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Homeopathy practitioners on Strike Demanding Inclusion of Bridge course Clause in NMC Bill

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Mumbai: Soon after the strike of allopathic doctors across the country, forced the government to remove the controversial bridge course clause from the National Medical Commission Bill, homeopathy practitioners have now taken to streets Against NMC For Scraping Bridge Course and demanding back the inclusion of the clause.

On Wednesday, more than 500 homeopathic doctors carried out a protest rally demanding the allowance of bridge courses under the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill for Ayurvedic and homeopathic doctors.

The rally was conducted along with three days long hunger strike by the doctors attached to All India Homeopathic Doctors Federation (AIHF). Tan.

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While talking to Mumbai Live, Dr Prakash Rane, attached to AIHF confirmed, “This is the third day of our hunger strike and yet the state or central government has not given a decision on the bridge course. We carried out a rally to reach out the state government.”

Rane pointed out to the daily that there are around 65,000 homeopathy doctors in the country. Many homeopathy doctors’ work in rural and tribal areas but most of the times, Ayurvedic doctors refrain from working in rural areas, he highlighted.

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Speaking of providing an allopathic prescription to the patients, he claimed that while providing medical treatment in rural areas, it becomes necessary to prescribe allopathy medicine.

“When other doctors call for a strike, it is homeopathy doctors who shoulder the responsibility of providing medical treatment to the people”, he said adding that bridge course is need of the hour and the same should be implemented across the nation.

On the other end of the spectrum, IMA has threatened nationwide protests if the parallel form of medicine is allowed to combine with allopathy.

When Mumbai Live contacted Dr Pravin Shingare, Head of Directorate of Medical Education and Research, he said that they have approved this course in the state. He further said that the central government will decide if the same course should be implemented across the nation or not.

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  1. We want bridge course for ayush doctors

  2. If Homeopathy/ Allopathy doctors, want to write Allopathy medicines, then they should have worked hard to take MBBS, than those can they ask for bridge course’s like asking To study MBBS as a correspondence course.doesn’t it sound stupid..?? You have to learn 20 subjects in MBBS, four and half years clinical exposure to learn clinical skills, have to practicals, dissection of one year, etc..So they asking bridge course for this department..No where in the world, does any department dare to suggest such an illogical, flawful option…Yeah..Again..We are in India.. Here anyone can ask anything..Yes correct…

  3. user
    Shyam Lal Saini April 7, 2018, 5:09 pm

    Homeopaths are un employed due to dirty government policies all vacancies are occupied by Ayurveda doctors in this way homeopath are prestigious beggars in Rajasthan and all over India although they have knowledge of medicine but neglected by opportunity and government also

  4. Dr venkatakrishnan Ramakrishnan a noble lauret in chemistry said any one with basic knowledge in chemistry does not believe in homopathy medicine. There is no molecule in that the so called medicine. He also said Ayurvedhic preparations need scientific validation which is not being done in spite of available laboratories . If any validation done it biased and bunkam . Ayush has no scientific validity and that is why these bunkam fellows want bridge course to enter main stream medicine . This govt is embarking on retrograde and regressive approach promising the heavens ex planning commission is neety ayog just change of name .M C I has brought tremendous improvement in medical education in India ,instead of bringing modifications the govt brought NMC and brought non medical to control a prfessional education and they want to dilute medical education in the name of integration . If aysh fellows can manage the issues related to health why the want bridge course . Let the govt not meddle with prfessional matters and leave to the eminent pple in the professional matters . Don\’t dilute the m b b s syllabus with other the so called system of medicine, which has scientific basis . Don\’t dilute and destroy the future of medical education inthis country .

  5. Most reprehensible on the part of Homeopaths. The most celebrated homeopaths of India (Bengal, initially) began their journey in this line AFTER obtaining medical degrees from medical colleges in the second part of the 19th century. In other words, they first qualified in allopathic discipline and then, due to their respect for and faith in the then newly introduced homeopathic system, became renowned and successful homeopathic doctors in Bengal. Some of the homoeopathic doctors had even done MB (allopathy) courses in Germany before shifting to Homoeopathy. Sri Ramakrishna was treated, until his mahasamadhi, by the great Dr. Mahendralal Sarkar, then a most leading practitioner in homeopathy in Calcutta/Bengal. Dr. Sarkar was also a founder of the Science Association. Let the present generation of homoeopaths first become qualified like those legends and pioneers and then start claiming special rights.