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At what Pay will you work in Rural areas? Govt asks Doctors in Karnataka

At what Pay will you work in Rural areas? Govt asks Doctors in Karnataka

Bengaluru: Desperate to attract specialist doctors to work in government hospitals and clinics of the state, the Karnataka Health department was recently seen asking the doctors to quote the salary package at which they are ready to serve in community health centres, taluk and district hospitals.

The move comes as a last resort, after the previous effort of the government of offering Rs 1.25 lakh per month salary package also found very few takers. It is reported that out of the 1,221 vacant posts so far, only a mere 150 have applied to the offered salary package.

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Assuming that the doctors’ expectation of remuneration may be higher for service in remote areas, the department has now asked them to quote their price, reports the Hindu.

Announcing the online bidding system, Health minister Ramesh Kumar informed the reporters: “What can we do as specialist doctors are not willing to work in government hospitals despite being offered salaries up to Rs 1.25 lakh? Since they are not keen on the pay package offered by us we want them to suggest how much they want. If their bids are approved by the government, they will be appointed.”

Shalini Rajneesh, Principal Secretary (Health and Family Welfare), said the National Health Mission is ready to give the top remuneration over and above the State government rates in public interest. “However, the said contract will have performance-linked remuneration,” she said.

Doctors can quote their pay package on the department’s website: reports TOI.

The move is a part of various measures taken up by the government to ensure provision of specialist services in remote areas. Recently, the health department had also threatened to cancel the council registrations of those doctors that had not completed their mandatory rural service

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  1. Create conducive atmosphere to work
    Not amount

  2. user
    Pitchumani Sivasankaran July 6, 2017, 12:26 pm

    I feel that all state govts. should give the opportunity to all doctors , a choice to work in Govt. side.If this responsibility is given to public service commission,corruption,will spoil the whole program.If govt. service is chosen by the individual, then pvt. practise should be strictly banned.If, this is agreed upon,then salary can be fixed, to the maximum

  3. money is big incentive for any employee.I am glad Karnataka govt realized the reality.while serving ADDITIONALdirector GENERAL IN MINI. of health goi.i proposed many a times that doctors at PHC must get a salary double to the amount paid in city hospital.doctors then can place their family in a nearby city for children education.they also should be compensated for transport etc.AND PHC should be loaded with drugs ind paramedics proportionately paid .PROFESSOR dr KPS malik

  4. The government and the people running it, can only think of pay package and money as the criteria for working in rural areas and govt service, unfortunately!!!
    They simply cannot think beyond that.
    Decent working environment and the facilities matter more than the package.
    Hope good sense prevails

  5. GOI sud introduce old LMF/LMP courses which are need of the hour to eliminate these non compliance issues. At d same time, it will also ensure long term compliance by these doctors who cannot run away in Urban sector. It will also ensure employment problems and produce doctor at lower cost with fool proof compliance. These doctors will not go abroad too.