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How much do you actually spend on teaching MBBS, PG Medical students: Doctor asks Govt, AIIMS

How much do you actually spend on teaching MBBS, PG Medical students: Doctor asks Govt, AIIMS

Kolkata: With many state governments claiming that they incur crores of rupees of expenditure on the training and teaching of MBBS and PG medical students at a government setup and hence justifying the implementation of the compulsory service bond and corresponding penalties, a Kolkata medical practitioner has now gone ahead and asked various governments what exactly do they spend on “creating” a doctor.

With his series of RTI, the doctor has also asked various autonomous bodies including AIIMS on what costs do they incur on teaching and training of MBBS and PG/SS medical students at their respective institutions.

Asking for a detailed breakup, the petitioner Dr Koushik Chaki questioned asked about the cost incurred by the government/autonomous institutions on education of a MBBS doctor, PG as well as SS doctors in government medical colleges. Noting that these medicos, particularly at the MD/MS as well as the DM/Mch level are also providing medical service to patients during the course of the study, the RTI questioned about average salary and/or stipend paid to an individual MD/MS trainee and DM/MCh trainee, as well as the corresponding salary that the government/organisation salary that would have been paid to a similarly qualified medical officer, if they were not a student of the college

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Explaining the reasoning behind the RTIs, Dr Chaki, who is a member of the West Bengal Doctors Federation told Medical Dialogues,” At numerous places including courts, the the Union government and the States have claimed that they spend the tune of Rs. 25 Lakhs to Rs. 1.7 Cr for each medical graduate. It has also been held that Compulsory serving of bonds by Medical Professionals in lieu of subsidised training is the right of the Government, and using this the government are making doctors sign compulsory service bonds that go as high as 5 years, with penalties that even go crores+.We want to know the actual facts, and whether these figures that the government throws is actually backed by any maths of not.”

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” Medical field is the only field where students not just study but also incur medical services at the same time. Though they are given stipends, many a times they are extremely paltry and the medicos effectively provide cheap labor during their training and teaching. The government and these institutions should answer, whether this stipend as compared to what they would have paid a similarly qualified medical officer is justified or not ,”he added

” Similarly, the various medical teachers in the hospitals/medical colleges are also teaching and doing patient services. It is important to ascertain what part of their expense to attributed to teaching and spent towards students and what part is used towards patient services,” he explained

Not just this, the doctor has also posed similar questions to top engineering colleges, and law colleges.

” I am sure the IITs would also be incurring huge expenses on creating engineers, and IIMs would be spending a lot to impart high quality MBAs but nobody is asking their pass outs to do compulsory service. Why are only doctors singled out then?” questioned Dr Chaki

Medical Dialogues had recently reported that in perhaps one of the most detailed judgements on the matter till date, the Supreme Court had recently upheld the compulsory bond service decisions by various state governments.

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  1. user
    Dr.Raj Shekhar Yadav September 17, 2019, 10:31 pm

    Can anyone share the contact no.of Dr.Chaki plz,need this data for a court case in Rajasthan where govt is charging 35 lacs fee from mbbs students

  2. He is on Facebook you may message him personally or through the wbdf site

  3. user
    M.Baskaran Selvapathy September 13, 2019, 2:56 pm

    The cost of patient treatment is added to the cost of making a doctor. This is totally wrong.

  4. The expenditure of making a doctor will be lesser than producing an engineer from IIT or manager from IIM. Hospitals are attached to medical colleges and those hospitals are treating patients, so no one can claim that the hospital has been made solely for teaching medical students. Laboratories used for teaching MBBS also give patients service. IIT and IIMs are created only for teaching, their labs do not provide any other service except teaching. The libraries are there everywhere, medical college libraries contain only medical books, I am very sure other institutional libraries contain recreational books. Therefore I feel the expenditure of producing an MBBS will be less or equal to the expenditure of making a BA or MA student where only college building and teachers are paid by the government. Even BSc or MSc will be expensive than MBBS as the labs created for those students are exclusively used for teaching.

  5. Insist on this aspect,namely, what is the actual cost of educating a medical student. Then only we can discuss any further

  6. Excellent initiative