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Half baked knowledge – An Interlude to the Times.

These are indeed “ chaotic” times for a country like India where the race to prove oneself is taking each one to various entrepreneurial ventures.

It’s a wonderful experience to see young and old , not hesitant to take chances to bring out the best in their careers, beliefs and even personal growth.

Cutting corners and taking short cuts to achieve maximum with minimum time and resources in hand, hence does not come as entirely jaw dropping revelations. And one of the larger than life Gurus’ today assisting in achieving these short term gains is THE NET – restless souls seeking quick fixes through half baked information ! A good tool , but not the entire Education !

Just to exemplity with no personal reflections, an International conference in New Delhi in Oct. 2015, ushered a new era in the management of Orthopedic pathologies by show casing first time ever the marvel of ultrasound in evaluation of bones and joints. This awakened many a Radiologists to the scope of this application and urgency to put it into practice, almost like saying Oh boy, I want to swim….but without the know how and tests and trials of focused learning !

Today’s times are the “Age of knowledge” or as I call “Innovation driven age”, but let’s not forget knowledge is the key to create value added benefits from these innovative technical resources.

Current system of practice in India is in a mess because it lacks information and structured teaching leaving the system to churn out half baked work force.

Despite a serious compelling need to raise a new generation of knowledge hungry individuals for quality results, we still don’t pay attention to a comprehensive make over of education protocols. It’s just not the Institutions that should be creating a need based educating system but there is also an urgent need to have individuals instill self awareness to seek knowledge, enable themselves before wishing to reap the fruits of some half baked information.

We simply pretend to pay attention to this phenomenon but it is too miniscule in the global perspective to create a long term quality impact.

Desire to learn in a holistic manner with planned path for quality deliverance is a far cry. We can continue to blame it on the system but the basic unit of this system is ME ! Insecurities are driving us to become so territorial that we do not wish even our fellowmen from other specialties to transcend that fine line that defines MY FIELD.

Does is not speak volumes against the priciples of teaching and learning, loss is ours , by failing to actively participate for various reasons and also making sure no one else does.

Applying this concept to Medical practice which deals with well being of not only an individual but community at large, we as that ultimate service provider must develop a conscientious to emphasize self restrain when giving out sub-standard results.

Lack of time , or learning opportunities when combined with disinterest in quality control is a potent explosive for medico-legal disasters. Economic constraints at the patient or consultant level add to this down slide in medical practice.

A mandate even if presented , loses its punch because masses are willing to compromise quality over financial gains. Emphasis on creative thinking, entrepreneurial skills, positive social and educational values and patient well being should provide a platform to usher a new era of self assessment in competency. I do believe by and large Medical professionals consist of introspecting, fair human beings , yet sometimes business insecurities out weigh professional credibility.

It not only puts the community at risk of being labelled fraudulent and greedy but also endangers the super technical innovations being trashed as “ useless” …

Motto : Don’t judge others, Judge thyself first ….

Dr. Nidhi Bhatnagar

M.D. Radiodiagnosis

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