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Doctors Not only Cure, they also Heal: PM Modi Mann ki Baat

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Doctors Not only Cure, they also Heal: PM Modi Mann ki Baat

While addressing the nation in a recent ‘Mann ki Baat’ session, Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi appraised the expertise and noble service of doctors all across our country to celebrate their achievements.

The Prime Minister while extending his warmest felicitations on behalf of the countrymen to all our doctors, ahead of Doctor’s Day on the 1st of July, said, “We think of doctors only during times of distress. But this is a day when the nation celebrates the achievements of our doctors and expresses gratitude for their spirit of service and commitment towards society.”

Putting side by side mothers and doctors, the PM stated, “We are a people who, by nature, revere the Mother as the equivalent of god since she is the source of our very existence, our life. On the other hand, there are times when it is the Doctor who gives us re-birth.”

“The role of a doctor is not limited to mere treatment of ailments. Often a doctor plays the role of a family friend, a lifestyle guide. They not only cure but also heal. Today, doctors possess not just medical expertise; they have a vast experience on the co-relation between general lifestyle trends and their effect on our health.”

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“Indian doctors have carved a niche for themselves in the entire world through their capabilities and skills. Our doctors have gained recognition for their expertise in the medical field, hardworking attitude and the ability to solve complex medical problems,” the minister lauded the medical practitioners.

“The fraternity of doctors is special,” added his recent post on his twitter handle.

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6 comment(s) on Doctors Not only Cure, they also Heal: PM Modi Mann ki Baat

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  1. user
    Bhabani Chatterjee June 26, 2018, 7:04 pm

    Adararniya Pradhanmantriji
    Thanks for your comments regarding doctors in the “Mon Ki Baat” after insulting entire Indian doctors during your stay abroad.
    Pradhan Mantriji please implement Health Policy 2017 and increase health budget to 2.5% of GDP.We require implementation of Health Policies and nothing but it can solve the problems.Health Schemes or Yojanas May be sufficient to befool the people of the country to consolidate vote bank of 2019 Parliamentary Elections but medicos through right to information have unrevealed ground reality of the Government “s poorest attitude towards Public Health.Corporate Health Industry is being promoted because of less budget for Health Policies and Government is interested in cheap health schemes for throwing dust to the eyes of less knowledgeable countrymen.
    However better late tha never- you have praised doctors in stead of provoking public against medical professionals though you are silent about misdeeds of Corporate Health Sector in India.

  2. PM Modi why these double standards ? On one hand you make derogatory comments on the entire medical fraternity in India as well as abroad….And now you suddenly remember that Doctors are noble…Why this U turn ? Don\’t want to lose Doctors votes in next election ?

  3. Yes Doctors heal…But who is going to take care of the healer. What about public bashing of doctors by politicians and media which has fuelled violence towards doctors by patients and their relatives.

  4. user
    SUDARSHAN KUMAR VASHISHT June 25, 2018, 9:02 pm

    Yes Doctors not only cure , they heal, but they also loot the patients, they not only kill the patient but kill the whole family especially corporate sector… they need to be treated.

  5. Dear sir drs donot run corporate setup.they only work there.kindly get your facts right before passing loose comments.and corporates include your favorite ambanis,adanis etc..they formulate rules.drs only have to work under them.

  6. If so give facilities to doctors like u give parliamentarians. These days a govt doctor can only serve but is not paid as per his standard. Pl increase the salary or atleast give some rupee incentive then medical field will increase by leaps and poor patients will get lot of care from go beyond lip servicing and doctors being in contact with public can also strenghten govt activities and political activity..

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