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Biometric Attendance in Medical Colleges Must, to be daily uploaded on MC websites: MCI Gazette

Biometric Attendance in Medical Colleges Must, to be daily uploaded on MC websites: MCI Gazette

New Delhi: Biometric attendance of medical faculty and other staff at all the medical colleges will be an absolute must from now on as the Board of Governors in Supersession of the Medical Council of India has now taken out gazette notification to this effect.

The Gazette calls for the medical colleges to regularly capture the attendance data of the human resources at the medical college. Further, the same shall be made available on a daily basis on the respective medical colleges’ official website under a designated section

To incorporate the same, the MCI has made amendments to the three different regulations including “Minimum Standard Requirements for 50 MBBS Admissions Annually Regulations, 1999”,“Minimum Standard Requirements for 100 MBBS Admissions Annually Regulations, 1999” as well as “Minimum Standard Requirements for 150 MBBS Admissions Annually Regulations, 1999” to incorporate the following clauses

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All Medical Colleges/Institutions shall install biometric attendance machine for regularly capturing the attendance of human resources as specified in these regulations.

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The biometric attendance shall be made available on the Medical College Website in the form of daily attendance dashboard. The Council may seek from the Medical Colleges/Institutions, such record of attendances during or after assessment.

The maintenance of the biometric attendance system shall be the responsibility of the Medical Colleges/ Institutions. The Dean/ Principal at the discretion of the Council, shall be required to furnish an undertaking by way of an affidavit stating that the enrolment of human resources in the biometric system has been ensured in a trusted environment and the report of the biometric attendance, is authentic and correct.

The financial burden arising on account of setting up of biometric attendance system and human resources enrolment shall be borne by the respective Medical Colleges/Institution

Besides the regular attendance, the medical colleges will be required to update the same on the official websites as well

Each and every college /institute shall maintain Daily Biometric Attendance Dashboard of human resources as specified in these regulations. The Attendance Dashboard shall be provided as a sub link under the main link ‘Information under MSR Clause B.1.11’ on Home page of the College website under heading ‘Biometric attendance Dashboard’


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  1. Few months ago I visited RIMS, Ongole where I saw both thumb impression and iris verification was being followed routinely for the medical teaching faculty.Before aadhar linked biometric attendance was introduced, the system was easily tampered by showing someother\’s thumb impression as that of a ghost faculty in some private medical colleges. After the aadhar linked biometric attendane was introduced,the impression of thumb was cast on powder or gloves and this system was also being misused by some college faculty.The only solution to avoid attendance tampering /impersonation is to have routine iris verification as proof of attendance. It is not clear about what MCI is going to do if the medical college management does not send daily attendance to it.

  2. user
    M B koujalagi May 12, 2019, 9:11 pm

    What about ghost faculty they come in morning punch and go then come in evening again punch and pose for mci inspection as they ate regular staff?

  3. user
    tummalapalli venkateswarao May 13, 2019, 11:03 am

    True Sir Many ( Not all )retired, and professors are living as parasites eating the resources of medical education many are surviving because of examinations they are agents to pass the all the dirty lot, MCI The medical colleges should send the attendance of the teachers to medical university along with students attendances There should be accountability of teachers too and just not students alone

  4. Something is better than nothing..

  5. Medical college management is also smart they will use some one else instead of a real dr i have seen happening this in kerala. They keep fake doctors. MCI should curb on that. Its a threat to humanity some greedy cowards have opened up colleges they need only money

  6. user
    Tirupati More May 12, 2019, 6:37 pm

    It\’s excellent move taken by MCI…

  7. user
    De Sushma shah May 12, 2019, 4:49 pm

    It\’s in away a good step to ensure the presence of faculty ,bit in noway tells the level and extent of work done ,including teaching and patient care ,students biometric presmce is also necessary ,so is residents .yet it should not be linked to salary only on basis of biometric .usually doctors never look to time when treating emergency or critical patients , so it should not be the sole criterion for work done and salary and leave calculations .actually ,class one officers are presumed to be responsible enough that they do not require monitoring by presence records
    And it should apply to all departments ,admin and non teaching too ,everyone should justify their job commitment ,why only doctors and teachers to be targets

  8. DOCTORS don\’t have unity and strong association to present these valid things to higher authority. That\’s why doctors are soft target for all things.