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Doctors are like GODS, Cannot Strike: HC restrains Striking Doctors

Doctors are like GODS, Cannot Strike: HC restrains Striking Doctors

Whether the Gods could go on strike?

When the doctors who are considered and treated as Gods by the people, are striking their duty, definitely would mean that Gods are striking. It is very unfortunate to note that the doctors pursuing their P.G degrees in the 5th respondent/Institution, who are duty bound to treat the ailing patients, are resorting to strike on certain issues, which could have otherwise been sorted out either by negotiations or by approaching the legal forum.

Chennai: The Madras High Court restrained the Federation of Medical and Dental Students of Rajah Muthiah Medical College and Hospital from “instigating or indulging” in any kind of strike or protest.

Justice N Kirubakaran passed an interim order on a petition by Raju, a resident of Annamalai Nagar, Chidambaram, whose wife was undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Raju alleged that no one attended to his pregnant wife when they went to the hospital on September 18. The PG students had been on strike and also prevented others from discharging their duties, the petitioner submitted.

He said he was forced to admit his wife to a private hospital due to the strike.

Highlighting the problems faced by people like him, the petitioner filed the plea seeking a direction to authorities to take appropriate action against the PG students and others on strike.

“A doctor should be ready to treat a patient approaching him at any time as he is the only person qualified to do that,” the judge said in his order.

The doctors on strike should consider the common mans suffering before resorting to such strikes, the judge said.

“Therefore, there shall be an order of interim injunction restraining the above federation and their team from instigating or indulging in any kind of strike or protest.”

The judge also restrained them from refusing medical services to patients and preventing other staff and students from attending to their work.

“When the PG students have been paid by the government exchequer, they cannot refuse to treat poor patients and restrain others from discharging their duties. Every doctor has a legal and moral duty towards every ailing human being,” the judge said.

The students had gone on the strike in support of their demand that only government medical colleges fee should be collected from them.

The judge issued a notice to the state health department and the doctors and posted the matter for further hearing on October 23.

 Attached is the judgment below

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  1. Don\’t call us gods
    Treat us like any fellow human being
    Spare us from voilence
    V r fed up with the verdicts of negligence falsely implicating us
    Voilence against doctors
    In fact v r scared
    And repenting why v had persued this profession
    No personal life
    Attend the patients in late nights
    Sacrifice our health
    Inturn v get abuses
    Man handling
    Negligence allegation
    Forced to pay huge compensation
    Or blackmailing
    Out of court settlements
    Defaming the image
    And reputation of the doctors
    Pl allow us to leave peacefully
    Free to think and treat the ailing Pt\’s
    Doctors cannot cure or save every Pt\’s he sees
    It is not movie
    Where a multiple stabed hero continues to fight
    And survives in makeshift hospitals and in the acting people of Medicals
    This will happen only in movies
    Not in real life
    Once the public understands this reality
    Nothing will change

  2. That shows the bias/ arrogance / poor knowledge of Judges

  3. Well in india Gods can be beaten and murdered, to be read in the fact that many doctors have been brutally physically abused

  4. If doctors are God they are ready to accept this feat but not just a title but in facilities too Caz this God is literally working 24 hrs without thinking of there health,food ,rest and family.Even the idol of the God placed in the temple is taken care in India like anything. Judgement should be two way.The high court judge seems to be too filmsy.

  5. user
    Dr Gurunath Chavan October 9, 2017, 12:17 pm

    It is an irony….when drs goes on strike….then the honourable court says drs are like GOD….so when people attacks drs…where this \”GOD\” criteria go??? and what is the opinion of the honourable court in this regard?? and what the action is taken to protect the GOD??