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Its possible to select GENDER before Pregnancy: AYUSH varsity VC rakes Controversy

Its possible to select GENDER before Pregnancy: AYUSH varsity VC rakes Controversy

“The ancient scripture clearly mentions that it is possible to select gender before pregnancy. But one has to follow the instructions for two months for results,”— Dr Baldev Kumar Dhiman

Kurukshetra: Drawing severe backlash from the public and the medical specialists alike, the Vice-Chancellor of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy) University, Kurukshetra recently sparked a controversy after making a statement  that gender selection is possible through Ayurveda.

At a recent function organised to honour the journalists, Dr Baldev Kumar Dhimant, VC implied that strict following of ayurvedic prescription can help to select get desired gender of the baby before pregnancy.

Clarifying his claim to the media, he stated, “A prescription from traditional alternative technique includes, medication, strict dietary and physical regulations and certain meditation techniques were required to be adopted at the pre-conception stage.”

“The ancient scripture clearly mentions that it is possible to select gender before pregnancy. But one has to follow the instructions for two months for results,” he added.

The claim by Dhimant, a former director in the AYUSH department has shocked many. In response, the state health officials have cited it as a gross violation of Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act.

“In no medical system anywhere in the world, there is any proven method to determine the gender at the pre-conception stage or after pregnancy. As per the law, anyone found claiming about sex selection in any way is liable for prosecution for violation of Section 6 of the PCPNDT Act,” said a senior health functionary told Tribune on condition of anonymity.

The Haryana health officials labelled all such talks as ‘rubbish’ while clarifying that there is no scientific or medical evidence or research to support the claim that selecting gender is possible at the conception stage.

Meanwhile, another official stated that this shocking claim by the VC has clearly challenged the Prime Minister’s flagship programme of gender parity.

“Haryana Government is also making sincere efforts to improve sex ratio by strict implementation of PCPNDT Act. Top health expert like the VC should be extra cautious while making any claim on a sensitive issue like gender selection,” he added.

As per Deccan Herald’s report on the matter, officials are confused over whether the VC is advocating gender selection or merely attempting to broadcast a piece of information he believes is true.

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  1. user
    Dr Shripad Mahamuni May 30, 2018, 11:23 pm

    We have to Congratulate Dr DhimanSir He has dared to say it Its potential I am ahed of this to say if you look in Vegas one should chase reference and prove it on basis of evedance that all such references of Putra/Santati Kamestiyag is one for Chikitsa Everyone should be proud on Our Ancient Ayurveda for its Ideas , It has been clearly mention for desired Kind of Gender not suggested only for Male gender it\’s has guided for Female as you know it\’s used for Good cause , Current Era of Get Yug our mindset is changed if you have 1 male child and you have been asked for second then definately everyone will answer yes we wants female baby now and vice versa now time to Pramote it concretely to balance sex ratio it will surely help only extra efforts has been taken on to prove it\’s efficacy by research

  2. user
    Dr.sachin kamdi May 18, 2018, 3:42 pm

    VC is genuine. I think he told only what ayurveda describe.whats wrong with that.he doesn\’t exposed the method how to do that.and under the fear of law and sociality we are destroing our ancient science.since I m ayurvedic practitioner I can say yes it is described.but it is so inadequate in description nobody can assure about foetal sex. A since CCIM has included the procedure in our syllabus how it could be against law of PCPNDT.if it is the government of India and CCIM should be punished.

  3. to the government>>>>>> don\’t risk your own life , children, family, and relatives by such bogus claims .But it proves your point to some extent… the 100 kauravas had violated the PM s programs of beti bachaoo then retrospectively ..hah aah/.

  4. In Ayush Everything is possible. I am not shocked. Lol. Half ba*ed daaaktar

  5. What\’s wrong in it? I don\’t see any controversy.
    Drop your western mindsets.

  6. Wrong is, it\’s sex determination.. Statement may b true but it is like sex determination, which wud increase female feoticide

  7. Actually no scientific discussion is not possible in current scenario because of dominance of western treatment philosphy and fear of law. It has become fashionable to denounce our own and the oldest treatment system out of ignorance. I am a prctictioner of modern medicine and was the head of the department in a premier medical college in Delhi. I have interest in reading the medical literatue concerning other systems of treatment. I can tell that extensive literature is available in Ayurvrda in this regard and i have personally read it. However ,law is such that this matter can not be discussed. Other wise it could have been a wonderful scientific protocal for evidence based research.

  8. I think the law against female foeticide itself is wrong, it should be changed, say if someone already has 1 or 2 daughters he should be allowed the option to choose a son, one who has a son should be allowed to go for a daughter , it will bring balance to families and society and Ayurveda can surely help in this regard