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MD Gynaecology Suicide at Nair Hospital: HoD Gynaecology, Professor issued Show cause Notices

MD Gynaecology Suicide at Nair Hospital: HoD Gynaecology, Professor issued Show cause Notices

Mumbai: Two days after the doctor pursuing MD Gynecology committed suicide, the Head of Department, Gynaecology (HoD) and the unit head professor have been issued show cause notices by the hospital authorities.

According to a recent report by TOI, via the notices the concerned authorities have been asked as to why they didn’t take any action on the complaints submitted by the doctor alleging harassment by the three accused doctors in the case who allegedly used to trouble her during working hours, besides, commenting casteist slurs at her.

Medical Dialogues recently reported about the unfortunate incident where the doctor has been identified as a 26-year-old PG medico pursuing MD Gynecology from a well known BYL Nair Hospital in Mumbai allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself in her hostel room.

The doctor was allegedly under depression as three of her senior colleagues allegedly used to harass her with castiest remarks.

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“She alleged that the doctors would not allow her to meet her husband or have food during working hours as she belonged to a lower caste. They also threatened her that she would not be able to complete her MD,” the medico’s brother had informed.

Following the complaint registered by the mother of the medico, the three accused doctors had been booked for abetment to suicide under relevant sections of IPC. No arrests have been made so far.

Subsequent to the incident, an anti-ragging committee, comprising doctors, police officials and NGO members, has started a parallel investigation into the case.

With the investigation going on, the hospital authorities have issued show cause notices to HoD Gynaecology and the deceased Medico’s unit head for allegedly not acting on the complaints submitted by her alleging harassment.

“Prima facie, it seems that the deceased doctor’s unit head and department head, were aware of her issues as she had lodged verbal complaints. However, it is best known to these professors why such a serious complaint was not escalated to my level,” Dean Dr Bharmal informed TOI adding that he was in the dark about the case.

“Whether or not the professors had resolved the matter, they should have brought it to my notice. If we find that her complaint was not appropriately handled, we will not hesitate to initiate action against the professors too,” he added.

Dr Bharmal informed TOI that the report by the committee is expected by Tuesday, following which a decision on the suspension of the three accused doctors would be taken.

Moreover, it has also come to light that the deceased PG medico’s father had on May 10, written to Health Minister Girish Mahajan and the Agripada police asking for his daughter’s unit to be changed. In his letter, he wrote that his daughter was always “reminded of her background”. He also alleged that she was not allowed to meet her mother, a cancer patient, when she came to the hospital for treatment.


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  1. user
    DR.DARSHNA DESHMUKH May 27, 2019, 12:49 pm

    its very shamefull in our society.
    but in our country castism is a neusence in our society . first we have to change our thinking about ST, Sc communities..BECAUSE WE R SUFFERING A LOT IN STUDY, JOB AND PROMOTIONS.

  2. user
    DrVithalraoDandge May 26, 2019, 10:45 pm

    It is shameful that even in 2019, the caste factor is used by vested interest like those three accused 3 residents of OB& Gyn Dept, they should be arrested and punished severely to stop such incidents in future and even the HOD & Unit Head should be investigated for their lax attitude & negligence in controlling the indiscipline in their department/Unit. Dean should recommend strict actions against all guilty.

  3. user
    Anisur Biswas May 26, 2019, 5:45 pm

    shameful. the culprit must be punished properly. India lose a A young promising lady doctor.

  4. user
    Dr D C. Gupta May 26, 2019, 9:06 am

    It’s common practice to blame some one and not giving full concentration in learning during PG training as well in study person who any how get admissions do blame for their failure on to other comments or advice from senior should be taken sportingly after getting the degree they kill the patients as butchere

  5. Sir,
    That speaks for your views and thinking well deciphered on this platform.

  6. It seems like you endorse ragging and casteism.

  7. How casteist remarks should be taken sportingly? Harassing to such an extent so much so that one needs to end life is not something to be defended. She was a human being more than a reserved candidate.

  8. Sir, let us not opine without knowing the actual facts. I must admit that it is the unreserved who are always under pressure. On any pretext real or imagined, the act is employed. Over the years everyone has become very careful. This incident is very sad and troublesome. We must break this caste conundrum and see to it that students learn to cope up with all kinds of pressure instead of succumbing to the same with life. Another sad thing is that after any such incident the vested police and media take the issue to hands and do not let the truth to come out. There are still unresolved cases in the courts despite Supreme Court rulings to the contrary. Let truth prevail. If someone is guilty let it come out correctly and the same be punished.

  9. Dear friend no question to give cast remarks but under cover of reservation so many upper level have been blamed for failure and unable to full fill standard of profession merely blame others P G training is a Himalayan task even I A S accepted that its toughest training, so many upper class have committed suicide under pressure of work and study all we’re human do only reserve are human sorry to say no reserve cast leader gets treatment from reserve cast medico .Leaders from reserve cast should have panel of reserve cast doctors to show faith in them.