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MCI Issues More Clarification on Teachers Eligibility Rules; Check out the details

MCI Issues More Clarification on Teachers Eligibility Rules; Check out the details

New Delhi: Since the Medical Council Of India through a gazette notification amended the Teachers Eligibility Qualification (TEQ) regulation in the month of June last year, aspirants looking at Medical Academia as a career have been wondering whether they fulfil the requirement of the new clauses or not.

MCI, in an effort to answer the rising queries of medical practitioners had in July 2017 had issued some clarifications in the form of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the teacher’s eligibility qualification regulation post the amendment of June 5th, 2017

To Read the Clarifications earlier issued, click on the following link

MCI Clarification on Teachers Eligibility Rules- JULY 2018

With more questions coming from the medical fraternity regarding the applicability of the TEQ regulations to them, particularly for DNB and Diploma Candidates, the council has further updated these clarifications by adding further FAQs. Read Below

Q. A candidate who is having MBBS and DLO (ENT) qualification and has also worked as JR for a period of 1 year in ENT after post graduation, whether such person can be eligible to work in a private medical college as a Sr. Resident?

MCI: No, MD degree is required in the subject concerned. Thereafter, one-year senior residency is mandatory for the post of Asstt. Professor in the subject concerned.

Q. A candidate did a Diploma in Anaesthesia (DA) from 2008- 2010 by MCI recognised institute then did 2 years and four month senior residency from 2010-2012 from MCI recognised college (Guru Teg Bahadur and Hindu Rao Hospital, Delhi) after post graduation and after that did DNB from MCI recognized college 2014-16 (IGIMS, Patna) which also has MD (Anaesthesia), since the said candidate has done Sr. Residency before notification dated 05.07.2017 whether Sr. residency of that candidate from MCI recognized college should be counted for the post of Asstt. Professor as per new notification?

MCI: No. Post DNB/MD/MS degree course in the subject concerned, one year SR ship is mandatory for the post of Assistant Professor in the subject concerned.

Q. The candidate was appointed as Assistant Professor after MD in a private medical college (Heritage Institute of Medical Sciences, Varanasi) in August 2013 and he resigned in August 2014. The letter of permission (LOP) of the said college was given in June 2015. Then he didn’t joined anywhere and now working as SR in Medicine, IMS, BHU since May 2017 (2 months), please clarify:

(a) whether he requires 1 year senior residency now as he has applied for Assistant Professor in Medicine, IMS, BHU for fresh recruitment?

(b) Will he be eligible as he is SR now for only 2 months?

(c) Will experience from Heritage Institute of Medical Sciences, Varanasi where he worked from August 2013 and resigned in August 2014 be counted as LOP of college was given in 2015?

(d) 1-year senior residency/teaching experience is required or not for a candidate who has worked as Assistant Professor worked for less than 1 year.

(e)If someone has directly joined as Assistant Professor after MD will he require total experience of 1 year to be eligible to apply elsewhere?

MCI: (a) Yes. One year Senior Residency in the subject is required for appointment to the post of Assistant Professor in the subject concerned.

(b) No. One year SR ship is required for appointment to the post of Assistant Professor in the subject concerned.

(c) No, Teaching experience is counted from date of LOP only.

(d) One year Senior Residency is required only for new appointments of Assistant Professor in the subject concerned.

(e) No

Q. Are the regulations for qualifications and experience of Senior Residents retrospectively applicable for appointments prior to the notification date of Ref.1?

MCI: No. Notification dated 05.06.2017 is applicable only from the date of publication in the Gazette of India i.e. 08.06.2017.

Q. Can Senior Residents who appeared and were accepted continue to be shown in the same post regardless of requirements of age and qualifications, until retirement?

MCI: Yes.

Q. Can the Senior Residents listed in the faculty table of recognition assessments conducted prior to Ref 1, continue to be shown in the same posts for the compliance verification assessment of those initial assessments, since the then existing regulations (not the current ones) were applicable for the initial assessments.

MCI: Yes.

Q. Will teachers, for recognition as PG teachers, need to comply to different experience clause at entry, i.e. Assistant Professor, level or is the anomaly a typographical error in “Minimum Qualifications for Teachers in Medical Institutions Regulations, 1998” amended up to 8th June 2017, which the MCI needs to address?


Will others teachers and teachers to be recognized as PG teachers and have separate criteria regarding Research Publications?

MCI: The criteria of two Research Publications in Indexed Journal as first and corresponding author is applicable for promotion from the post of Assistant Professor to Associate Professor in the subject as well as for recognition as a Post Graduate Teacher.

Q. Whether 1 years Senior Residency as per notification dated 8.6.2017 is also applicable for appointment to the post of Asstt. Prof. in Pre-clinical and para-clinical subjects?

MCI:  The requirement of 1-year Senior Residency for the post of Assistant Professor is applicable only to those disciplines where the posts of Senior Residents is prescribed as per Minimum Standard Requirement of MCI.

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  1. The term senior resident is applicable to pre and para clinical subjects?
    This question remains unanswered.
    (Question no 31)

  2. This faq needs further clarification whether tutorship or 1 year experience as demonstrator required in pre para clinical subjects for eligibility of Assistant Professor

  3. Read more at Medical Dialogues: MCI Issues More Clarification on Teachers Eligibility Rules; Check out the details

    What is the real meaning of answer of Q31.??
    Please make it clear.

  4. Have you received any clarification from MCI?

  5. Still many questions are unanswered.
    Still MCI needs reconsideration regarding age bar for senior resident.
    This rule should have been imposed on those who are going to take admission in MD/MS courses after the new ammendments of MCI.
    Because they will take decision keeping the new ammendments in mind.
    But those who took admission before this new rule were not aware of this rule.
    So they had no idea what to do what not to do.
    So MCI should think again and exempt those who were doing MD /MS before before this ammendments .By the same time one more fact is there that age bar for senior residency in medical colleges is impractical and illogical decision when there is so much paucity of teaching faculties in the country.
    Plese MCI think again.
    Specially for pre clinical subjects MD/MS who are left with no option except teaching.
    They have given 3 years of their lives for this degree .
    Government has also paid a lot in the form of stipend to the PGs and salary to the professors for each n every candidate.
    So think again, decide again!!!!.

  6. I would like to know what is the difference between PG Diploma in ENT and MD in ENT? What type of knowledge is gained and is it sufficient for treating the patient? If sufficient knowledge is gained for treating the patients then why not those who do PG Diploma cannot teach others and have promotions? Why there is same entrance examination for admission to both PG Diploma and PG Degree? Are they both (diploma and degree people) doing the exact same job in their respective departments? Now, if PG degree is mandatory for professor job, then what about those who do diploma and then do MD? All the knowledge, experience and skills they gained is lost if they get another specialization in MD. I see no point in a diploma doctor again writing the same entrance exam he wrote for entering into pg diploma and wasting another three years in studies. Again, the purpose of becoming a doctor is to treat the patient and not to study forever and gain more degrees. They lose income and promotion because of more years of study, government loses money by losing a trained doctor to another speciality and finally it is a loss to the people of the country as the knowledge and skills of the doctors gained in their diploma will never be used again for the people of the country. Those who make decisions in this regard should take all these facts into consideration without any prejudice in the interest of the country, government and the pg diploma doctors.

  7. user
    Dr. Dharmendra kumar March 18, 2018, 10:01 am

    More clarification is required regarding post MD/MS senior residency. For teaching post senior residency from a teaching hospital is required [ senior residency from non teaching hospital is null and void for a teaching post] bcz it will be counted as teaching experience. In olden days there were only govt Medical colleges and hospitals now private hospitals are existing and offering posts for senior residents wheather Senior residents of private hospitals can show experience of that hospitals for specialist posts in Govt. cadre.