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Indian Doctors disappointed with PM Modi’s Speech in London

Indian Doctors disappointed with PM Modi’s Speech in London

New Delhi: Disappointment has been shown by members of the Indian medical fraternity, after the Prime Minister’s speech in the recent “Bharat Ki Baat Sabke Saath” event that was organised in London recently, with doctors alleging that excerpts put the entire Indian Medical Fraternity in bad light.

The Prime Minister, responding to a question on the expected impact of Modicare on India’s healthcare sector, implied that a number of measures have been taken by the government in making healthcare more affordable to the indian people, including measures towards introducing generic medicines, affordable stents as well as knee implants in the country.

The PM cited the examples of a families which suddenly become impoverished with the onset of diseases on one of the family members.

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The Prime Minister pointed out to the nexus between doctors and pharmaceutical companies, citing examples of various international conferences allegedly funded by pharma companies, where doctors show regular participation ( they don’t go there because someone is sick, he stated). To finally break the resultant sale of expensive medicines the government has launched generic stores where medicines of similar quality are sold at cheaper prices.” A medicine that was sold for Rs 100 before is now available at generic store for mere Rs 15″ he added

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The prime minister then spoke about the issue of heart diseases, he stated that when person suffering form heart diseases goes to a doctor, he has to rely on the judgement of what doctor is saying. Doctors then promote stents which are more expensive highlighting their long lastingness and affectivity, which a person buys based on the doctor’s word. He informed that through negotiations between the government and the companies, prices of stents have been brought down by 60-80%. Similar example was cited in case of knee transplants and their implants.

He highlighted that government is aiming to provide a holistic approach to the health sector, linking cleanliness to it. ( Watch from 1:32:45 for relevant portions )

As soon as the video of the event was out, twitter burst with responses from doctors showing disappointment in the speech. A message circulated by IMA HQ was seen stating,” the indian medical fraternity is deeply pained by our Prime Minister’s uncalled for and unjust remarks. goodwill and esteem we have for him stands dented.”

Similar responses were seen on social media. Here are some responses from twitter

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  1. Modiji has habbit of running down previous government abroad, to get cheap clap. this time he has done with doctors.
    Earlier abroad he said congres has done nothing except looting.
    He forgot that the fondation laid by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru of a modern secular democratic India,such that a commner could become PM in 2014.

  2. Blaming doctor for expensive medicines and stents is equal to blaming pilots for expensive airlines.pilot is just flying the plane and getting salary. What you are paying is to the corporates be it pharma companies , stent makers or corporate hospitals. Why blaming doctors. Go and read recent article regarding excellence of Indian doctors by harvard study and Mr. Modi , seriously was not expected from you to defame doctors who has brought so much medical tourism in india and are still working in pathetic govt setups . Where doctors have no security and are beaten up by illiterates every now and then .

  3. The worst govt and economic polocy ever in the history of india.Even a monkey can increase the tax,thats not the economic reform.bussinessmen should feel free to pay tax by decreasing he tex but not in contrast.

  4. user
    Bhagwat SHarma April 23, 2018, 5:59 pm

    What is wrong in speaking truth? PM Modi told the fact. Everyone knows the connection between doctors and pharmaceutical units is. Although this sector is tightly regulated, almost all kinds of loopholes or lacunae in the system are exploited. They should rather take it complimentary what PM had said.

  5. Its nuisance of doctors for not accepting the truth spoken.Though it was said otherwise in a decent way and not to malign doctors in the country. More than 95% of doctors attend these conferences sponsored by the big pharma. I agree to what the PM has to say.

  6. London event was also sponsored by pharma company

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