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Medical Council of India Unethical, Corrupt : Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

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Medical Council of India Unethical, Corrupt : Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

In a recent interview with daily ZoomTV, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, the chairman and managing director of Biocon Limited, was seen slamming Medical Council of India (MCI) for its negative role in medical education, which is hampering the growth of healthcare system in the country.

“We need to change our medical education. Medical Council of India has been really playing a very negative role in the way medical education is being evolved, by controlling capacity. I think it has been a very unethical and corrupt system. It needs to be broken,” she stated

“Thankfully now, due to NEET, some of it (corruption) in medical education, at the entry level is being broken.”  She further spoke about this being extended to PG level, where the most important thing according to her was creation of seats such that at least 30,000 of the 50,000 graduating MBBS students per year have a chance to become specialists. Ms Shaw stressed on huge shortage of qualified medical professionals as well as support staff in the country highlighting the challenges that the country is facing to meet the goals set be the National Health Policy, especially the target of 2 beds per 1000 population.

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“There is huge shortage of hospitals, as if we calculate, 2 beds per 1000 population means that we actually short of 2 million hospital beds. Apart from the hospital shortage, there is shortage doctors, nursing and other human resource shortage as well. Add to the fact that we have huge shortage of specialists.”

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Stating that the National Health Policy as a starting point to meet the challenges of the health sector, further calling for increased private participation in the health sector.

” If you want to basically create the 2 million hospital beds, the private sector will need to create it, but it is bit of a vicious circle that the private sector is not going to invest in creating those 2 million hospital beds. It needs a reimbursement mechanism that makes viable (to invest in hospitals).”

“Today, the hospital sector, although the finance ministry has categorized with an infrastructure status, in reality, it does not enjoy the low interest, long term lending that the infrastructure sector enjoys. If you don’t do that, if you don’t implement it, there is going to be no investment in the hospitals.”

Calling for better alignment between policy makers, regulators and the stake holders for soling issues, she said “It is a daunting challenge for a country like India, but it is not impossible”


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Source: BLoom Live
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  1. user
    Dr Geraldine Sanjay April 14, 2017, 5:12 pm

    She has her own vested she ethical in her practice at Biocon?

  2. What is she saying?…. what evidence/qualification she has?….
    She wants to downgrade all the medical education by increasing seats to 30-50 k which will significantly reduce the competition in place of quality….. does she wants to make medicine as the new engineering…

  3. While I agree on her claims of MCI\’s monumental corruption, how does she propose to create 30,000 post graduate seats for specialists training which is of reasonably equal quality throughout the country.
    Shortage of doctors does not mean we should lower the requirements necessary for medical education and open a medical college in every commercial building complex

  4. user
    Dr.Kanak Lata Mishra March 30, 2017, 4:45 pm

    I have worked in Govt. hospital for 30 years I think Dr. work very hard , I think district hospitals should have enough bed and enough staff and very efficient transportation to shift patient in time. It!s useless to open hospitals in small places and post one or two doctors.It!s a team work and to save life team should be complete which includes lower staff also e.g. trained nurse,various technicians and up to date equipment.

  5. user
    Dr Balakrishna March 30, 2017, 2:52 pm

    A very correct opinion after a looooooong time

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