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NOIDA: Case against 2 Doctor under IPC 304 A after family alleges negligence

NOIDA: Case against 2 Doctor under IPC 304 A after family alleges negligence

Noida: Two doctors of a renowned private hospital in the city have been booked under section 304 A (death by negligence) of IPC after the family of a deceased unborn child filed a complaint with the police alleging medical negligence leading to unborn’s death.

The parents of the infant alleged that delay from the doctors’ side in attending the delivery case was the reason for its death in the uterus.

The case concerns Shweta Kashyap test engineer at Infosys, Pune, who was brought to Cloudnine Hospital in Noida’s Sector 51 on Saturday night after experiencing labour pain on 9th March. After a few hours from the time she was admitted to the hospital, the baby died in the uterus. The family alleged negligence from the doctors’ part.

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The husband told the HT, “My wife Shweta Kashyap had been undergoing treatment there since December. Her due date was March 8 and the ultrasound on that day was fine. My wife started getting pains on March 9 around 8 pm. We called the consulting doctor, Pratibha Singhal, but she told us to wait. As we live far from the hospital, we decided to leave from home.”

Around 9:30, Dr Singhal was called again who directed the expecting mother to reach the emergency room. Around 9:30, nurse monitored the baby and found it normal.

Dr Sharma was contacted via a call that came to attend the patient by 10:10 pm. By then, the lady’s water broke. The doctor said a natural delivery will happen by 4-5am. Around 11.30pm, a nurse found a sudden dip in the baby’s heart rate. Dr Sharma was immediately called, but she came at 12.10am and told that a Caesarean section would be needed.

“Singhal came by 12.45am and within the next 10 minutes, they told me that my baby boy has died in utero. They delivered him at 1.04am. No one seems to know what went wrong in the span of three hours. Had they been more vigilant, he might have lived,” he further added.

After the incident, the family filed a complaint the Noida Sector 49 police station.

Vimal Kumar Singh, circle officer 3 stated to the HT, “We have registered a case under Section 304A (causing death by negligence) of the Indian Penal Code and are gathering evidence, which will be sent to the CMO. He will review it and determine whether there was negligence or not.”

Regarding the alleged incident of medical negligence, the spokesperson of the hospital told the TOI, “…The hospital, in consultation with the most experienced doctors, delivered the best medical care. We are reviewing the case…”

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  1. It is really sad that unborn baby died,but it is known that despite all the best treatment available,all babies cannot be saved.
    If doctors are killing then hospitals must not be made.
    If doctors are killing then Indian death rate must have increased.
    If given a choice to do judgment, I will doctors to work fearlessly.

  2. user
    shulin trivedi March 15, 2019, 3:38 am

    Whatever information is available if doctors hv examined and seen with due care everytime such a sad outcome may b left with the bad luck…
    No one is sure which baby in utero succumb inspite of resonably good monitoring. If timely detected and proper interventions were made by treating doctor we the whole society need to accept the bad outcome as well.
    Because medicine doesnt mean 1+1=2.
    Proper care is all that is required.

  3. Now the society is not having a fear of death, we are having the fear of getting admitted in such corporate hospitals..! due to such incidences.

    Even a normal person admitted in corporate hospital may die due to their strategy of making a normal case into critical one & due to their negligence.

    May God give the strength to family to bear such loss after waiting for so many days & months.
    May the unborn innocent life Rest In Peace , which has nothing to do with this materialistic world & has not entered in such world due to mistake of irresponsible doctors who were not reached in time when needed.

  4. user
    Amrit Lal Suthar March 14, 2019, 9:19 pm

    It\’s true that so-called Multi-specialty HOSPITALS have turned into baniya (merchant) shops. People with high hopes spent their money for better treatment. The society must account for such lapses where a precious unborn life is lost forever. A detailed investigation by the expert in the case is needed to fix the responsibility and bring the culprit to book so that this set an example for others.

  5. user
    UDAY SHANKAR PRASAD March 14, 2019, 2:34 pm

    This is a open and shut case of gross criminal negligence on the part of Cloudnine hospital NOIDA and two doctors Dr Pratibha Singhal and Dr Ritika Sharma leading to death of healthy fully-grown baby before birth. The mother was getting prenatal medical care in Cloudline hospital since December 18. After full pregnancy term experiencing labour pain, she got admitted in the hospital at around 9:30pm on 9 Mar. The foetus was under distress due to leakage of amniotic fluid. The consulting doctor reached hospital after about 4 hrs. The Duty doctor did no take proper medical care. She could not take decisions to deliver the foetus unde severe distress through C-section and instead negligently waited for the Consulting doctor to reach. Their inaction caused death of unborn baby as it suffocated inside loosing heartbeats. The consulting doctor came only after death of unborn baby just to deliver stillbirth. What else required to prove their culpability for homicide not amounting to murder? FIR no. 0248 Dated 10 Mar 2019 in NOIDA SECTOR 49 PS u/s 304A has been lodged and investigation has started. We want the educated people on social media to help us in getting justice to the grieved mother. Social media can put pressure on police and district medical administration to expedite the case. A common man cannot fight with such powerful corporate hospitals who can easily influence the criminal justice system in our country. So, Pls help us in getting justice……… Will you?????????????