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Mumbai: Urologists threaten to stop performing transplants in the state

Mumbai: The recent revelations of kidney transplant rackets has indeed taken the medical profession by the jolt.  With the recent arrest of 5 doctors at the city’s prestigious Hiranandani Hospital including the CEO of the hospital, the police is now refusing to release them off the police custody till Saturday.

This comes after the report of a three-member inquiry committee instituted by the state health department to probe the racket which found doctors of the hospital negligent in terms of scanning patients for transplant .The panel report revealed that Dr Shetty and Dr Shah (surgeons) were allegedly involved in the kidney transplant racket. Their claim of never having met the donor and recipient before the scheduled surgery baffled the committee, with the committee implying that either the concerned doctors being either involved in the racket or being thoroughly negligent in their duties.

Shete refuted the allegations. “Our primary role is to evaluate the patient medically,” he said. “It’s not just the treating doctors, several others are involved in giving the final green signal for the transplant which includes a member from the government.” Shete said that he has been involved with over 300 transplants. The argument indeed points out to the fact that while the transplant surgeons have been found negligent, what about the government members of the panel?

Quick to blame the CEO and medical director of Hiranandani Hospital for allowing the kidney racket to thrive right under their noses, the Directorate of Health Services (DHS) has remained silent on the role of one of its own members who had also signed off on the illegal transplant procedure that eventually blew the lid off the scam.The health official has allegedly gone missing since then, reports Mid-day

Doctors threaten en-masse resignation

While the investigations are still on, with more arrests being in the pipeline, the baffled medical community has indeed shown its concern to the event.

Call it defiance, or just plain fear, it seems like the many a urologist doctors have decided not to perform any more transplants in the future. Pointing out indeed, that it cannot be the doctors job to keep on verifying the documents as well as the relationship between the patients, urologists of the city have informed the DHS that they would halt future transplants, if the government does not provide clarity on the duties of a doctor in transplant cases  as well as the fast release of medical practitioners arrested in connection with the kidney racket.

TOI reports that one of the city’s foremost nephrologists and transplant physicians, Dr Viswanath Billa, resigned from the BMC-run Sion Hospital in the wake of the events since the unearthing of the racket.Dr Billa, who is credited with performing the state’s first cadaver kidney transplantation, has been driving the BMC-run hospital’s kidney transplant programme since 2009.

“Many more doctors will move away from the programme. What choice do we have after all?” said urologist Dr Jackie Lalmalani.

Dr Lalmalani said government and police action forced them to take the decision to stop transplants. “The decision is unanimous. Doctors are humiliated and treated like criminals. Is it fair? What tools do doctors have to check the veracity of documents?”

A senior doctor from KEM Hospital said that over 400 transplants in the city will suffer if nephrologists and urologists decide to stop performing them. “The police should have arrested the doctors only after they had some concrete proof.”


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  1. Whose job is it to verify the authenticity of Ration card, address proof, marriage certificates and other documents?

  2. The administration and politicians have been always keeping attitude against doctors.Under all circus ancestors poor public and patient will suffer.No Govt. Will never make clear guide lines and this is reason most of us are involved in this service.

  3. These cheaters only want to be allowed to loot public and make money without any fear of law. If they are not abide by the oath they must be hanged till death on prominent square like Flora Fountain or Haji Ali. Then only these looters / dacoits with white coat will understand the pain of common men.

  4. user
    Abdul samad burhan August 13, 2016, 7:54 pm

    And you go and get treatment from naturopathy healer and quacks, you don\’t deserve more
    As doctors we are trained to auscultate percuss and palpate and doctors responsibility should end at that, the country has a severe shortage of specialists and non technical work should not be foisted on them,

  5. Shut up moron
    You have no clue what you speak

  6. If your family member receives pathetic treatment from doctor in any hospital than only you will understand the pain of common men. I am in daily touch with doctors and now how they bark for cuts for referral from consultants/hospitals/ nursing homes/pathology/diagnostic centers.

    Lot many investigations are done just for cut.

    I don\’t know how much you are receiving that you are supporting such cheaters.

  7. It is not the fault of the Doctor performing surgery. It is laxity in formulation of the Law.

  8. Fear Mongering will go on due to lack of knowledge. I would challenge the urologists to stop doing transplants.Is this what they want. There are other venues to protest if this what they want to do then gove should not bend over. go on doctors and stop it. DO not do it for anyone rich or relative of a minister or a doctor.

  9. These white collar dragons don\’t have courage to face truth. They by certificates and get loot license. In past when transplants were not there people were more healthy.