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Bring Down Cost of MBBS Education: Health Ministry tells MCI Board of Governors

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Bring Down Cost of MBBS Education: Health Ministry tells MCI Board of Governors

New Delhi: The Board of Governors led the Medical Council of India, is reported to have been now given a major task by the Union Ministry of Health to come up with ways to reduce the whooping costs of MBBS education in the country.

The matter had been a severe bone of contention between the Ministry and the Erstwhile MCI, which had refused to interfere with the MBBS fee structures at private medical colleges citing lack of mandate.

Confirmation of the development was given by a Health Ministry official to the daily Tribune, which reports that the government has asked the MCI BOG to find ways of reducing the humungous cost of medical education in the country.

The steadily rising fees for medical courses, both MBBS and PG has indeed been a matter of concern in the field of Medical Education. Both the Roy Choudhury committee and the Parliamentary Standing Committee expressed concerns regarding the high cost of medical education for students and gave recommendations in favour of capping the fees.

While earlier capitation fee was an issue, with the advent of NEET, the official MBBS fee at most private medical colleges skyrocketed, with the entire course fee even crossing Rs 1 crore in many cases. This is bound to create some financially burdened doctors

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“What would such a student think of when he or she gets out of the system and starts practising? The high cost of medical education in Indian private sector is leading to malpractices. A student who has paid through the nose to study medicine is vulnerable to compromising medical ethics to recover huge costs. Students naturally avail of education loans to pay that kind of fees,” a Ministry source informed Tribune

To tackle the issue of fees, many states were then seen appointing Fee Regulation Committees to determine the fee structure at private medical colleges and deemed universities. However, despite their intervention, on a policy level, there seems to be a huge discrepancy in the cost of medical education across various states in the country

One of the major reasons for the chaos stands as the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 per se is silent on the issue of the fee that is supposed to be charged at medical colleges, hence giving no power to the apex medical regulator on the matter

The impending National Medical Commission is going to try to address the issue. While capping of fee is still out,  The government, under the National Medical Commission (NMC), can dictate guidelines for fees up to 40% of seats in private medical colleges.

Till the bill becomes a reality, the Ministry of health has directed the MCI BOG to come up with solutions.



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  1. The fact that government is talking about it is great but please put things in right perspective. It was costing more than a crore for AIIMS to produce one MBBS more than 5 years ago. Who is paying this money for government colleges? The taxpayers of this country. The cost of running of medical colleges are high. The costs will come down only when we bring down the running costs. In the US many colleges including Harvard does not have its own teaching hospital. Even then the education is expensive there.
    Opening new colleges at the cost of taxpayers is not the solution. Supporting and upgrading existing ones is better.
    Reforming medical education is the need of the hour.The two major expenses in a college are faculty and the free or subsidized beds in addition to the other running costs. How realistic is it to have 600 plus free patients in hospital in general ward always. The world is moving away from this and we insist that every patient to be hospitalised to fulfil this number just increasing the running costs of healthcare. Setting up realistic criterion, simulation labs and use of OSCE etc can actually bring the cost down. Every colleague of mine is an adjunct or associate faculty in US while he or she does his own work. The cost of manpower comes down automatically.
    Also if basic minimum standards are met by medical graduates at exit exams there would be self regulation by all colleges both government and Private. This will probably also bring down the corruption in medical education.

  2. Don\’t just give instructions. implement it ASAP by working together and involve money creditors like huge donation in name of God for setting of medical institutions for students to help.
    Be agile n fast in action.

  3. One Dr told that 400 criteria needed to start a medical college. Why should it be. Govt should make thorough analysis and. Reduce drastically. So many new colleges will come up.

  4. Open more medical colleges in India

  5. Sir,
    MBBS is a dream for many in India but when it comes to the cost mostly people forget the dream.
    The high cost make another problem in the medical field that is doctors will take more charge from patients which is not good. So in my opinion there should be control in the capital amount as well as fee.

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