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New Delhi: 55 yr old pulmonologist arrested for allegedly raping a patient

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New Delhi:  A 55-year-old pulmonologist has been arrested for allegedly raping a patient at his clinic in southeast Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar area, police said.

Sushil Munjal sexually assaulted the 24-year-old patient on September 2 at his Lajpat Nagar clinic run by him and his wife, who is a gynaecologist, said a senior police officer.

The victim is a resident of Karol Bagh and was reportedly undergoing treatment for chest infection at the clinic.

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She had visited the clinic for regular check-up last week, but was told that the doctor would not be able to attend to her as she was late, said the officer.

As she was about to leave, Munjal asked her to come to his chamber and the victim alleges that the doctor raped her there after his wife had left, he said.

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The doctor had also threatened her to ruin her reputation if she disclosed the incident to anyone, police said.

The medical examination of the victim confirmed rape and the accused was arrested, the officer said.



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Source: PTI

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  1. user
    Capt Vikramaditya Chauhan (IMA) September 14, 2016, 1:47 pm

    A doctor\’s relationship with his patient is as good as a parent to a child. The patient trusts a doctor not only with its ailments but also fears associated with it. Having an affair out of marriage equals to infidelity…. Wonder, what woman that too a leading gyeanacologist would take to her husband having an affair with a woman as old to be his daughter so lightly that the clinic still runs as if nothing happened?
    And if the Dr Foxes analysis is of the view that The Great Dr Sushil Munjal could\’ve wanted to end that affair abs thus the charge? Well a very strange end must say… Before ending the affair; the guy beds his paramour 😀 laughable indeed… Is that how the Americans investigate cases? No wonder then the rate of teen mothers is so high 😀
    I hope you\’re not watching ACP Pradhyuman on CBI Sony TV too often….Mr LL Thakur :p

  2. I well understand the doctor/patient relationship. Obviously you personally are 100% sure it was rape, despite (in my opinion) some rather bizarre circumstances. If it was an affair, that\’s not unbelievable to me since 55 year old men with money and mid life crises often prefer fooling around with younger women. And sometimes younger women set up older men who fit this description. What KIND of tests were done? DNA? Sperm? Maybe he DID have sex with her one last time. Must have been very silent.Maybe she was with someone else earlier. No, this is not how Americans investigate and I am not an investigator. But in America even someone accused of such a horrible crime has a right to a trial and is innocent until proven guilty. I was just trying to understand how Indian law works. Does he get a trial? A lawyer? Is there even a possibility that he did not do this? I don\’t know what you mean by the Dr. Foxes analysis or ACP Pradhyuman on CBI Sony TV, Will you please tell me? Mostly I\’m interested in India\’s legal process. Also I know the kind of doctor his wife is and many of her patients are high risk or struggle with infertility. I give her credit if she did go back to work. She did nothing wrong except perhaps not know her husband as well as she thought-whether he is rapist, adulterer or not, she has patients who depend on her What should she do instead? Stay home? Visit him in jail? Don\’t think so. I am studying at university and even though I am no longer a teenager, I know that the high rate of teenage pregnancy in this country is attributed to poverty, lack of education and level of maturity and that it has been declining every year. The rate is much higher for certain ethnic groups -not being racist but in that respect the United States is composed of people of many cultures, countries and backgrounds. Jai

  3. I live in the United States and would like to know what the laws are like in India. In the U.S. those accused of a crime are innocent until proven guilty. Are those accused of a crime in India guilty until proven innocent? I am not saying I think the doctor is innocent or guilty but I do know that the wife’s office is downstairs and that there were still people working outside his office door which is not soundproof. Was he arrested because they found HIS sperm or DNA from the rape test? Why did this young woman travel so far to his office several times for her “lung infection” when she could have been treated by a specialist closer to where she lives? Rape is a horrible crime and if he did do this he should be punished, hung, tortured, whatever, but what if they were having affair and when he wanted to stop she tried to blackmail him? Ruining his reputation doesn’t seem so far-fetched to me. She’s 24, what could he really do to ruin her reputation? If someone was just raped and screaming very loud why would they stay where the rapist is? Sure there are evil people in this world and some of them are doctors, but there seems to be more to this than is being reported. Did she say he restrained her? I’ve seen pictures of him and he is not a big guy at all. What made her late for her appointment? Where was she before? I would like to know more about this case and I hope someone reports what happens on Monday in India. Yes, my parents were born in India and I have spent much time there but am curious about this case. Why does everyone think he is guilty aready?Thank you. JAI PS He is already in the worst prison possible

  4. arrest implies prima facie evidence of an offence. absence of female attendant may be difficult to explain. rape or consensual act, the doctor is in for a grilling

  5. I think it\’s very difficult to do the act of rape specially alone and if she is really unwilling to let you touch her . I am not defending him but if there is no any sign of injuries bruise over the limbs or face or torn clothes or underneath garments simply a finding of male dropping over her private parts doesn\’t confirm the act of rape. The whole mater is tricky and has lots of twists.
    I am saying before any judgment we should be thorough with all findings and psychological background of both parties.

  6. Patients should take responsibility for their safety themselves. After all age, caste ,religion and nationality of doctor can\’t safeguard you. Always insist on a female attendant during examination.