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FAKE PG Degrees: Maharashtra Medical Council files for Criminal Charges against 58 Doctors

FAKE PG Degrees: Maharashtra Medical Council files for Criminal Charges against 58 Doctors

Mumbai: The swindle by 58 medical practitioners who furnished fake postgraduate degrees from the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS) to obtain license to practice as specialists, has proven to be a major howler since the Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) has now pressed for criminal charges against them. Earlier, the medical council suspended them on the same charges.

“Forgery is a criminal offence, so we had to file a police complaint. It assumes more seriousness when medical professionals indulge in such cheating as it puts human lives at stake,” confirmed Dr Shivkumar Utture, state medical council’s President. He added that an application has been submitted at Agripada police station.

An FIR has not been registered yet, an official from the Agripada police station confirmed adding that the charges would be finalized only after an FIR, reports TOI.

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Over a month ago, Medical Dialogues reported that more than 50 medical practitioners working in the state as specialists were suspended after the state medical council found them guilty of forgery. All these practitioners were practicing after “completing” their PG courses including PG diploma and fellowships from CPS.

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The state medical council stumbled upon the scam over a year ago, while scrutinizing documents of a candidate who had submitted a fake certificate for registration. This prompted the council to launch a statewide probe spanning over the last six months.

The MMC investigations revealed that around 77 doctors had failed the CPS examinations but managed to procure passing certificates and had been practicing based on those specialists degrees since. Majority of the fake degrees were pertaining to the sought-after CPS courses, including diploma in gynaecology and obstetrics, diploma in ophthalmic medicine, diploma in general surgery, diploma in cardiology, and fellowships in surgery and medicine.

The state medical council began taking action and 20 of these doctors were suspended in the month of April, 2018.

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“Our probe revealed 77 doctors had submitted fake CPS certificates, of whom 20 were suspended a few months ago. The seven doctors handed five-year bans did not bother to attend the final hearing and we have taken stringent action against them as per the medical council guidelines. The rest have given written assurances and were handed one-year bans,” MMC president, Dr Shivkumar Uttare said while confirming the punishments handed out to the doctors.

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The whole case of fake certificates was found linked to a larger scam and is alleged to have been involving more medical practitioners, who were assisting these doctors get their “Pass certificates.” Doctors allegedly paid between Rs 3 lakh and Rs 6 lakh for the certificates after failing the CPS examination.

A paediatrician, Snehal Nyati, was identified as the one allegedly helping doctors procure fake certificates, after which the MMC permanently revoked Nyati’s registration to practice. The Bhoiwada police filed a charge sheet against Nyati, who is out on bail.

Now, citing lack of resources to conduct the expansive probe on this massive scam, the state medical council has written to the state medical education department to take over the investigation.

“With our limited resources, we have managed to go through our records for 2016 and half of 2015. But we are afraid the scam began much before that as we are still getting cases,” Dr Utture said. He added that the body has sought the state’s support in the investigation, fearing a bigger racket spread across Maharashtra.

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  1. Is CPS of maharastra a recognised body to teach , train, examine and award PG diploma and degrees in medical specialitied? If so how are degrees fake? If not recognised , how come it is functioning since ages?

  2. Govt hai.. Sab kuch chalega.. Loss for tge public as well as the doctors.

  3. Credentialing and Privileging Check;;• It is good practice for a clinic/hospital/HCOS to perform credentialing and privileging on all of its health care professionals, It not only protects patients and the clinic/Hospital/HCOS by lowering the risk of medical errors that may be caused by incompetent providers, OR fake practitioners but it also enhances the reputation and credibility of the clinic/hospital/HCOS in the eyes of providers and the wider health care community.(lack of such process we saw recently).
    Credentialing and privileging are processes of formal recognition and attestation that a physician is both qualified and competent. Credentialing verifies that a physician meets standards as determined by an organization by reviewing such items as the individual’s license, experience, certification, education, training, malpractice and adverse clinical occurrences, clinical judgment, and character by investigation and observation. Privileging defines a physician’s scope of practice and the clinical services he or she may provide. Privileging is based on demonstrated competence and is a data driven process…
    Dr.Fiaz Maqbool Fazili-
    Adviser on Healthcare Policy planning &Standard of care for Hospitals
    Consultant Quality improvement;Patient care;Safety &Hospital Accreditation
    Certified Quality Professional (Specialist) Healthcare-CQPH
    Diploma In Total Quality Management – DTQM

  4. Looks like self promotion.
    Whats the credibility of ypur specialist degree CQPH. Mister. Are you a MBBS degree holder. or you have doctorate?

  5. As such these degrees are useful only whom it matters. Plenty of so called doctors are practicing and making their bread and butter. Not allowing people to practice medicine due to fake degrees or questionable degrees is politically sensitive for political leaders and will never support any genuine action against any one who matters them for votes.

  6. This is a good move against public cheating to save the health and life of innocent patients. Hope that each state branch of medical council of India will start doing the same against those private practitioners for submitting fake service certificates/promotion orders to get designated as associate professors/professors etc in medical colleges.

  7. Dear Gowri,
    Remember that you reap only what you sow for. Referring to the policymakers

  8. V good works