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CMC Vellore Suspends Admission, to run MBBS Course for only One Student

CMC Vellore Suspends Admission, to run MBBS Course for only One Student

Vellore: Adding to the growing battle of the State of Tamil Nadu over NEET, the premier Vellore-based Christian Medical College (CMC) recently put a full stop to its admission process demanding rights to select NEET qualified students through its own counselling as against the mandated centralized counselling by committee set up by the MCC and the state government for All India and State Quota respectively.

It is reported that before the introduction of NEET, the admission process at the institute included a battery of steps apart of entrance exam including aptitude test, commitment to serving in rural areas and social service. However, as per recent policies, students are only going to be admitted based on their marks in NEET. Objecting to the fact that these important aspects of a student are not revealed in the marks secured by a medical college seat aspirant in the NEET, the institution has put a full stop to its admissions for 2017-18.

Moreover, the institute has also stated that common counselling undermines the benefit of Article 30 (1) of the Constitution to the Institute. The said article guarantees minorities, both religious and linguistic, the right “to establish and administer educational institutions” of their choice.

As per the policy of the college, only 15% of the seats in MBBS courses are available for general candidates, the rest are reserved for people from the minority Christian community. The students have to serve for two years in the hospitals run by Christian missionaries.

The college, which admits 100 students for MBBS course and 62 in super specialities per year, has also filed a case with the Supreme Court and the judgement on that is expected this year from the apex court.


Out of 100 seats, only one seat has been filled by the Institute, this year with a Central Government nominee who is the son of a martyr. The Institute representatives informed the Media that even though they have taken only one admission,  MBBS course will still be run by the single student.

“Our teachers are determined. We will have regular lectures. He will have all the attention. Usually, it’s one lecturer and hundred students. Now it will be 10 lecturers for one student. the point is we want to run the course. We are not against running the course,”  Dr Sunil Chandy, Director, CMC told Edexlive.


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  1. This minority business must end or else call India a communal nation meant only for \”minority first\” and let majority rot. I have not seen even one nation where majority is sacrificed only to promote minority. Majority cannot be ignored only to promote minority. India\’s minority means only the Christians and Muslims. I know of other few minority inclusions but they are only a shield to cover up these two major minority groups. Why are Hindus not treated as minority in J&K, NE Indian christian majority States? Christians and Muslims take benefits at the cost of Hindus who are left out in lurch. Shameful political vote bank politics of anti Hindu tirade. In minority tag institutions, all they do is convert Hindus but thrive with money from Hindus only to convert them. Shame…

  2. My ambition is studying in a Christian Medical College i.e.CMC is failure for me.

  3. U think it a failure but their conversion agendas are on top. Go n dig in. They charge full money from non christians but use that money for christianisation.

  4. user
    Pitchumani Sivasankaran September 9, 2017, 12:09 pm

    Only a section of religious & linguistic populace would support their action.Does CMC say, that all other docs. see their patients as ATM?.I don\’t support non-NEET admissions in AIIMS etc.,

  5. I think this is a bold step and not many institutions will have the courage to do so. CMC is no doubt one of the finest institutions in the country and this has been possible due to their stress on quality rather than quantity. Instead of finding fault I believe the powers be must take a leaf from CMC\’s criteria for admissions!
    Medicine is not just about marks but about aptitude and the right attitude. This therefore should be incorporated into the system, which unfortunately is not the case. No wonder more doctors across the country are being beaten up by irate patients and their families. There is something NOT right .


  7. These elite Institutes have been established by an ACt of Parliament and not on the basis of minority tag who used to preach religion in the name of so called human service. CMC should not compare itself with AIIMS and JIPMER. Moreover CMC is not above law of land.