Bihar: Medical Fraternity Up against Journalist for Entering ICU, Heckling Doctor

Bihar: Doctors from across the country were up against the action of a journalist, Anjana Om Kashyap whose live broadcast on Bihar’s Acute Encephalitis Syndrome from Shri Krishna Medical College Hospital in Muzaffarpur was seen sharply questioning a doctor on how they are handling the situation.

As the hundreds of children in the state’ hospitals struggle in the grip of suspected Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES), the medical practitioners in the government hospitals are indeed making all efforts with the limited resources. The live broadcast, on the other hand appeared to be stopping one doctor, in the midst of his rounds in the ICU to question him how he was going to take the next patient

The doctor, who already seemed overworked, tried his best to handle the situation. The broadcast, soon saw the wrath of medical practitioners and public alike who took to social media platforms to remind her about ICU etiquettes as well as the struggles that doctors in government hospitals everyday have to go through.

The doctors were seen taking to twitter to remind everyone, what conditions under which they work.

Many medicos also invited her to the NIPAH ward in kerala, where suspected patients of NIPAH, a highly contagious disease are ket in isolation, while others condemned her on the report

Doctors also called for the Boycott of the Channel AajTak, to which the journalist is associated with

AES has taken more than 100+ children’s lives in the state.

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  • Country can,t put all the responsibilities on doctors. Prevention is better than cure.Cpountry needs to focus more on preventive health care.We need a strong public health work force.Govt has to see many aspects like ie - air pollution,water polution,noise polution,alcohol abuse,tobacco abuse,malnutrition,sedentary life style of people,lack of health awareness among common people etc.Presently many institutes are providing a two years course on public health.It should be an integrated course if five years. Qualified public health professionals should be posted at panchayat levels.If govt spends more on preventive healthcare,there will be less need of doctors.Else if we produce crores & crores of doctors than also we can not ensure good health of our countrymen.If roads are not good there will be more accidents.If pollution is there there will be more diseases.There are many other factors.Hence govt can not blame the doctors for diseases.Ratger govt should focus more & mre on preventive healthcare & public health.

  • FIR...Must be filed against her for entering the ICU without permission and disturbing the duty dr and spreading infection into ICU....The authority of hospital must have done this.As all higher authorities want to safeguard their chair and bow in front of the media and politicians ...they will not do daring to file FIR

  • legal action must be taken , against her entering the ICU without the permission of higher authority and causing interference on govt duty and spreading the infection into the icu...

  • Does she know who is a doctor..? How to be a doctor..? What are sacrifices..? From 17 yr to 30 yr, no family and social life and even after that, no personal life. We are bound for rural services..are u..? How to grow up our children in rural area .can u answer..? Being a journalist and asking questions is very easy job.. no knowledge required at all. Knowledge required to answer those questions and only responsible person can do this. Hope one of ur family member also be a doctor and get insulted by a journalist or beaten by pt\'s relatives even after working day and night... All the best for ur worst future. This is the height of respect to a doctor where doctors are considered as God only on Paper and asked such nonsense questions. Can u ask this type of questions to God made up of stone and earth that why r u spreading these type of diseases.? Can u ask to illeterate people that why r u coming late to hospital.? Can u ask to govt why no reserved facilities for hospital staff just like RPF. ? SAB JOR DOCTOR PE NIKALNA ATA HE... JOURNALISM DOES NOT MEAN TO EXPLOIT OVERWORKED DOCTORS, BUT MEAN TO REPRESENT THE SITUATION FOR JUSTICE TO EVERYONE. SHAME ON U AND UR PROFFESSION. AND we don\'t expect u to respect doctors as u even don\'t know the \'J\' of journalism.

  • The journalist has no bussiness to enter the icu for interviewing the dr or any body inside icu.
    Was permission granted for videographing from the administrative authorities b4 entering icu. No details listed out. One cannot barge into icu and question the dr there similar to that of a dr making rounds. What bothered the journalist to question about the management of the next and other case. The dr should have put it on the face to go and ask the higher person in charge of the ward. The duty dr need not answer. So it appears the journalist has over powered and come in

  • She is worthless as a journalist. How did pass journalism exam when she does not know basic of reporting from a hospital? Better leave journalism and join in any other proffession as she degraded and insulted the proffession of journalism.

    • You are so right....she is wothless as a journalist.....maybe she has her worth in the hole down below!!!! She should give it a try!!!

  • What a sexy face...but horrendous professionalism....lucky I was not tge doctor on duty...i would have just slit her.
    Lucky someone didn\'t think if acid! I may sound vitriolic in my remarks....but mentally fatigued doctor being addressed in a way as if she owns the world and doctors are her slaves! Does she even know the protocols of an ICU? I am intrigued in knowing whether she barged in or was invited? Her lucky stars doctors didn\'t think of H2S04!!!

  • This behavior cannot be condoned. Even now she is not apologetic. I got this info passed on to a senior journalist (he owns his channel). No effect. Seems they all do it. I am glad this features here.

  • Anjana om kashyap should be fired from aaj tak channel and no other channel should hire her. she must be taught a lesson for aggressive dirty , negative journalism.

    • It\'s a real pity that the relatives of the patients allowed her to go scot-free and refrained from assaulting this gutless and cheap character. If she had real guts and a sincere intentions she would have spoken in the same tone to the powers that be in the government..A real hypocrite!