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New Delhi: Senior Doctors oppose non-administrative jobs after the age of 62

New Delhi: Senior Doctors oppose non-administrative jobs after the age of 62

While the senior doctors have shown acceptance to increasing the retirement age of doctors to 65, strong opposition has been shown to shifting doctors to non-administrative posts after the age of 62.

New Delhi : In the view of shortage of doctors, the Union government, under the leadership of PM Modi announced an increase the age of superannuation of the specialists of non-teaching and public health sub-cadres of Central Health Service and general duty medical officers of CHS to 65 years with effect from 31st May 2016. While the proposal was widely welcomed by senior government doctors throughout the country, seems like the corresponding decision of Ministry of Health of shifting doctors out of administrative posts, has not gone well with the medical practitioners.


Recently, In the wake of the government’s decision to raise the superannuation age of doctors from the present 62 to 65 years, the Health Ministry decided that such professionals under the Central Health Scheme will serve in non-administrative posts between the age of 62 and 65 years. Its notification say

“The undersigned is directed to refer to this Ministrys order dated May 31, 2016 and department of Personnels notification published in the Gazette of India dated May 31, 2016, enhancing the age of superannuation of officers of Non Teaching specialists, public health specialists and General Duty Medical Officer sub cadres of CHS to 65 years.

“The matter has been further examined and following has been decided. CHS officers of non teaching specialists, public health specialists and GDMO sub cadres of CHS will hold the administrative posts till the date of attaining the age of 62 years and thereafter, their services will be placed in non administrative positions”

It said that the officers of teaching specialists sub cadre of CHS will continue to hold administrative positions till they attain the age of 62 years.

The Response

Senior doctors working with the government, have shown strong opposition to the order of the health ministry, ordering the cancellation of the said order. JACDO Joint Action Council of Service Doctor Organization an umbrella organisation of doctors working with 11 organisations including Central Health Services (CHS), Indian Railway Medical Services (IRMS), Indian Ordinance Health Services (IOHS), Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), New Delhi Municpal Council (NDMC) is reported to have reached out to the Minister of Health and Family Welfare J P Nadda demanding cancellation of the decision calling it ‘unconstitutional’.

Pointing out that the move harms the dignity of senior doctors, and disparages the seniority of senior officers, Dr Rajiv Sood, chairman, JACSDO told India Today, “In a single stroke the Government has undone the good work by issuing such administrative order. According to the order, till 62 years of age, all the officers can hold the administrative post but for the next three years she/he would not be considered for this post. This is illogical and derogatory order which harms the senior officers’ dignity and seniority.”

Doctors have alleged that as per the constitutional law this is impermissible. “Rendering the well established provisions of existing Law Nugatory, change in Status or Reduction in Rank, violation of Doctrine of Stare Decises and any attempt for a classification or Sub-classification in the absence of intelligible differentia is impermissible under the constitutional law,” added Dr Sood.

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  1. user
    Dr.G.vijayabhaskar February 19, 2017, 12:39 pm

    Congratulations all officers for getting cat order and upholding seniority, dignity and pride

  2. user
    Dr.Sunil Kumar August 6, 2016, 1:54 pm

    Instead of increasing retirement age to 65; perks and facilities should have been increased to make attractive for younger generation with new vigour and ideas.

  3. let PM decide,he cant go back from 65 to 60 again. multiple vacancies must be there for juniors too.

  4. First thr r so many young qualified doctors, more updated with new knowledge and surgeries r waiting for the vacancies and permanent job in hospitals. Because now atleast in delhi evry resident works on adhoc basis ( badhua). We dont need thm to occupy seats for anothr 5 yrs aftr 60. Other thing is their time they enjoyed and used to get permanent jobs so easily. So now its our time to get chances. We deserve that more thn they need 5 more years aftr age of 60.

  5. Make it optional.few drs are always required for administration.what about retirement age of PSU drs who are still retiring at 60.when 65 retirement age in PSU is going to be implemented,can any body tell.