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NEET for states postponed for one year, Cabinet passes Ordinance

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After due deliberation with the state governments over the NEET issue, the cabinet has finally decided to bring out an ordinance to defer NEET for the state governments for a year.

It is reported that the Govt has approved the ordinance to defer NEET. With this the order of SC of 9th May, 2016 will be put on hold for one-year. The cabinet decision will now be sent to the President for an executive order.

This comes after many state governments had shown their opposition to the Supreme court’s order that made National Eligibility cum Entrance Test as the sole entry point to the medical education across the country. Throughout the week, there were a series of meetings between the union health minister, Shri JP Nadda and ministers from the state on the NEET route as the sole route. The central government was found stating that the manner of examination was essentially in the executive domain.

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While principally, all parties concerned showed their favor towards the NEET examination, there were oppositions for its last minute implementation from this year as it would lead the students confused and would impact their performance.

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With the ordinance being passed, the government has effectively bypassed the implementation of the exam  as the sole entry point for medical education this year. As a result State governments will now be able to hold their separate exams.

Having said that sources have clarified that private colleges and deemed universities will still stay under the ambit of the NEET examination. The exemption has been given only for the state governments.

Health minister J P Nadda said the government was not against NEET. “NEET has been implemented and it is in existence. First phase is over and the second phase of the exam will be held on July 24. Some states have raised certain issues and we are looking into it. A detailed clarification will be issued on Saturday,” he told TOI.

It is further reported that Sankalp Charitable Trust, that NGO may challenge this ordinance in the Supreme Court.

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  1. The entire argument is misconstrued. The proposed Ordinance does not take out private medical colleges from the purview of NEET. The Ordinance is only to enable State Governments to complete their admission process through the respective State CETs conducted for State government medical colleges in various States. The sudden imposition of NEET on students who had spent two years preparing for their respective CETs was quite unfair. The SC should have allowed the State Governments to continue with their admission process for the current year and directed all private medical colleges to join either State Government CETs or the AIPMT for giving admissions into their medical colleges. NEET could have been implemented from next year. This would have given the students sufficient time to upgrade their syllabus and adapt to the new examination pattern. The Ordinance is a result of adamant posturing by the Supreme Court, which had overruled its own judgment of 2013. Therefore the Ordinance by Central Government is the most pragmatic step for the current year.

  2. Does it apply on pg exams also ?

  3. user
    Dr Pramod patra May 22, 2016, 8:35 am

    NEET is the need of the hour. One single test for all students of the country will give a level playing field. Though states may have their vernacular question papers with same questions. It will also reduce tremendous stress from students who are forced to appear for about 15 ent tests in a season practically affect their health n mind.

  4. “SAD” …The best way to describe the squashing of NEET.

    NEET is not a new thing. It was implemented in the year 2013 for the PG entrance 2013. After that it took 4 years and supreme court judgement to revive it.

    The amount corruption and lobbying (by coaching centers & private medical college) happening in this country is churning out imbeciles and morons every year is mind boggling.

    Last thing to point, which i think most people don’t realize is NEET is common entrance exam equal to all. NO COACHING NO NEED OF PREPARATION, because no one is prepared. IT WILL THE FARE TO ALL !!!!!….Just write the exam with your existing knowledge.

    stop and BAN private entrance coaching. Bring all medical college under one entrance exam. NO IF & BUT’S, AIMS, JIPER, CMC.


  5. user
    DR. PAAPA DASRI May 21, 2016, 10:23 pm

    as long as entrance is there, COACHING CENTRES BLOOM AND MAKE MONEY

  6. user
    Yashpal singh May 21, 2016, 2:22 pm

    NEET is good initiation by government but 1st universalization of syllabus all over India in 12th class after that NEET should be implemented that will be justice to all students because same basic syllabus all over India.

  7. I do agree that neet is the best option but the way it is implemented on this batch just 3days prior to aipmt and made compulsory to the students who have applied for, is disastrous. In Maharashtra and many other states it is a state board pattern & students are prepared for the same & these two months are not enough for preparation.also all the Pvt collages are being attached with neet, leading to losses of the home state students& still the students have to appear for neet 2 for qualifying for pvt collages. As it is the states were getting their quotas in neet. So I think nothing has changed… . If u want to implement such changes it should be from 11std itself. It is easy to comment but difficult to bear the stress our children’s are facing. All the best to all exam going students. God bless you.