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MBBS doctors to prove their skills-yet-with an exit exam

MBBS doctors to prove their skills-yet-with an exit exam

MCI takes the big leap to heighten new PG exam standards

In what can be underlined as a calculated step forward to standardize Indian medical education practices, the healthcare ministry, has now introduced a stringent system; to be able to grade the quality of homegrown doctors brewing in numbers, from both government and private institutes in India. The MBBS doctors will face an exit exam format, and follow protocol set initially for medical students holding degrees from abroad- who wish to practice medicine in India. In a high probable decision, the homegrown MBBS doctor, will be required to face the same format of Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) to obtain a certification of All India practice from the respected Medical Council of India. The same system will be fine-tuned to qualify for the PG entrance examination post completion of the MBBS degree. This initiative can be seen in the context of evolving healthcare practice in India, with the requirement for standard global services on a rise, in tune, with demand of dependable doctors to attend to the spurt in Indian healthcare ecosystem.

Initially, the government intends to open the big window of opportunity for the qualifying doctors-who pass the exit exam, to practice anywhere in the country. A separate ‘All India Chapter’ will be created for the doctors who qualify this exam; these doctors are currently registered with the MCI, and have to obtain a registration for a transfer of practice. However, the MBBS doctors if not qualified, will be held back to appear for a Post-Graduate entrance exam.

The deficiency in the quality of medical education in India has been a major concern for the government. A recent measure to create a Board of Governors (consisting of education members, and the government representatives), to work in close tandem with the Medical Council of India, was taken to improve the churn out of MBBS doctors. Along with the infrastructure in rural areas, the next major concern is the presence of resources spread across India. With the ease of transfer, the resources will be mobilized in a more relevant context, as proposed by the Health Care Ministry.

The exit exam patterns will also ensure uniformity in medical education curriculum. The system is currently indicative of huge disparity in number of doctors qualifying in the Post Graduate examination from each state, and government vs. private institutes. Andhra Pradesh, has a passing percentage of 84.92% while Assam, J&K, are the lowest in the rank. A uniform system will help in bringing transparency to the ranking system of medical institutes of India. Indian student fairing well in the PG examination is also indicative of the quality of doctors being produced from India.

The government has also stated that while there is a huge requirement to buffer up the ratio of Indian doctors to the patients; however, there is an urgent need to ensure a quality outpour of services in India. Data shows that out of 100,000 students appearing for the Post Graduate examination, only 25,000 are able to qualify.

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