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Minimum wage of doctors set at Rs 40,000 in Karnataka; nurses at Rs 10,140

Minimum wage of doctors set at Rs 40,000 in Karnataka; nurses at Rs 10,140

All healthcare facilities including private nursing homes, hospitals have to follow the rules

BENGALURU: The labour department is reported to have issued a notification putting forward new modifications under the Karnataka Minimum Wages Act, 2016. The revised minimum salaries are supposed will be applicable to every healthcare facility including nursing homes, hospitals and large chains.

For the purposes of healthcare delivery, a recent report in TOI notes that the following minimum wages have been proposed

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  • Junior Doctor (allopathy, homoeopathy and ayurveda) with a degree should get Rs 40,000 and a diploma holder Rs 10,000
  • Nurses- Minimum wage for nurses is Rs 10,140-11,180
  • Minimum wage for matrons and clinical supervisors is Rs 9,802-Rs 10,790
  • For laboratory technicians, X-ray operators, radiographers, pharmacists and others, the figure is between Rs 9,100 and Rs 10,010 per month.
  • In the administration department, the minimum wage of a manager has been set at Rs 10,000. Scavengers, dhobis, attendants, ward boys and some others also fall under this category

The move comes after recommendations were given by a government appointed committee on the orders of supreme court ,to look into the matter of better working conditions for nurses in private hospitals. Post the committee recommendations, the health ministry had directed the state governments to form a legislation to fix the minimum wages for healthcare workers by April, this year.

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Responding to the notification a member of state nurses’ association told TOI, “Many in the private sector take home Rs 3,000-7,000 a month. Even domestic helps get paid more. Though we are happy that the government has decided to fix the minimum wage for nurses, the amount (Rs 10,000) is not impressive. In neighbouring Kerala, the figure is Rs 20,000.” The rates are indeed in stark contrast with what the central government appointed committee had suggested, that is, a minimum wage of Rs 20,000 for nurses

Read more at Medical Dialogues: Private Hospitals to pay Rs 20,000 minimum wage to nurses: Govt Committee 

It is reported that the labour department has issued a notification seeking suggestions and objections to the proposed modification under the Karnataka Minimum Wages Act, 2016

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  1. What a funny Joke..Doctors Nurses and other health care staff possess high risk to own health and offering less salary…Who had prepared this recommendations? who can live with 9000 rs pm after B.Sc nursing graduation (its a four year professional course). Central govt paying 50000 plus for an entry cadre nurse and around 60000 for a doctor,( Not exaggerating ,I can show my payslip if you dare to argue) next why 4 times difference between doctor and nurses salary?, did hospital attender is performing better than a physiotherapist and a Graduate lab technician?…Its document of imagination..

  2. user
    Dr Sumanta Kumar Naik February 23, 2017, 2:33 pm

    The minimum wages of doctors should be Rs.140,000/only and that of nurses should be Rs.40,000/only.It is also less in comparison to risky life they lead.

  3. Doctors and nurses deserve much more.A nurse who takes risk to their life by remaining in contact with the high risk and infected pts. providing them medical aid.

  4. I agrre with Anil C P. Now government should increase the charges of CGHS, ESIC and RGJAY so that pvt hospital can p[ay minimal wges to the staff.

  5. Yes I do agree that all the staffs working in Private Hospitals should draw the salary equivalent to Government Employees, provided the state government should Increase the Tariff of Govt. Helath Schemes run by Private Hospitals to almost 100 % from the present Tariff. So that private Hospitals can give keep there staff More happy by giving them Hand some Salary. Other wise it is not possible to pay this salary to the staff, and many of Private Hospitals has to close down because of this General public will face lot of Problem as 70% of the tertiary care and superspeciality care is provided by Private Sector in Karnataka.

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