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BDS to MBBS Bridge Course: NO Such Proposal With Govt to allow Dentists to practice Modern Medicine, Informs Health Minister

BDS to MBBS Bridge Course: NO Such Proposal With Govt to allow Dentists to practice Modern Medicine, Informs Health Minister

New Delhi: The issue of proposed BDS to MBBS bridge course to enable dentists practice modern medicine was raised not once but twice in the Rajya Sabha recently, when two MPs questioned the Union Health Ministry about the proposal and its corresponding oppositions

Responding particularly to the quetions, Minister of State- Ministry of Health and Family Welfare provided clarifications on the matter.

MP Shri Majeed Memon, questioned whether it is a fact that Indian Medical Association has opposed Government’s proposal to allow dentists to practise modern medicine as well as the reasons thereof.

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Responding the question the MOS Health, Shri Ashwani Kumar Choubey in written reply informed that there is no proposal with the government as on date on such lines

“No. As on date there in no such proposal to allow dentists to practice modern medicine,” the Minister stated in his reply.

However, responding to the question by MP Prabhakar Reddy Vemireddy on whether it is a fact that a bridge course is proposed for those who opt to study MBBS after BDS, the minister answered that the Dental Council of India (DCI) sent a proposal which has been forwarded to Medical Council of India (MCI).

Further, another question was raised by Vemireddy whether any proposal has been received from the Dental Council of India to permit students who have completed BDS take direct admission into 3rd year of MBBS to which the minister once against replied with a NO

Clarifying on the question whether it is a fact that curriculum in the first two years of MBBS and BDS is almost similar; the minister informed that The Board of Governors appointed in supersession of Medical Council of India (MCI) has informed that the curriculum in the first two years of MBBS and BDS is not similar

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The issue of BDS to MBBS bridge course has been a matter of contention between modern Medicine practitioners ever since it was first put forward by the DCI to the MCI. While the government official response states that there is no formal proposal with the government yet, Medical dialogues team had earlier reported that the government Think tank, Niti Aayog had called for the meeting in the month of April 2019 to discuss the issues on leveraging dentists to provide primary healthcare thereby reducing the gaps of current shortfall of doctors in the country.

This had come after a meeting was held at the PM’s office earlier the same month, regarding the scaling up of medical education in India. In the said meeting, it was inter-alia decided to explore the option of allowing dentists to practice family medicine/main stream medicine following bridge course.

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  1. Here govt., IMA play double standared. Through Management quota, Deemed medical colleges and NRI quota those who have low NEETUG scores to enter into MBBS but those who have better NEET UG scores and have no enough money to ₹10 L to 20L or even more per annum ie middle class/upper middle class candidates are pushed/forced to take BDS/BHMS/BAMS couses. It is an injustice, bias impoed upon them. How it can be justified. Thu MBBS has become Multi Billion Business Sector. Thus it seems the rulers hands are also clear in MBBS admission through Managemwnt quota/NRI quota/Deemed medical colleges. Also sww that reserve categories get admission in general merit quota, there own reservation quota, Managemwnt quota, NRIQuota/Deemed medical college quota. Thus the meddle class are a supressed class as far as concerning MBBS admission. Only higer scorers, reserved categories and rich and wealthy take the bread of middle class in MBBS admission. Total injustice towards middle class.

  2. Its not stupidity and has nothing to feel bad about MBBS people, I stay in Mumbai suburbs, a so called financial capital of India, In slums of this suburb, there are 100s of Doctors who do not have MBBS,BAMS & BHMS degree, they just practice with some good doctors as compounder for few years and then with some forged certificate start their practise in slums as general physician and make 1000s of earning everyday. All thanks to corrupt law enforcement/ certification offices filling their wallets. If this is state of affair in city like Mumbai city what can one imagine about rural areas. Its important for govt to approve such bridge courses from BDS, BAM, BHMS etc to MBBS. this will atleast help getting qualified doctors to serve country. The gross reality is govt of govt there are lack of strategy or planning to get qualified Doctors in country of 130 million population.

  3. It\’s not a stupid establishing the bridge course, there won\’t be shortage of doctors in India and health care services can be established…though some may not agree that first 2 years of mbbs are not equal to those of bds, according to the proposal after the students directly enter mbbs there will be classes related to the first 2 years of mbbs..

  4. Incredibly stupid. If the bridge course is established, most students would easily go through bds and then become a physician than with the mbbs . Why? Because the 1st year and 2nd year are not the same. They have the same \”topics to be covered\”, but the depth is so different. Dentistry is a necessity. There is more shortage of dentists than doctors. If this is implemented, your dear dentist will not pursue his OFMS

  5. This is the stupidest decision possible. If all bds students could just take a bridge course to practice modern medicine, I believe I\’d rather abandon my mbbs toil, learn bds and the bridge course. Why? Because bds and mbbs 1st and 2nd year are not the same. They have same \’topic to cover\’. The depth is so different. If it is true that government is looking for more employees, they should invest more in health care and hire more graduates.

  6. Seriously once come and try to practice\’s more difficult than mbbs practice but no one recognizes and posts stupid comments like in our shoes once and you will understand our hard work and difficulty of dentistry.. being a medical student you could just use your theory knowledge and get through your exams .. but we need to do treatment for the patient to pass our\’s not as easy as you think