present it seems,all the changes are going to probe lethal for medical system like bridge course for BAMS,BDS,NURSES.Only time will tell ,what will happen with Medical stream