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How Social Media landed a Jharkhand MBBS Doctor In Trouble!

How Social Media landed a Jharkhand MBBS Doctor In Trouble!

Jharkhand : Bragging about his achievements on Social Media has indeed landed a Jharkhand government doctor in trouble after the health department issued a show-cause notice to him.

The case pertains to one MBBS practitioner from the Jharia-Chasnala area, who uploaded the pictures of a delivery performed by him on social media, claiming that his urgent intervention saved the life of the mother and the child. The post soon became viral, but in contradiction to getting praises, the doctor is now facing an enquiry for his claims of saving lives of the two.

According to health department officials, the doctor, Dr Sushil Kumar, came to local health centre in Jharia-Chasnala where the patient was, and told the doctors to refer her to the Patliputra Medical College and Hospital in Jharkhand. However, soon after the patient was referred instead of taking her to the Medical college the doctor took her to the  area well being centre in Kenduadih — the place he’s posted — and carried out a caesarean section, without the help of any gynecologist or an anesthetist. The health department officers including the Chasnala PHC doctor alleged that the condition of the woman was not serious and she did not require the operation.

The further alleged that the he made the locals take photos of him while he conducted the operation, posting them afterwards on social media claiming that he had saved the lives of the mom and her child. The show cause notice was issued to the doctor, after his social media post became viral.

The doctor in his defence has clearly denied the allegations. He stated that he took the patient to his centre, only because the condition of the mother was serious adding that procedure was actually carried out by a gynaecologist and not himself

“If saving lifetime of a affected person is crime, I’m prepared to repeat it,” he told HT.

As far as the health department goes, they are equating this incident to an act of Abduction . Medical Officer in charge of Kenduadih ACHC, Dr Viswakarma told HT that if, in a referral case, ‘any individual takes the patient to a different destination without any authorisation, the act will be considered as abduction’.


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  1. user
    Dr Ramesh vardhan December 13, 2017, 9:42 am

    In India achievements means cricketers, petty politicians, Babus the Bureaucrats or by the quacks and films with box office hit. The poor guy is punished for doing a good /great job. The honesty is not appropriated in government, the so called higher ups( BABUS) are jealous of the Honest, hardworking and truthful Doctors. They prefer crooks so that they can dump all sorts of nasty equipment, devices, DISPOSABLES and consumables /drugs to mint money. The deals are settled in the Air condition chambers of the secretary sitting in the state capitals. More than 50%of the purchases are hardly put in to use. The main reason for the deteriorating government health care system is due to the interface by the ill qualified Babus the Bureaucrats. Their presence is more of a nuisance, probably the ward boy has better knowledge about the system than these Babus when it comes to health care delivery. Unfortunately in our country Babus poke their dirty nose in each and every professional /technical affairs, despite having no knowledge or very little knowledge. Real tragedy. Having them as administrators is more of a liability than an Asset. \” Babus MUKTH BHARTH is the need of the hour.\”

  2. user
    dr b v subrahmanyam December 12, 2017, 9:49 am

    It is surprising why a good Samaritan doctor should face the wrath of the authorities. If that be so in future doctors may not come forward to help patients in dire need of help as a humanitarian gesture.

  3. user
    dr b v subrahmanyam December 12, 2017, 9:46 am

    It is surprising why a good samaritan doctor should face this wrath. Then no medical man may come forward to help patients who need urgent intervention