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Medical College Dean Suspended on grounds of Misleading Govt

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Medical College Dean Suspended on grounds of Misleading Govt

Mumbai: Authorities at the Medical Education Department recently suspended the acting dean of the government-run Kolhapur Medical College on grounds of providing misleading information to the government. This comes in follow-up to the case where certain medical teachers of the college were found rampantly engaging in private practice


Medical Dialogues team earlier reported that the Medical Education Department, Maharashtra on a tip-off visited various private hospitals in the area using fake names and found 6 medical teachers attached to Kolhapur Medical College practising in private hospitals during their duty hours. Taking action on the matter, the department has issued a show-cause notice to the dean and was considering the deregistration of the teachers.

“Our contention is that while more than half a dozen doctors were not available in the college and were involved in private practice, the dean was in the dark. Further, the dean submitted that no teacher is involved in private practice. We have submitted all relevant documents to him,” a senior official at Medical Education Department had stated

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However, despite the notice being sent weeks ago, since the acting dean didn’t reply to the notice, he was relieved of his duties, a senior bureaucrat informed TOI.

“Despite the fact many medical teachers were involved in private practice, the dean said no teacher was indulging in it. Prima facie, it appears that the dean has given misleading information,’’ a bureaucrat confirmed while talking to TOI.

When asked if any action would be taken against the teachers who were found indulging in private practice, the bureaucrat informed the daily that the director of medical education has been asked to complete the procedure for cancellation of registration of the six teachers.

It has been proposed to launch a drive against erring medical teachers, the official further added.

As per the information, the senior-most Professor Raghu Thorat has been given the additional charge.


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  1. Indian lawmakers must understand that political interference with technical education and not developing postgraduate education, research, library and literature search facilities for advanced publication and producing indigenous books, creating a national grid of public health management and delivery, is not going to help by imposing mere regulatory laws. It will promote more anarchy and deficiency of experts. Such situation leads to further crisis, seen in past when the concerned lawmakers had to bite their fingers and reverse the orders. Government needs to sit with expert doctor committee and find out ways and means to overcome this kind of situation.

  2. May Dean also doing his private practice…!!
    Nothing new I\’m also a student from government dental college and I faced all that stuff even facing..
    Actually after 2015-16 admission this collage was nomore gov. College it\’s been my Dean own college actually *co. Dean\” yes, the Dean of my college didn\’t comes to college for months and the co.dean done whatever she wants…!!! Government should have to take an action specially in saurashtra university

  3. This is highly unfair as in almost all medical colleges including Governments, such fraud fake false and forged in sufficient numbers exist. Government must do justice otherwise revolts, frustrations and open challenges will set in,
    Government must ask though Local Intelligence units and best is NARCOCOFESSION or brain mapping and lie detection test.

  4. The incidence means that, Dean has to personally verify whether the faculty is doing private practice or not. How? kindly guide the Dean. Prepare some guidelines / SOP so that he can do this job also apart from so many ……… works in the institute.

  5. Make treatment of all patients – Online and money received. Ask LIU to check as they are spread over whole area and know all. Ask them and make them accountable.
    Best is PERIODIC NARCOCONFESSION AND CHECK SOURCES OF INCOME as many take money in some other names – they know nothing will happen so ITR must e verified by Finance ministry for all citizens if probilty and honesty is required at all, otherwise drama/nautanki will continue as eyewash to foll the idiots of India – Plenty available

  6. user
    Sanjeev Suchdeva April 27, 2018, 9:38 am

    Govt can terminate the appointment of the erring teachers, but I see no reason for them to interfere in their registrations. Also, I doubt that policing is part of the charter of duties of a Dean of a medical college
    and therefore if the teacher(s) make a declaration that they are not carrying out private practice, the Dean can hardly be responsible for submitting information that is inaccurate.

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