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Ghost Faculties: Two Surgeons suspended on Medical Council of India Recommendations

Ghost Faculties: Two Surgeons suspended on Medical Council of India Recommendations

Chennai: Rowing in two boats has caused trouble for two surgeons practicing in the state as the Tamil Nadu Medical Council has ordered the suspension of these doctors after the MCI found that they were named faculty in two different medical colleges at the same time, a practice which is strictly forbidden by the Medical Council of India.

The two medical practitioners, one of which is a general surgeon and the other Thoracic surgeon, have been suspended by the state medical council for periods of three years and one-year respectively after the disciplinary committee found them guilty of the violation.

The violation came to light when the state medical council received a communication from the Medical Council of India (MCI) about these doctors being named as faculty in other medical colleges, apart from the colleges they were already working in.

The council was informed of a Tirunelveli-based General Surgeon Dr Gopinathan, who was attached to Kannur Medical College as a faculty member. Similarly, Chennai-based Thoracic Surgeon Dr Anandan who was a faculty member at the Trivandrum-based Southern Institute of Medical Sciences was also found in another medical college, reports

After getting the information about these surgeons violating the MCI norms, the concerned authorities initiated an inquiry, further to which the disciplinary committee found both of them guilty. The committee then recommended the state medical council to take action on the matter.

The doctors’ names have been removed from the state medical register as per recommendations of the Medical Council of India.

Confirming the suspension, the President of Tamil Nadu Medical Council, Dr K Senthil informed The Times Of India, “While Dr Gopinathan has been banned from practice for three years, Dr Anandan has been debarred for a year.”

The Medical Council of India in its endeavor to control ghost faculty appointments in government and private medical colleges has now decided to link Aadhaar Numbers of the faculties to their biometric details.

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  1. Ghost faculties may be in private colleges. May be small but dont target them instead think of innovation. Solution can be railways. In railway medical service there are many super specialists but 5hey are not able to do even so ial service in their own time even as a hobby because of rules cvc union etc who to fulfill their targets 5arget!!! Request them that 8n turn they can go for an hour a week subject to their convenience in rotation by informing college in advance. I know dr who left railways to join Sundaram medical goes to Stanley his Alma matter! Willingly!

  2. user
    Dr Gowrinath K July 24, 2018, 4:57 pm

    When principal recruits ghost faculty and introduces them as regular faculty to the MCI inspector, he is also responsible and answerable. It is common experience of many private practitioners that they are lured to pose as regular faculty on the day of MCI inspection and they will get monthly payment in their clinic/hospital and depending upon the number of years after their PG , they will get the status of Associate professor or professor.They are called to conduct PG examinations as internal/external examiners.This is the state of medical education in some private medical colleges. Punishing the faculty alone for giving their names in two medical colleges is not correct.

  3. These Medical colleges has to penalized rather than these doctors, as these types of arrangements are done by all the private colleges and they can go up to any extent for their MCI approval.

  4. user
    Dr.R.Meher Ali July 16, 2018, 9:49 am

    Understand the reality,,,,posts are available facing dearth of hands in specialties,,private colleges are very reluctant to give the full payment saying that part time contribution of these specialists are enough to run the institution,,,so one is forced to work in two colleges on part time basis and get full salary…I feel sorry for the doctors who are banned from exercising their surgical skills which will lead to disuse atrophy of their trained up muscles…they must be allowed to practice and teach free of payment,,,,

  5. user
    Chander Shekhar Chhabra July 16, 2018, 7:31 am

    In a country where scarcity of doctors is there I think a monetary penality could have been a good punishment than debarring from practice .And what about medical colleges ,should these be fined.