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Delhi : Candle march to Jantar Mantar on 7th Pay Commission

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Delhi : Candle march to Jantar Mantar on 7th Pay Commission

New Delhi: The eve of 1st June, 2016 saw thousands of resident doctors in the capital coming together to show their protest in the form of a candle march against the 7th pay commission.The doctors, who had earlier declared an indefinite strike on this issue, decided to opt for a protest candle march instead, after the Union health minister promised to look into their demands.

The doctor collected at Central Park CP, and marched to Jantar Mantar, with lit candles in their hand. The march called by Federation of Resident Doctors Association (FORDA) saw participations from resident doctors as well as senior doctors, faculty members, medical officers alike.

Since the recommendations will have an impact on the remuneration on all government employees including Central government, State government as well as autonomous institutions, the medical fraternity in the government sector slowly appears to be uniting from all sections on this common issue. FORDA is reported to have given the government, time till 7th June, 2016, after which the doctors may resort to an indefinite strike.



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What is NPA ?

Non Practicing allowance is given to doctors in states, where private practice along with government service is not allowed. NPA is a matter of right of govt. doctor and is meant as a compensation for denial of private practice. De Jure & de Facto, it is a part of the scale of pay and is inevitably linked to the basic pay.

It is being given to the doctors only since 1922. In 1962 the GOI brought the notification that NPA to be considered as special pay for all purposes. It is a part of basic pay/emoluments (Rule 9(21)(a)(i) of Fundamental Rules.

Why it is given to Doctors ?

NPA is doctors right. In 1997 MOH, GOI stated in Chapter II 2.2 the reasons for NPA

  1. Basic medical course is longer & more expensive.
  2. Average age of entry in service is 29 years.
  3. Have fewer closed holidays.
  4. Often works at odd hours.
  5. Attend emergency cases beyond duty hours.

Why this agitation ?

  1. When the 7th CPC was constituted the doctors were very hopeful that their demands will be looked after, which were increasing NPA to 40% from existent 25%. Instead NPA has been reduced to 20% only.
  2. The basic pay and NPA were merged together while calculating HRA earlier, but this thing has been omitted now and HRA will be calculated only with basic pay resulting in less than the desired salary.
  3. There is already a discrepancy between the remuneration of the doctors working in the government sector and doctors working in the private sector. With this pay commission, there will be a higher discrepancy between government and private doctors.
  4. This will also be blow on the retention of good doctors in government sector.

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  1. user
    Dr Rajan Kumar June 11, 2016, 6:35 pm

    NPP( non practicing pay) must not be less than 50% of basic pay. I completely disagree with 7th pay commission.

  2. Very unfortunate.Lets unite.

  3. user
    Dr Biswaroop Seal June 2, 2016, 8:44 pm

    Make banner highlighting the scarcity of doctors in govt hospitals. Let the public know under what adverse conditions we work. Raise1: doctors population ratio
    2: pathetic condition of PHC
    3.GOVT expenditure as a percentage of GDP in health and comparing with other countries
    4: Corruption at buerocracy level
    5.When acres and acres of land can be built for housing complex then why govt hospitals can’t be built
    6: what social security the govt provides in health and education

  4. user
    prabu rajkumar Dr June 2, 2016, 9:38 am

    Very true, the problem should be seriously dealt. We have to join together and raise our voice to reach out to the policy makers. Strike until the problem is solved, is also a good decision. We have to attract media and public.
    We have to change the opinion of the public that doctors are earning higher than others by continuous efforts till we achieve the desired goal.
    A special board consisting doctors and other high level policy makers should be formed to monitor and periodically revise the pay of the doctors, since the 7th CPC was totally against the doctors.

  5. All the government doctors should unite against the gross injustice to us. The future generation will suffer if we remain unconcerned

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