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GOI releases broad guidelines for Setting up Hospitals with private participation under Ayushman Bharat

GOI releases broad guidelines for Setting up Hospitals with private participation under Ayushman Bharat

New Delhi: To improve healthcare services under Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY), the Government of India has come out with broad guidelines to involve private sector for making an investment in setting up of hospitals in tier 2 and tier 3 cities in the country.

PMJAY or Ayushman Bharat, which is popularly known as Modicare is the largest healthcare scheme launched by the Modi Government. The scheme is being sponsored by the centre to provide medical facilities to over 10 crore underprivileged families which is estimated to cover around 50 crore people in the empanelled hospitals.

The objective of the broad guidelines is to improve the supply of healthcare services in the underserved areas to ensure maximum utilisation of the benefits under PMJAY and to improve the demand for quality healthcare services at affordable prices to the general public.

As per a recent government points out to following salient features of the broad guidelines

  • Hospital Models under the guidelines:
      1. The model I: Doctor Owner (30 to 50 beds)
      2. Model II: Doctor Manager Partnership-Multispecialty (100 beds).
      3. Model III: Multispecialty (100beds or more)
  • Interventions to incentivize private sector:
    1. Land allotment
    2. Facilitate various clearances with specific timelines
    3. VGF for improving the financial viability and bankability of the project.
  • Roles and Responsibilities of various stakeholders
    1. Private Sector: Build, design, finance, manage to operate and maintain with quality standards. Take the market risk and provide services at PMJAY rates.
    2. Government: Earmark and provide sufficient unencumbered land on lease or through bidding, facilitate various permissions and clearances through special window with timelines, compulsory empanelment of the hospitals for PMJAY and other Government scheme, ensure timely payments for services, VGF up to 40% of the total cost of the project , provide gap funding up to 50% of tax on Capital cost, restoration of status of hospital as industry for getting benefit of VGF, etc.

Government of India has launched Pradhan Mantri Jan ArogyaYojana (PMJAY) with effect from 23rd September 2018, a Centrally Sponsored Scheme, for providing hospitalisation cover of up to Rs.5 lac per family per year to over 10 crore poor and the deprived families (approx. 50 crore people) in the empanelled hospitals throughout the country. 33 States/UTs have signed MOU for implementing PMJAY out of which 29 have already launched the scheme.

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  1. Even deveoped countriès do not undertake gree health care….you think our country can afford in true sense…!

  2. Not sure of future if scheme if BJP is not back in power

  3. Why not for 7 or 10 bed hospitals ?
    These give standard services at the lowest cost and are the best for poor and lower middle class patients throughout india.

  4. user
    Dr Ramneek Singh bedi January 11, 2019, 9:03 am

    Incentvizing small and medium clinical establishments is the right way forwards. The rates have to be realistic. The states will not participate wholeheartedly, Bengal has already withdrawn. Scheme as such is ok, barring the rates. PPP model should be tried, and can work, but states have to be on board for any scheme to succeed.

  5. user
    DR RAMESHVARDHAN January 10, 2019, 3:13 pm

    This is being a central government inciative the state governments may not support this SCHEME. In India most of the central government schemes are unlikely to give RESULTS in true sense, most of the money sent by centre is siphoned out by the state governments , it is feast for the guys sitting at the position / posts. Next with change of GOVERNMENT , they may even discorde this SCHEME.