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First find quacks, then get pay: Bokaro Civil Surgeon to doctors

First find quacks, then get pay: Bokaro Civil Surgeon to doctors

Ranchi:  Taking the issue of quackery quite seriously, a civil surgeon in Bokaro has withheld the salaries of medical officers in charge of the 8 CHC in the district asking them to first identify and then lodge an FIR against the quacks in their respective areas. Their salaries have been withheld on account of the failure of these medical officers, in submitting the list of quacks to the civil surgeon

“I have asked the MO in-charge of CHCs in all eight blocks to identify quacks in their areas and lodge an FIR against them. Over two months have passed but despite sending reminders three-four times, they have not yet responded,” Sobhan Murmu, civil surgeon informed TOI

There are eight CHCs in Kasmar, Chandankyari, Petarwar, Chandrapura, Jaridih, Petarwar, Gomia and Nawadih blocks.
 “Of the eight CHCs, two have sent the list which are incomplete. They have not lodged FIRs against them. Until the CHC in-charge lodges FIR against quacks, their salaries will not be released,” he added
It is reported that the menace of quacks is spreading like wildfire in the districts especially in the rural and maoist dominated blocks

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  1. Very nice decision taken by civil surgeon.Such type of jugdement should be taken by all CMO of U.P.

  2. A good move by CS,
    I feel it is the duty of DHO of each district,to nab the quaks with the help of police if situation demands

  3. Not just quacks, I would suggest that they also accompany the police on raids on chemists hoarding illegal drugs. How about one for inspection of every school to check the drinking water supply and the midday meals for nutritiousness. And another to sit at every traffic light in the city to ensure everyone is using a helmet while having riding a two-wheeler.

    Don\’t you dare say all this is irrelevant and frivolous. These are all health-related activities, and these doctors are being paid public money to ensure a healthy populace.

  4. I guess the medical officers\’ job descriptions must have said, \”Periodic quack hunting and FIR filing as required\”. Maybe they should be sent for special training in conducting door to door searches, dealing with police in correct FIR procedure, follow-up with police officers on action taken against quacks, self defense when the arrested quacks attack them and so on…

    Maybe the police can see the patients in the meanwhile while the doctors are doing this work, no?

  5. Why not? If doctors can pay heavy amount to the quacks to bring patients to their private clinics..then they must have hunted for the quacks on their own.. this is no secret now..evry tom, dick and harry knows..private clinics, nursing homes..they pay quacks in return for patients being sent to their clinics..Sir, if u r not aware of this development, i must say u r missing out!! Quacks do no harm to public..whenever they find a complication, they simply refer the patient to a do u think ppl in extremely rural areas are getting treated? By doctors? By God? Its these quacks who r doing the ppl a favor..who is to blame? Dont u knw any quack in ur area? Have u ever reportes him? Who else is to knw about a quack? Ppl dnt come to u n ask for ur med degree..they r least bothered..if doctors are the ones most bothered by the quack menace..they should take the responsibility..after all, doctors have a major hand in cultivating this menace..if u rly can do smthng, do it..else plzzz dont make ironical comments..if u r rly interestes to knw abt doctors cultivating this me..n i will give u the details..

  6. Finally a civil surgeon who is doing good work! Wish there were more people like him.this menace of quackery is spreading too fast. Kudos!

  7. what a stupid and autocratic type order of CS to withheld salaries of medical officers till they catch quacks, how can a common citizen forced to go and catch culprits this should be done by government ….

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