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Heart Wrenching: Kashmir Doctor saves many, only to later declare his Own Son Brought dead

Heart Wrenching: Kashmir Doctor saves many, only to later declare his Own Son Brought dead

Srinagar:  Dr Abdul Gani Khan had quietly retired to his residential quarter after a distressing day attending to people injured in a clash with security forces during an encounter in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district.

No sooner had he reached his residence, Khan received a call to urgently return to the district hospital in Pulwama.

Little did he know who he was to attend to. He had seen so much blood and suffering through the day it seemed impossible for him to comprehend the situation.

When he reached the hospital building, he was informed his son had died in the clash and the body was brought to the hospital.

Faizan Ahmad Khan, 16, was among the people injured in the clash between stone-pelters and security forces during the encounter with terrorists in Thamuna village on Friday.

He was rushed to a hospital in Rajpora in critical condition but doctors there feared he would not survive and referred him to the district hospital, where his father practices.

“Doctors at the Rajpora hospital informed us after they recognized Faizan. They also told us he might not make it (to the district hospital),” Dr Rashid Parra, medical superintendent of the district hospital, said.

“We tried our best to revive him when he was brought to the district hospital, but unfortunately there were no signs of life in him,” Parra said.

It was then that Parra and other hospital staffers decided to call Khan from his residential quarter.

“Faizan was born at this hospital and spent his childhood in the hospital campus. We called Khan without telling him about his son and then kept him in a room as we wrapped Faizan’s body in a shroud,” Parra said.

Surrounded by his colleagues at the hospital, Khan was informed about his son’s death. They consoled Khan but it was unlikely that it would have helped in reducing his pain.

“He went to the casualty ward to see his son and broke down instantly. We all were in tears…,” the medical superintendent said.

“Fate had brought Faizan to the same hospital to be declared dead where he was born,” he added.

Faizan’s body was later taken to his ancestral home in Ladoo village of the district for last rites.

A Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist was killed during the encounter in Thamuna village yesterday. Police said today initial reports had suggested three terrorists were killed but two of them apparently escaped during the security operation.

Source: PTI
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  1. It is just a corelating incident, on the one side father is saving lives and on the other side son was pelting stones on security forces and got the treatment he deserved. I have full sympathy with Dr. Khan over his son\’s death.All the parents should be more careful and strict in future that their son/ daughter should not participate in unlawful activities and become unfortunate like dr khan. Being a father I offer my condolences to Dr Khan

  2. Plz don\’t put sob stories , relating to terrorists here. Why teenager was stone pelting ?. Any sane family will never allow their children to take part in these type of anti social activities.

  3. user
    Dr. Prem Sagar July 3, 2018, 1:25 pm

    Amit is right. Who would know Faizan. And then that Faizan was son of a doctor saving injured stone pelters. Doctor knew that his son was participating in stone pelting along with other boys and was risking his life. May be he was in front ranks of stone pelters when he was hit. Doctor might be expecting this if not this time next time , it was bound to happen. In a way he was helpless in stopping his son not to participate in such activities. If so , in a way he was half prepared for such a news on one or the other occasion.