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Doctors to be tracked like livestock, RFID scheme proposed in AP

Doctors to be tracked like livestock, RFID scheme proposed in AP

VIJAYAWADA: In a move that has drawn serious criticism from government medical practitioners in the state, the health department has put forward a proposal to attach Radio-Frequency identification (RFID) tags to doctors  and medical staff to track the movement of government healthcare practitioners  in the state. The proposal is reported to have riled up the medical practitioners in the state.

The Proposal

The state government to control of absenteeism and enforce discipline in government hospitals had enforced the system of biometric attendance in government facilities . However, over the passage of time, the system seemed to be failing with several staffers walking off after swiping in for duty. To tackle this issue, the government has suggested setting up a live monitoring system, through installation of Radio Frequency Identification to track the doctors movement.

Simply put, this means attaching RFID tags to doctors to identify and track their movements upto a certain distance. Radio-frequency identification uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track tags linked to it. The proposed tags will contain electronically-stored information which will be under the department’s 50-mile radar reports ThenewIndianExpress.

“We initiated the biometric system to regulate and monitor attendance, but somehow many are managing to flout rules,  forcing us to consider a live monitoring system. It can either be GPRS or RFID, we are likely to choose RFID as it is foolproof and not hackable,” a senior Health Department official said. “RFID devices work within a 50-mile radius. We are still having discussions with department officials regarding the implementation of RFID,” said, DMHO Chittoor M Vijaya Gowri told the daily.

The Objection

The move even though at the proposal stage has managed to rile the government medical practitioners, who have been expressed their strong disapproval to the RFID tags, comparing their use to that of tracking livestock, a place where RFID tags are used in abundance today.

” Are we animals to be tracked this way?”  said AP Government Doctors  Association secretary K Apparao.” We object to the proposal. Officials should rather focus on improving the amenities and facilities available in government hospitals.

The department had earlier introduced RFID tags for newborn babies to ensure that they are not kidnapped. However, the move was discontinued for unknown reasons.


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  1. If budget sanctioned is correctly spent and if there is no political involvement & politics in hospital administration then probably no single private nursing home will run

  2. Why not for all bureaucrats also brother????? There is absenteeism among the babus also. and why not monitor output and give everyone a productivity linked compensation. ever heard of the grasshopper and ant story???? Doctors are the ants…..they start earning late, get NPA downgraded, and cringe before babus. time to say, please take away NPA and allow us to for tracking, let there be equality /parity. impose it on everyone.

  3. y r our politicos not done same when absconding from parliament?

  4. Dont do it!This is just the start of it and yeah im bold enough to say it read revelations sooner or later they are going to want to do it to everyone!

  5. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan February 8, 2017, 2:24 pm

    First and foremost Stop private practice by Government DOCTORS and Teaching Faculty of the Medical colleges. Because it will be REAL nuesence , DESPITE getting decent salary , why one should involve in private practice and steel / highjack the patients of the other Doctors who have been totally dependent on the private practice to take care of their Family responsibility. These practicener has to work day in and day out like donkeys. With out any break / holiday . The don\’t any benefits like Government employees, teaching staff. Unless it is made Mandatory and treated as unlawful , the quality of Medical Education and Health care Will be of very low quality . How can any body can work more than stipulated/ permitted hours , that through out their life/ till their retirement. Even bus and train Drivers are not allowed to work beyond 8 hours. The Judges are working only 5 days a week , they to have N number of holidays, even the COURTS are closed down during summer and festive season. According to the most unorganized Field is a Doctors profession. Close to 50 % of Doctors in India are working in organised sector like Government HOSPITALS of state and the center. Public sector hospitals, Defense services, MEDICAL COLLEGES ( more than 470x 200 ::94000 ie close to a lakh.). And the so called corporate Hospitals mushrooming In the nook and corner of the country. Therefore by bunking the Duties running away to private practice or to something else is Not only crime , I think It is sin. And those who BETTER knowledge , talented and NEED of more money pack up to the greener pastures like US, UK , and Gulf countries. I think I am right. If someone is Not happy and think of like genius can take up research work and sit for competitive civil service exams like I AS, IFS, I P S. so on so Forth. LAST but not t LEAST to a scoundrel , POLITICS IS The LAST RESORT OF A SCOUNDREL……….As said by Bernard Shaw. And there are many in our country.. Directly from the Heart to the mobile screen Dr Ramesh Vardhan.