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BDS to MBBS Bridge Course: MCI, DCI to review BDS currciculum to Examine Feasibility of Proposal

BDS to MBBS Bridge Course: MCI, DCI to review BDS currciculum to Examine Feasibility of Proposal

New Delhi: The proposal of BDS to MBBS Course may see some action in the times to come as the Medical Council of India (MCI), along with the Dental Council of India (DCI) and the Union Health Ministry (MOHFW) will review the curriculum of BDS in this regard.

The purpose of the entire review of the curriculum would be to analyse and determine the feasibility of the
proposal and to determine whether it is possible to Leverage Dentists to fill present gaps of the doctor shortage in the system

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that in the year 2016, the Dental Council of India had put forward the proposal of a bridge course to the government as a solution to two major problems that the country is facing-  On one hand there is a severe shortage of MBBS doctors particularly to serve in the rural areas, on the other hand dental students are currently facing a large problem of placements and recruitment after the completion of their courses.

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The Medical Council of India and the Dental Council of India have been since then in the process of examining whether it is possible to design a bridge course to enable BDS passouts to pursue MBBS in the country.

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Last year a special committee was constituted by MCI under the chairmanship of Dr Ved Prakash Mishra for this purpose. The committee began addressing a number of technical issues, including the what will be the coursework and the fact whether dental students will have to undergo another round of internship as per the MBBS curriculum. The issue was also to be decided where these bridge pass-outs students will be registered ( MCI or DCI or dual registration ) as well as which council will be entrusted with the operations of running the said course.

With the MCI being taken over by the Board of Governors, the matter was then passed to the new body.

The proposal also saw some momentum,  earlier this year when a meeting that was held at the PM’s office on 9th April 2019, regarding the scaling up of medical education in India. In the said meeting, it was inter-alia decided to explore the option of allowing dentists to practice family medicine/mainstream medicine following a bridge course. The same was then sent to the Medical Council of India regarding Examination of the proposal

Providing the Action Taken Report on the PMO Minutes of 9th April. 2019, the MCI Board of Governors, in its recent meeting while approving  the ATR on the matter noted that “MCI will participate with DCI and MOHFW to review the curriculum of BDS and  then examine the feasibility of the proposal.”




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  1. user
    Dr.Basundhara Mishra August 29, 2019, 8:43 am

    Please do finalize the proposal of Bridge course from BDS to MBBS as soon as possible because of unemployment for dentists.

  2. user
    Dr Sameer Patil July 28, 2019, 12:00 pm

    Bridge course should not be looked merely as something that will increase the demand for dentistry nor take away the bread and butter of MBBS doctors.
    Its the need of the hour for our country as the current medical health manpower available is woefully inadequate. There is a huge population who do not have access to trained healthcare professionals. They either don\’t do anything about their health problems and continue to suffer till their death or else they take treatment from quacks.
    The principal essence of Bridge course is to Augument the current Healthcare system. Support our MBBS brothers to give more access to our huge population.
    Let no one look at this in any different manner.
    Imagine in a country like ours, 1 doctor taking care of both Medical and Dental needs is a big welcome boost and need of the hour, since doctors can\’t be manufactured or created overnigt.
    The problem about Dentists not being able to flourish is not lack of patients but poor approach to practice.
    They actually haven\’t been taught the art of conducting effective Dental practice. Falling standards, lack of involvement and motivation amongst staff and students and the slow approach of Regulators to change as per needs of the Society are responsible on one side. Lack of awareness, inability to afford treatment and access to Dental care( esp in rural and semi urban areas) on the other side are responsible.
    With advent of standardization like NABH-DHSP, ISO etc and Dental Insurance things are bound to change. This coupled with increased awareness ( because of efforts of noble souls like you all) and the ever increasing socio-economic conditions will transform the way Dentistry is in about 5 to 8 years.

    World over Dentistry is amongst the top 3 to 5 professions. It\’s a million dollar question why only in India it is rated so poorly. We all are partly responsible and we should stop saying and believing that Dentistry is dying.
    I\’m a hardcore optimist. We have a huge responsibility to gear for the changing needs of the society. Let us re-look at every sysyem, practice and procedure and evaluate wether it is relevant today. Let us be brave and embrace change and bring about this transformation. It\’s most essential and we are in the most important office in Maharashtra.
    Let\’s lead the change☺🙏
    My 2 cents to the discussion

  3. As a dentist … I may have a different opinion
    But I am 100 % with him ..
    He has a point ..


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  5. Looking at the timing of this news, it seems this is only to attract students to bds colleges and again it will surface next year…

  6. Only a passionate, idiot who have lots of money will do that MBBS after BDS ……..Not ordinary poor, well deserving but unfortunate Dental student !!!
    Excelling in any field is what is required ..
    Having people with money and People without knowledge but got seats somehow to become MBBS/MD/MS is the cause of all ills in the present day Health care system.