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MCI Reaches SC to oppose order constituting Lodha Panel

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New Delhi: Dissatisfied with the recent order of Supreme Court of constituting a three member panel headed by Chief Justice of India, the Medical Council of India has now approached the Supreme Court asking for a modification to the order. While the order was based on the court perception of rampant corruption at MCI, the regulator has challenged it on the grounds by implying that this is a well designed propaganda put forward by certain private medical colleges, to render the MCI weak and toothless.

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Earlier, The Supreme Court has constituted a three member oversight committee with Justice RM Lodha (Former Chief Justice of India), Shri Vinod Rai ( Former CAG of India ) as well as  Prof Dr S.K Sareen ( Director, ILBS) to oversee all the activities of MCI for the next year. This came in the light of the court finding gross inefficiencies as well as corruption in the workings of the MCI, a fact which was also blatantly highlighted by the 92nd report of the Parliamentary Committee on health.

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In its application, MCI highlighted that the SC order was based on the perception that MCI is corrupt, adding that vested interests have orchestrated a well-designed propaganda against the council to render it weak and toothless.

As per MCI,  the vested interests are none other than private colleges who fail to secure recognition in view of gross deficiencies in faculty, clinical material and other physical facilities. It contested the court’s opinion that the apex regulator in healthcare being corrupt and as a result appointing a 3 member panel to oversee its actions.

“Lobbies with ulterior motives and interest have done everything possible in their attempts to malign the name of the MCI and are further attempting to ensure that instead of getting appreciated for humongous tasks being performed by the MCI year after year – with complete sincerity, transparency and objectivity, the MCI has been finding itself at the receiving end on account of malicious propaganda against it,” the application stated.

With inputs from HT

Source: with inputs from HT
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  1. mci it self acts on presumption that all private medical colleges are guilty and corrupt and come with a prefixed idea that all private medical college have ghost faculty, no patients, no equipment or infrastructure and try to confirm it in inspection instead of proper assessment. The assessors have their own opinion and refuse to correct even when they are wrong.

  2. user
    dr. bhim singh June 9, 2016, 9:35 am

    I agree with MCI, that there is no corruption in MCI.

  3. I think the MCI should have a committee to which one can complain of corrupt practices which are indulged in by a few inspectors.These inspectors should be promptly investigated and blacklisted if found guilty. With the new rules regarding publication of original articles, we have had instances of MCI inspectors telling faculty to submit to predatory journals of which they are editors and which happen to be indexed in an index recommended by MCI. Acceptance is within a week on payment of the publishing fees and there is obviously no peer review.

  4. user
    Prof. Siddharth Das June 7, 2016, 11:03 pm

    No body wishes to be labelled as Corrupt. I would also not want the Council that regulates my Profession is called Corrupt. Approaching the Court to modify it’s order. However at the same time the Medical Council should also take steps to dispel the notion that it is a corrupt body. The process of Inspection of a College and subsequent decisions are the one that gives the Council a bad name. Making the process more transparent will go a long way in improving the image. I suggest that the Panel of Experts e created for becoming Inspectors and the Inspectors should be picked up at random by a Computer Program. This would change the mage of MCI to a large extent.

  5. user
    Dr Bala Shetty, Vice Chancellor June 7, 2016, 12:18 pm

    As I observe the formation of committees and committees and committees one over the other, I feel one day this country, especially the Medical and Education system will have only overseeing committees rather than functioning units. MCI itself is a committee to oversee the functioning of Medical Colleges of this country. I feel ” The Students and Faculty” of the institute are the best overseeing committees for this country. They can give a comprehensive report card on the functioning of the Educational and Health care organizations. Instead of going to court again and wasting their Time, Energy and Money in the courts, I feel MCI should suggest this and get rid of this useless exercise of overseeing medical institutions..

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