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Dr Payal Tadvi Suicide Case: Court rejects bail pleas of accused Senior Doctors over suspected Evidence Tampering

Dr Payal Tadvi Suicide Case: Court rejects bail pleas of accused Senior Doctors over suspected Evidence Tampering

Mumbai: A special court has rejected the bail pleas of three senior doctors arrested for allegedly abetting the suicide of Dr Payal Tadvi. The bench observed that the doctors; if released on bail, may tamper with evidence and witnesses in the case.

Medical Dialogues had reported about the unfortunate incident where a 26-year-old PG medico pursuing MD Gynecology from a well known BYL Nair Hospital in Mumbai allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself in her hostel room.

The doctor was allegedly under depression as three of her senior colleagues allegedly used to harass her with castiest remarks.

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Following the complaint registered by the mother of the medico, the three accused doctors had been booked for abetment to suicide under relevant sections of IPC. The doctors were booked under section 306 (abetment for suicide) of the Indian penal code (IPC), sections of the SC/ST Atrocities Act, Anti-Ragging Act and Information Technology Act, 2000.

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Now, during the recent hearing, the counsel representing the three accused, argued in the court that it could not be termed as a case of abetment as his clients had only pulled up Tadvi for not doing her job properly.

However, special public prosecutor opposed the bail applications, saying there was prima facie material to incriminate the accused persons in the case.

Advocate Gunratan Sadavarte, appearing for the victim’s family, brought to the court’s notice a letter written by Tadvi’s mother to the police commissioner, in which she had alleged that the three accused had threatened her and the husband of the deceased on the court premises.

Reaching its conclusion, the court noted that the accused doctors’ conduct after the incident was questionable.

“It is claimed that CCTV footage is available, showing that after moving the body of the victim to the trauma room, the applicant [the accused doctors] went to the room of the victim. They have not explained what their business was in that room. Therefore, it cannot be denied that they tried to search the evidence against them in the said room. It is unclear whether they found any evidence and what happened to it,” the court observed, as per HT.

Special court judge P B Jadhav rejected the bail applications of the accused doctors, who are in jail since their arrest on May 29. The bench held that the doctors had tried to destroy evidence after the incident. The doctors, if released on bail, may tamper with evidence and witnesses, the court stated.

The court also said the doctors have not cooperated with the investigation agency and instead remained hidden for five to six days to evade arrest. Moreover, the court noted bail cannot granted as the probe was still on.

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  1. Now in future no senior medico will make efforts to improve quality of work of any junior let the fellow go own ways if it continues harassment by court proceedings it’s better let courts burocrecuy to run hospitals whatever is under their control it has made health services as hell services and on paper it will look beautiful not in reality suffering is to common man who cannot afford private set ups

  2. True .anything u speak can go against you .taken as harassment ..and straight jail if there is a caste in issue .
    I personally feel there should be 2 differnt colleges .one for reserved and one for open .
    So atleast its not mixed with caste issues .

  3. user
    Siddharth Kamble June 26, 2019, 11:13 pm

    Look How A Savarna Is Feeling Bad Because Of His Savarna Sisters Suffering In Jailed!!!
    How Can U Be So Ruthless U Inhumane Person!!! That Girl Dr Payal Tasavi Has Lost Her Life Because Of Thses 3 Idiot Psychic Girls!!!

  4. user
    Ramakrishna Umesh Kamath June 27, 2019, 9:17 am

    It is Payal Tadvi, not Tasavi.

    Psychic is one with powers to communicate with dead people and read minds. Psychotic means crazy.

    The question is not of Savarna or not. Let the due process of law take it\’s course. Our Constitution and Legal system operate on the premise of Innocent until proven guilty.

    If the 3 Junior Residents are guilty, I would rather see them punished by serving their sentence as doctors in remote communities than in Jail.

    If they are proved innocent / guilt can\’t be established, then I can\’t even imagine how these girls will got through life, after dealing with this…

    From my perspective, we are losing nearly 33 years of cumulative medical knowledge and skills in Payal Tadvi & these 3 girls.

    As an Indian, I have a grouse against you, If you continue to discriminate
    against others that some are savarna or some are not savarna. How are you any different! You are promoting discrimination as well. If you are no better, then you lose your moral high ground.

    This case doesn\’t affect you personally. I wonder what it is with the name calling.
    Let the law take it\’s course.
    Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkarji has left a legacy of a very strong independent legal system, have some faith in that.

    Instead of discriminating as Savarna or not, think as an Indian, my brother.

  5. user
    Siddharth Kamble June 27, 2019, 11:26 am

    This is how u peopel try to show others inferior!
    1.Tasavi instead of Tadavi is a mere spelling mistake
    2. Psychic as a noun is the meaning wht u mentioned, but another meaning of psychic is \”of mental illnesses\” ( go n check Cambridge dictionary!)…n its a short cut to use psychic for one with mental illnesses…
    U said I m discriminating by calling some savarna n others dalit etc. I m not discriminating friend I m just not being a hypocrite like u people n i am juz being loyal to the harsh reality of this country.
    On the other hand u people r the one who do discrimination n that also in a very clever n subtle manner!!! u n people like these 3 accused girls r more dangerous than those who do discrimination openly!!! coz so called intellectualcasteist people at institutions mentally harass dalit/adivasi students, pass filthy but subtle comments over them, try to develop inferiority complex in them (what a shame! to the word intellectual!!)…… many students try to ignore or keep on bearing this injustice, some go into depression n at extreme levels of harassment students like dr payal, dr bharati, tohith vemula, dr meena n many more cant bear this humiliation n instead choose to end their lives out of this horrible botheration…
    ur soft corner n subtle support to these three doctors citing how many medical years will be lost, they should be sent to remote areas as punishment n all that blah blah blah exposes ur discriminative mentality friend…come out of this hypocrisy, selfishness, n narrow mentality atleast for the sake of this country…get well soon…

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