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Doctors outcry leads National Medical Commission Bill to Standing committee

Doctors outcry leads National Medical Commission Bill to Standing committee

Doctors strike Called off after the Bill was referred to the Parliamentary committee

New Delhi: Opposing the National Medical Commission Bill 2017, more than 2.9 lakh doctors observing a 12-hour nationwide strike in protest. A a result, the NMC Bill which was introduced to replace Medical Council of India (MCI) has been referred to the standing committee.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar informed the Lok Sabha “after taking into the consideration the demands of several members of the House and medical fraternity, the National Medical Commission Bill has been referred to the Parliamentary Standing Committee,” reports The Hindu 

Union Minister Ananth Kumar also requested that standing committee report  be submitted before Budget session.

Defending the said bill, Union Health Minister, JP Nadda said in the Rajya Sabha that the NMC is for the benefit of the medical profession and the country, reports The Indian Express

The National Medical Commission Bill 2017, which seeks to replace MCI with a new body, to ensure transparency, was introduced in the Lok Sabha recently. The bill also seeks to allow practitioners of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy, to practice modern medicine once they complete a short term “bridge course”.

Clause 49 of the Bill calls for a joint sitting of the National Medical Commission, the Central Council of Homoeopathy and the Central Council of Indian Medicine at least once a year “to enhance the interface between homoeopathy, Indian Systems of Medicine and modern systems of medicine”.

In a press release, a copy of which is with Medical Dialogues, IMA stated ” It is unacceptable to IMA and modern medical professionals of India.” IMA called it as “Anti people and anti-patient Bill”

The medical association further said, “NMC is an anti poor bill with pro-private management clauses. The bill purported to eradicate corruption is designed to open the floodgates of corruption. A bill  to regulate the medical education and medical practice without the consequences of the medical profession.”

In response to NMC bill which is widely apposed by IMA the newly-appointed IMA national president Dr Ravi Wankhedkar said “The IMA headquarter hereby declares closure of all routine services for 12 hours from 6 AM to 6 PM tomorrow across the country.”

The Delhi Medical Association (DMA) also supported the IMA’s protest and called upon all private and corporate hospitals in the national capital to keep their OPD services closedIMA members also held a meeting with the Union Health minister J P Nadda and conveyed their concerns over the Bill

IMA president Dr K K Aggarwal, the former president of the IMA, said they have already written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the health minister urging them to redraft the Bill and rectify some of its provisions to protect the interest of the medical practitioners.

Even the largest body on Resident doctors in India FORDA has come out in support of the IMA in their fight against the current NMC bill by wearing black ribbon during working hours. Dr. Choksey President FORDA Said, “FORDA India hereby stands in support of the 12 hour (6a.m to 6 p.m) Strike called by IMA against the proposed National Medical Commission (NMC Bill). The bill in its current form is unacceptable as it is anti-poor, anti-people, non-representative, undemocratic and anti-federal in nature. Considering the hardships that the patients would have to bear in the event of a strike, the residents of medical colleges and hospitals associated with FORDA will be wearing Black Ribbon on 2nd January, against the proposed NMC Bill. We might be forced to take some hard steps for our demands in the near future in line with IMA.”

Demands of IMA 

The issue of Doctors strike came to an end after the Bill was referred to the Parliamentary committee. The Indian Medical Association has raised the following demands,

  • The NMC should reflect the aspiration and the vision of the medical profession of the country. IMA demands one elected representative in NMC from the registered Medical Graduates of every state (and not in the Medical Advisory Council).
  • No separate registration for AYUSH. The minimum qualification to practice modern medicine shall remain MBBS. No bridge courses to MBBS. No joint council meetings to formulate them. IMA will facilitate the deployment of 65,000 fresh MBBS graduates  graduating every year in Rural Health Services with appropriate working conditions and incentives.
  • No licentiate exam after final MBBS examination. IMA proposes common All India Final MBBS examination
  • Legitimate inspection and appropriate regulation on starting and running a Medical College. 85 percent government fixed fee in private medical colleges.

Source: with agency inputs
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  1. Rular lndia need doctors it is true. the big true is that in urban areas hospital maximum doctor are ayush doctor practising allopath so the need of rular should be full fill

  2. Go by the recommendations of I M A, without bias.

  3. user
    Dharmaraya Ingale January 26, 2018, 1:07 pm

    NMC bill needs to address some scientific issues in Practice & use of Forensic Medicine & toxicology

  4. user
    Dr. Dharmaraya Ingale January 26, 2018, 1:05 pm

    The Chairman
    Standing committee of Parliament
    8-A Lodhi estate
    New Delhi
    It’s an welcome move by Government of India Ministry of health to upgrade the monitoring agency for Health services as well as Medical education in the form of National Medical Commission. I want to draw your attention to one of the important part of Medical Education as well as Health services in respect to Medico-Legal Services.
    A. Post mortem examination- as per the legal provisions medical post mortem examination shall be done by Registered Medical Practitioner with MBBS qualification even in 21st century.
    1. Good quality medico-legal report can be generated only by post graduate qualified Forensic Medicine expert, who in turn can withstand cross examination by defense advocate on behalf of alleged accused under oath in court of law. MBBS graduate is insufficiently trained & experience compared to post graduate in Forensic Medicine expert.
    2. Looking in to the knowledge, experience & skill acquired by medical student in II phase MBBS course in the subject of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, who are reading only to pass, how can one expect quality medico-legal autopsy in respect to “what mind does not know eyes cannot see”, during Medico-Legal Autopsy.
    3. Most of the developed countries medico-legal autopsies are done by Forensic Medicine experts only even in the so called backward African country like Ethiopia only Forensic Medicine experts doing this work. Benefit of clinical case examination & treatment goes to one person that is patient while a quality Medico-Legal report which withstands Cross examination n court of law helps in prevention of crimes in future in form of social reformation along with delivery of justice to Injured or deceased parson.
    4. Now the question may arise as to availability of Forensic Medicine experts to do this work, there are at least one or two medical Colleges are there almost all District head quarters across India, having at least one or two qualified Forensic experts in each college in Departments of Forensic Medicine. In Government colleges already they are over burdened with this work with existing minimum number of faculty, at the same time Private colleges Forensic Medicine Faculty are working as medical teachers without practical work, Training the future Doctors without case examinations.
    5. Students passing MBBS from private medical College across India ( except in Karnataka) they are not exposed to sufficient medico-legal autopsy cases, so that they can be called as experts, nor Clinical Forensic Medicine cases which, mandatorily they have to attend during their practice in respect to injured, age assessment, Drunkenness, Poisoning cases, accused / victim in case of Rape etc during their medical practice.
    6. If all the private colleges are permitted to conduct autopsy by respective Forensic Medicine departments mandatorily with Morgue ( For information that Almost all private college’s have morgue constructed ready to use even better than Government Hospital morgue’s. which is mandated by MCI) certified by the respective state Governments, the shortage of man power in Forensic Medicine & Toxicology and Material for learning & teaching shall be proper / adequate to train under graduates as well as post graduates.
    7. Lastly, for any head ache common man search a Doctor with Neurology qualification, but In our country in 21st century, medico-legal autopsy are conducted by MBBS qualified DOctors( RMP). This medico-legal post mortem examination report has credential value of deciding criminal responsibility of alleged accused in a given case during investigation. Though this may require amendment of Section 174 CrPC , Procedural description of investigation in to un natural death cases.
    8. Hence it will be legal, legible as well as make’s private medical establishments liable with good hope of quality medico-Legal reports in administration of justice. This is for the information to the concerned that there is no discrimination in the law as to Private & Government Doctors except for some directives, by Ministry of health or state governments.
    9. If Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology in private Colleges are strengthened & given equal responsibility compared to Government Medical College Forensic Medicine departments, one can avoid over crowding, over load of work in Government institutes.
    10. Department of Forensic Medicine is in the center seat for serving Department of anatomy for Cadeveric dissection, Pathology, Micro Biology for development of museum and clinical departments for post graduate teaching & learning activities as well as research works.
    B. At present clinical Forensic Medicine cases like Injured in RTA, Assault or Poisoning, Brought unconscious cases are dealt by only MBBS qualified Doctors in casualty. The certificates issued by basic qualified ( MBBS) Doctors being criticized & being set aside by law enforcing agencies, prosecution & Judiciary as well, for want of clarity, Preciseness, failure to face cross examination effectively, leading to one of the cause for acquittal of accused in crime case.
    Hence it will be prudent & requirement of the day that Casualty should be managed by Forensic Medicine & Toxicology department rather than RMP, to improve over all medico-legal services & record keeping, retrieval of documents are better done & managed by Forensic Medicine experts.
    C. Autopsy services and Clinical Forensic Medicine if done mandatorily by Forensic Medicine experts, not only new jobs are created, Clinical Doctors are relieved of this responsibility who can serve better way in their respective specialty and paves a way to use of expertise in dealing with cases there by helping investigation of crime cases, there by justice.
    D. Since Forensic Medicine & toxicology deals with Clinical Forensic Medicine cases & caters the needs various clinical departments including management of Casualty, there is need to train under graduates not only in II phase of MBBS but also in Final year MBBS. This issue already included in GME 2012 Draft submitted to Ministry of Health through academic body of Medical council of India then.
    E. Hence I appeal the concerned to look in to this matter, undersigned is prepared to attend the meeting & defend my views if called in good faith of mankind.
    Dr. Dharmaraya Ingale
    Professor, Head of Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology.
    Karuna Medical College, Vilayodi-678103, Chittur, Palakkad Kerala state India.
    Contact; 09448406117, email;

  5. There are many doctors who say bridge course should not be allowed to AYUSH people. But I think they are not aware that the poor people\’s getting good service from such doctors not by MBBS people\’s. And the deaths occurers most of the time negligence of the MBBS doctors. Always AYUSH doctors practice with ethical binding and humanity not with the thirst to earn the money. So the bridge course should be allowed and and the poor people\’s should get good health with affordable cost and healthy people can work for the nation without failure.