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Massive Rally of Doctors in the New Delhi, Pen Down Strike across India

Massive Rally of Doctors in the New Delhi, Pen Down Strike across India

New Delhi: Medical practitioners from across the country will gather together in Delhi, to participate in a massive rally that shall be organised from Raj Ghat, New Delhi, on the 6th June 2017 to protest the growing injustices against the medical fraternity across the country.

The rally, which is being organised by the Indian Medical Association, will see participation from all its state and local branches, whose representatives are expected to join in the rally. Moreover, across the states and branches, doctors are going to observe a pen down strike, to show their opposition against rising atrocities against the medical profession

Dr KK Aggarwal, President, Indian Medical Association highlighting some of the issues faced by the fraternity in an address, pointed out, “We are being forced to write drugs, the quality of which is to be decided by the pharmacists and practice line of management based on non practical guidelines.We are also being forced to charge fixed fee decided by the government which ignore the seniority and acumen of the doctor. We are also been given targets by many private hospitals and government setups.”

“When we did MBBS it was  with the understanding that  this is a noble profession and hospitals are temples of healing  where  the sick come to get  relief from  pain and misery.Medical Doctors always have been considered next to God. We never think of temples as a place of criminal activity. Then why doctors are being accused of criminal actions and calling of police is now becoming a routine procedure, whenever there is dispute or death,” he questioned.

Some of the issues raised by the organisation and their suggestions include:-

ISSUE                                                                Suggestion

1 Criminal prosecution of medical negligence and on clerical errors is not acceptable


 Criminal prosecution of medical negligence and clerical error should be an exception and not a routine.
2 Capping the compensation in CPA on doctors  Compensation should not be based on the income of the person but on the formula used by DCGI in Clinical Drug Trial.
3 Professional autonomy in treatment and prescriptions


 Safe guarding the interest of the patient by practising medicine based on social determinants of health and patient centric decisions.
4 Stringent central act against violence  Universal central act against violence similar to 18 States who have enacted in their States.
5 No unscientific mixing of systems of medicine


 Ayush should be strengthened in its own field and not allowed back door entry in modern system.
6 Empower MBBS graduates  UG seats equal to PG seats and bringing back the concept of family doctors.
7 Bio-Medical Waste Policy & safeguarding the interest of small nursing homes.  Doctors owned small nursing homes should get due exemption.
8 One drug – One company – One price


 Price of generic – generic, generic – trade, generic – brand from one company should be the same.
9 Implement inter- ministerial committee recommendations in six weeks  It is already late by 2 year.
10 Single window accountability  The State Medical Council or a Medical Tribunal is a solution.
11 Single window registration of doctors and medical establishments  This will reduce the cost of treatment and can be undertaken by the Health Ministry.
12 No to NMC: Amend IMC act to maintain professional autonomy


 No regulatory mechanism can run  with predominant nominated body.
13 Uniform final MBBS exam instead of ‘NEXT’


 Uniform final MBBS exam will ensure quality.
14 Uniform service conditions for doctors & faculty


 This should be at a national level.
15 IMA member in every government health committee  Nirman Bhawan can give a room to IMA for fruitful functioning.
16 Central anti-quackery law  Every citizen of India has a right to receive quality and safe health care.
17 Reimbursement of emergency services for private sector  Emergency services are the responsibility of the State but they have no resources.
18 25000 family medicine PG seats  We need more family physicians this can be undertaken by MCI or NBE (DNB)
19 Health budget between 2.5 – 5 % with coming year for universal health coverage


 This is to provide universal health coverage.
20 Aided hospitals and retainer ship in general practice


 This will provide subsidised services to the middle class.


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  1. IMA do not represent the medical fraternity, it is full of corrupt doctors opposing medical reforms undertaken by Modi Government.

    We do not support IMA members to be put in government institutions, We do support resolution of MCI and introduction of NEXT- a common level playing field for private medical colllege students, government medical college students and for foreign medical graduates.