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Madras High Court baffled with educational claims of a medical practitioner

Madras High Court baffled with educational claims of a medical practitioner

Tamil Nadu:  A practitioner working in the Tiruchi area,  N. Kathalingam has indeed baffled the Madras High Court with his claimed set of educational qualifications. According to him, the practitioner has educational qualifications to practice different set of pathies including  homoeopathy, Siddha and allopathy medicine.

A recent report in Hindu points out the writ petition of N Kathalingam,  with a plea to forbear  the Health Secretary, Director General of Police, Director of Public Health, Tiruchi Collector and the Commissioner of Police from interfering with his medical practice at his hospital at Chinthamani Bazaar in Tiruchi.

In his affidavit, the practitioner has stated that he completed a course in homoeopathy and got his name registered with Medical Council on April 15, 1976. Thereafter he completed a course in Siddha Medicine, and subsequently got himself registered with the respective council in the year 1998.

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“Further, I have also completed my course in allopathy medicine also from Hippocrates Institute, besides completing a training in first aid,” his affidavit read with respect to his allopathy qualifications.

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With regards to his registrations and practice, he stated ,“I got my name registered as allopathy doctor as well as Siddha and homeopathy (practitioner) with the State Government… I am giving treatment in my hospital in the system of allopathy, Siddha and also homeopathy, and refer serious and complicated cases to famous private hospitals and the government hospital.” The petitioner further added that he had been providing his services to the patients of Tiruchi area for the 35 years.

The petitioner clearly stated that with the backing of his qualifications, he cannot be termed as a quack, further alleging the authorities of harassing him unnecessarily.

“It is pertinent to mention that I cannot be termed a quack since I am not claiming as a doctor who has completed MBBS course or Master’s course without any valid degree… The term quack is applicable only to those who falsely claim to be a doctor without possessing qualifications… Yet, the respondents, in the guise of enquiry, as if I am conducting my profession in an illegal manner, are harassing by calling me to the police station now and then,” he said.

Expressing surprise over the qualifications, the court is reported to have passed an interim order in the matter, asking the Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine to a file a detailed counter affidavit with respect to genuineness of the institutes from which he claimed to have obtained those qualifications as well as his current status. The affidavit has to be filed by November 23.


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  1. Too many laws. Too many complications. Too many regulatory authorities.
    The result – a total systems failure.
    I have filed a complaint with the MMC, Mumbai against one Dr. Sitesh Roy, who is claiming to be a super specialist.
    But there is such a long waiting list for hearing that nothing will happen for several years.
    And the Dr. will keep on deceiving his patients..

  2. Angry and disappointed with the sloppiness of ALL the regulatory, monitoring, and disciplinary authorities at the village, panchayat, district, state and central governments for allowing these things to happen and put the lives of people at enormous risk.
    This kind of situation is prevalent throughout the country. Many practicing allopathic doctors and even marketing personnel of small and big hospitals and nursing-homes have indirectly encouraged this dangerous behaviour in the guise of spreading awareness and collecting patients.
    Ultimately, it is the complete failure of the systems and the administrative agencies at ALL LEVELS in the States and the Centre and they should be made accountable top-down.
    Hope the High Court pursues the matter to its logical end, including perhaps a reference to the Supreme Court. One must remember that this particular case is NOT an isolated instance.

  3. user
    Subhasish Mukherjee November 20, 2016, 11:48 am

    Such multi pathies are the pathetic lot of the society responsible for the chaos and apathy in medicine practice. All the medical regulatory authorities should cancel his registration if he has any and ask this joker to clear the basic qualifying exam in any one of the subjects. If he does so restore his concerned degree with a warning not be jack of all trades and master of none.