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Mid Level Medical practitioner: New Proposed Clause in National Medical Commission Bill

Mid Level Medical practitioner: New Proposed Clause in National Medical Commission Bill

Mid-level medical practitioners would include nurses with specific training, pharmacists, physician assistants, optometrists, among others

New Delhi: After drawing the ire of allopathic medical practitioners over the clause of bridge course from AYUSH to MBBS, the proposed National Medical Commission Bill is preparing to be yet again in the line of fire with its latest proposal of creating a new cadre of non-MBBS medical professionals by aiming to give them rights to practise and prescribe medicine in specified areas and under specified conditions.

Tribune reports that there is now a fresh amendment to the National Medical Commission Bill, that calls for the creation of new Cadre called the  “mid-level medical practitioners”. The daily quotes the new section as stating

Mid-level medical practitioners will get limited licence to practise specified medicines in primary and preventive healthcare settings and in other settings under the supervision of a medical doctor.

The Bill further adds that a Separate Register shall be maintained by the proposed Board of Ethics of the National Medical Commission similar to that of the allopathic practitioners. Those included in the register will have limited drug prescription rights in settings specified by the NMC as well as in hospital settings such as ICUs under medical doctors’ supervision.

It is reported that those who qualify as mid-level medical practitioners include non-MBBS medical professionals such as a nursing practitioner who has done a specific nursing course like tertiary nursing care; pharmacists, physician assistants, optometrists, among others, ministry sources said. These practitioners will be specifically listed by the NMC.

Tribune adds that the proposed amendment has already been passed by the Cabinet and will be the part of the official amendments that would be introduced in the parliament. Ironically, a recent amendment to the Bill called for removal of AYUSH- MBBS bridge course clause that implied giving prescription power of modern medicines to AYUSH practitioners. The removal came after the proposal had met with staunch opposition form the allopathic medical fraternity.

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Source: with inputs from Tribune
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  1. Read it first. Its only for primery medicine and under the supervision of medical doctor. which is a right move. Many countries do so. India is over populated country. If you want to remove jhola chaap (without course) completly. You must support it. It is only few basic drugs use as first aid.

  2. MCI & NYC bill is becoming a big joke, as its drafted by jokers..

  3. user
    Dr. Dharmendra Kumar May 17, 2018, 10:05 am

    Mid level Medical practitioner can produce more output in health sector with WHO designed EDL for secondary care [stage 2]. It will become revolutionary health care delivery for developing countries like India to lessen burden over tertiary care.

  4. user
    Dr Rajinder Kaul May 16, 2018, 8:55 am

    let all write the prescription but cover them all under consumer protection act . CPA should be applicable to all of them .

  5. user
    Dr sarika jain May 16, 2018, 6:40 am

    The govt has already rotten the health care system nd by making such idiosyncratic law it is further going to degrade the level of medical practice nd above all later on it will only accuse d doctors for this rotten state of affairs because they re the soft far as healthcare policy is concerned the govt seems to have no vision and understanding .these frantic efforts re only going to worsen healthcare in our country.WHO has already said that 80 percent of the people who re writing prescription re ones who re nit authorized to do so . that means they re quacks.govt is doing nothing to prevent this quackery instead it\’s coming up with new ideas to register quackery as a new system of medicine if NEW INDIA of modi govt.