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Height of Brutality: BHU Resident Doctors assaulted with stones, petrol bombs, iron rods and acid bottles

These rampant attacks on doctors only show that the doctors are being made the scapegoat of the public frustration. These assaults should be condemned and fought against by the medical fraternity of the nation altogether in unity.

Varanasi: The uncontrolled horrific menace of assault on medical professionals recently took an extremely brutal turn after six resident doctors associated with Sir Sunderlal Hospital of the Banaras Hindu University (BHU), were beaten nearly to death by a mob of angered campus hostellers.

A clash erupted between resident doctors and hostellers in the BHU campus allegedly over non-allotment of bed to a patient; the police confirmed adding that at least six medicos were injured during the clash.

The dreadful incident occurred the late night of 24th September, when an attendant of a patient misbehaved with first-year junior resident for admission.

The family members of the patient were demanding allotment of bed at the hospital, but when a resident doctor expressed unwillingness in meeting the demand on an immediate basis, an argument broke out between them, a police official confirmed to PTI.

According to a statement made by the resident doctors, due to unavailability of beds, regular admission was put on hold till evening which was explained to the patient’s attendant, who didn’t understand the situation and started abusing resident doctor on duty and physically assaulted him after a verbal disagreement.

However, the situation was calmed down after the hospital administration intervened and the issue was temporarily resolved. The relief proved short-termed after the attendant came back and attacked the doctor again.

Later, the police was informed about the incident and an FIR was registered against that attendant on the basis of the CCTV footage. After Resident doctors were assured of security by Medical Superintendent, they returned to their respective workplace.

However, the rage burst when the mob of around 20 BHU students came to the hospital premises and started abusing the doctors badly including a female doctor.

“Around 20 students of BHU came to the female surgery ward and started threatening resident doctors in front of consultant and abused female resident doctor on duty,” stated the resident doctors.

In the same day, separate incidents of assault on victim resident doctors were reported. This was narrated by resident doctors who took out their frustration in social media posts.

The doctors narrated that around 11.45 pm, resident doctors went to a restaurant where they were brutally assaulted by around 10-15 BHU students, one of the residents suffered severe injuries. They alleged that the vicious group of students later took one of the resident doctors to the police station where no action was taken against the attackers, instead, the doctor was held as the culprit. Later, other hostellers also attacked the doctors and MBBS students with stones, petrol bombs, iron rods and acid bottles while they were returning from their duty.

Some “anti-social” elements also set afire two motorcycles and a police picket in the campus, police informed, adding that the clashing groups damaged public property and vandalised an ATM cubicle.

“All these events happened in front of Chief Proctor and Police force. They stood there as mere spectators,” the resident doctors distressed.

Meanwhile, District Magistrate Surendra Singh and SSP Anand Kulkarni rushed to the BHU, held a flag march in the campus and also held talks with the university administration.

A probe has been launched into the incident and a person detained in this connection, police further informed the news agency.

Action Demanded

Stating, “We are not hampering or trying to paralyze any hospital services, but we cannot save a life while having the risk of losing our own,” the resident doctors have decided to call an indefinite strike until proper and effective security is provided as there is clear threat to their life.

“If a satisfactory action will not be taken then we are bound to withdraw our duties from the emergency services (Emergency, ICU, CCU, ACU, Labor room, NICU, PICU, and Triage),” the doctors came forward demanding strict action against the attackers.

Showing support to the victim doctors, the Resident Doctors’ Association AIIMS Delhi has written to the Health Minister JP Nadda demanding apt security at the hospital grounds.

The letter mentioned, “If you are not able to provide a secure environment to work, how can you expect the doctor to take important decisions within a split second? RDA AIIMS demands immediate arrest of culprits of IMS BHU attack. There has to be a central protection act to prevent future attacks on medical professionals.”

If no action is taken, the Association warned a protest launch at the minister’s residence on 28th September.

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  1. If a resident doctor says there is no bed, the attendants should have approached senior faculty. Instead, they assaulted junior doctors on duty just to show their power. In India many crimes are committed in public mainly because there is no honest enquiry and severe punishment, for this sort of crimes. If this type of incidents happen in a city, one can imagine the plight of doctors in rural areas.

  2. Sir sunderlal doctors if we\’re useless , this hospital would not serve 1/6 of this country\’s population. Shame on you people who says so for doctors who serve and devote their lives for other

  3. user
    Vibhanshu Prabhakar September 28, 2018, 7:53 am

    Sir Sunder lal Hospital Doctors are useless. unprofessional I have stuck on this situation from 24th for operation of my mother. Doctors are not taking any initiative nor informing clear. Very bad facility regarding the treatment.

  4. Shame on india .. no doctor wants to settle here. Because of this goondaism. In one aspect people say. Make in india ..this. goons r only can be made in india. How u can compare urself to uk and us . With such attitiude. Shame on. Govermment. Educated peolple just leave india

  5. I feel the BHU hostels house a number of outsiders ( non student ) ,. This aspect should also be looked at ,and necessary action taken