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BDS to MBBS Bridge Course: Niti Aayog calls for a meeting

BDS to MBBS Bridge Course: Niti Aayog calls for a meeting

New Delhi: Dentists may come closer to practicing main stream medicine in the country, as the Niti Aayog, together with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare are going now chalk out a road map for creating a cadre of Mid-level providers in India and for the same likely to hold a meeting on Monday, the 22nd April, 2019 to consider bringing in the BDS-MBBS bridge course.

It is reported that a meeting was held at the PM’s office earlier this month, regarding the scaling up of medical education in India. In the said meeting, it was inter-alia decided to explore the option of allowing dentists to practice family medicine/main stream medicine following bridge course.

Now following the same, a meeting is proposed to be held at the Niti Ayog to discuss the issues on leveraging dentists to provide primary healthcare thereby reducing the gaps of current shortfall of doctors in the country.

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Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that in the year 2016, the Dental Council of India had put forward the proposal of a bridge course to the government as a solution to two major problems that the country is facing-  On one hand there is a severe shortage of MBBS doctors particularly to serve in the rural areas, on the other hand dental students are currently facing a large problem of placements and recruitment after the completion of their courses.

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The Medical Council of India and the Dental Council of India have been since then in the process of finalizing a bridge course to enable BDS passouts to pursue MBBS in the country. Last year a special committee was constituted by MCI under the chairmanship of Dr Ved Prakash Mishra for this purpose. The committee began addressing a number of technical issues, including the what will be the coursework and the fact whether dental students will have to undergo another round of internship as per the MBBS curriculum. The issue was also to be decided where these bridge pass-outs students will be registered ( MCI or DCI or dual registration ) as well as which council will be entrusted with the operations of running the said course.

With the MCI being taken over by the Board of Governors, the matter was then passed to the new body.

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Now Niti Ayog is expected to mull on the idea in a meeting that will also see participation from relevant stakeholders and councils including DCI.

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  1. user
    Nandini Thummanapally July 24, 2019, 3:31 pm

    Pharmd graduated also eligible for this bridge course I think..

  2. what kind of bullshit is all this.if u want to meet shortage of doctors ,the solution is to make new medical colleges.not to drag people who are just studying teeth to come and treat the whole human body.First take of reservations so that all the deserving will study what they dreamt of.

  3. 1st 3 yrs a bds students have to study as same as Mbbs course. They know not only about teeth

  4. Dentist are not bullshit ur check ur brai n
    Ur suffering from mental disorder idiot

  5. Dentists are not bullshit .
    Mind your language .
    We are also a good doctor

  6. wow …. the MBBS students comes doctors from mothers stomach by birth to treat whole human body
    ???….how foolish……

  7. user
    Ravindra kushwaha June 10, 2019, 9:21 pm

    Thanks to Niti Ayog and MCI for the Historical step. It will help reduce the cost of medical treatment as well as competition will take care of quality also. As all doctors including BHMS BAMS and BUMS all have studied the same subjects and concepts. All these doctors should be treated at par and should be trained easily to provide improved health services in India.

  8. Then what about fmg students they mbbs degree and they r suffering for registration like anything.think about them also.dont be unfair wuth them if u r meeting with with shortage of doctors

  9. it fulfill`s many student`s colourful dream

  10. Then why not for DOCTOR OF PHARMACY PEOPLE to pursue a bridge course for MBBS. PharmD people have more idea regarding diseases and their treatments than BDS people

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