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MD-DNB Equivalence: NBE, ANBAI officials meet PMO

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MD-DNB Equivalence: NBE, ANBAI officials meet PMO

New Delhi: Fighting for the cause of MD-DNB equivalence, officials from the National Board of Examinations (NBE) as well as Association of National Board Accredited Institutions (ANBAI), the umbrella association of all the hospitals that provide DNB courses, recently had a meeting at the Prime Minister’s office (PMO) to inform about the growing issues plaguing DNB candidates in the country

“A meeting was held at the PMO between Dr Abhijat Sheth, President, NBE; Dr Devi Shetty; Dr Alexander Thomas, President, ANBAI; Dr Girdhar Gyani, Director General, AHPI  and officials of the PMO with regard to the equivalence of DNB degrees with MCI degrees,” the ANBAI release stated.

Representatives including eminent Cardiac Surgeon, Dr Devi Shetty raised the key issues of the drawback that DNB passouts are currently facing in the light of the recent recommendations of the Rajya Sabha Committee on National Medical Commission Bill, 2017. Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that while the original National Medical commission Bill called for complete MD-DNB equivalence, in the changes proposed in the proposed National Medical Commission Bill, the Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare put forward the recommendation that with the coming of National Medical Commission,  DNB qualification which is awarded by NBE shall be equal in all respects to the post-graduate qualification and the super-specialty qualification, respectively, as granted under this Act with the exception in teaching in medical colleges as they do not take DNB education in a medical college.

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ANBAI also raised the issue of equivalence of MD-DNB degrees in case of government jobs, as in many states for government jobs, DNB degree holders were facing a disadvantage. Speaking to Medical Dialogues team, Dr Alexander Thomas, President ANBAI said,” We were getting a lot of complaints from DNB passouts that many state government and related departments were not considering the degree at par with MD/MS qualifications. We raised this issue with the PMO and have been given assurance of equivalence.”

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As per ANBAI release, following assurance has been given:-

  1. The interest of the DNB degree holders will be protected.
  2. For government jobs, DNB degree holders will be considered on par with MCI degree holders


DNB Alumni Association Formed

To provide a unified voice to DNB passouts across the country, ANBAI, the umbrella body of  National Board Accredited Institutions has announced the formation of the DNB Alumni Association. This comes after the ANBAI Governing Council approved the formation of a DNB Alumni And Teachers Committee, which will represent the NBE qualified specialists from all over
India. In the past, ANBAI has been instrumental in getting major policy changes for the benefit of DNB candidates, including the equivalence of DNB with MD/MS/DM/Mch degrees with certain criteria in 2012.

TO JOIN DNB Alumni Association, click on the following link

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  1. user
    RESPECT FOR ALL June 25, 2018, 12:09 pm

    If MD/MS final exam be as tough and stringent as DNB, 90% of MD/MS would fail…so learn to respect your peers…Basic qualification is similar for both..what matters for a specialization is what type of training you have underwent…Some government medical colleges do not have a very good facility to offer that kind of experience, while some academic hospitals have a very good infrastructure to offer a good experience…so no way you could compare and say MD/MS superior to DNB…

  2. DNB qualified definitely be equated withMD/Ms like Amie In B Tech or English. Why discriminate? Nanigopal

  3. @nanigopal..thats becoz they have not competed as hard as MD n hv less exposure, they just worked under some private doctor that even moron can do.. They failed the frst qualification step???

  4. AMIE is definitely not equal to B.Tech. as it was earlier. It was equal to 2nd class BE. Purely theoretical ,without any practical work.It is not a qualification for teaching now a days. Most of the deptts. do not recruit amie candidates.

  5. What about DNB and FCPS. Are they equal? or which one is better?

  6. user
    dr suraj mdrd frcr April 17, 2018, 1:10 am

    things which matter are ur place of training ur dedication and above all ur own efforts more than anything..hv worked fr many years with mdrd from kem mumbai,pgi chandigarh,aiims..some were good some were really average coz they knew once they were into mdrd they will definitely pass and there was no need to study like crazy..had couple of consultants dnb from guwahati and such places who were there is no rule as to who is superior but yes on avg a dnb pass candidate is generally superior to md pass

  7. There are countless dnb quacks who failed in dnb exams and working as doctors without clearing the final exam theory or practical..
    There are multiple private hospital who take these faggots at slightly less pay.. Such nonsense are not allowed in MD/MS.
    Only possible in dnb????

  8. those same faggots can clear ur md/ms any day like a walk in the park..hv seen my friends write md exam from whatsapp..why even write hell why even train better do a correspondence course lol

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