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Noida: FIR against 3 Yashoda Hospital doctors for cheating, extorting patient

Noida: FIR against 3 Yashoda Hospital doctors for cheating, extorting patient

Ghaziabad: Local Police authorites have lodged an FIR against three medical practitioners associated with  Yashoda Hospital in Kaushambi, in a case of Cheating and Extortion against a patient. The said action comes in a case that happened 9 months back where an ex-serviceman was admitted to the hospital and relatives were asked to purchase medical items.

“An FIR is lodged against three doctors for cheating and extortion. No arrests have been made so far. Our investigation is continuing,” Salmantaj Patil, superintendent of police (city), told HT.

The case goes back to nine months prior when a retired air force officer came to the hospital in acute kidney failure. His relatives alleged the hospital denying cashless treatment under the scheme, and asking them to purchase the medical items for the said treatment.

“His treatment had to be cashless under ECHS but we were asked to buy items for treatment. I bought items worth over Rs12,000. When I confronted the hospital authorities about this, they told me to buy injections as well, on the basis that it was also not covered under the scheme,” Amit Tyagi, son of Yeshvir, of Sector 6 in Vaishali said.

“Ultimately, I complained to the managing director, ECHS and my father’s dialysis was done cashless that night. Otherwise, they were insisting that I buy items worth Rs 16,000. Next morning, they told me that my father was having multiple organ failures and I should take him to a hospital with better facilities. They virtually expelled my father as I had complained about them. They refused me an ambulance as well and asked me to hire a private one,” Amit said.

He said that the hospital authorities cheated them by charging them for items they were not supposed to.

“When I shifted to the other hospital, it was found that my father did not have multiple organ failure. After my father was shifted from the ICU to a ward, I complained to the Prime Minister’s Office, UP chief minister, the health minister, ECHS and also posted about this on Facebook, which went viral with more than 15,000 shares,” Amit said.

IANS reports that the FIR was registered after the Ghaziabad Chief Medical Officer (CMO) submitted its report against the hospital on the instruction of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s office (CMO) from Lucknow. The report supports the officer’s allegations of cheating and extorting money.”It seems that the patient was referred to another hospital due to the patient’s complaint regarding charging of payments in violation of ECHS rules to provide cashless treatment,” the CMO’s report states.

 Dr PN Arora, the managing director of Yashoda Hospital, confirmed about the FIR to HT stating, “The three (accused) are doctors with our hospital. The patient was given cashless treatment but there were certain minor non-admissible expenditures which the patient’s family was told to take care of. His father was admitted to the ICU and treated.”

“I came to know that the patient had a severe infection that affected other body parts. Getting the patient referred to another hospital is the right of his family. There has been an issue over nothing. However, since an FIR is lodged, we will abide the legal course of action,” he said.

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  1. user
    Dr Kulwinder Singh Sohal March 2, 2017, 11:20 am

    This is a very good development if we take in long term prospective of all health insurance schemes be it govt or pvt ones. Bcz on one hand the govt. is trying to give Universal Health Care UHC by popular cheap schemes & on the other hand under the influence of Corporate lobbies , formulating stringent policies like Clinical Establishment Act ,CEA or through IRDA asking hospitals to get NABH accreditation if any hospital wants to do health insurance schemes.NABH is nothing but CEA in dtto through back door. The basic issue is why any doctor or hospital indulges in unfair trade practices ,as in the above said case. It is not the greed always, of course it is not in absolute terms.But it is a universal fact that due to stringent laws for hospitals ,the expenditures are increasing while due capping of the prices, incomes or margins are decreasing.This true even for the corporate hospitals.So they indulge in unfair trade practices. This is totally wrong. Good that FIR has been lodged.A few more & the medical fraternity ,IMA National & above all the corporate lobby will wake up & sit together to discuss issue.At present every doctor hospital small or big thinks that get em paneled for various schemes & at the same time keep on charging the patients also.This wrong.All the members of doctors community are generally nice & want to pursue honest ethical practice but but such ill conceived schemes frustrate them.Even insurance companies are feeling the heat.Every year one or the other company walks out of the agreement with govts from UHC schemes bcz of losses suffered.That means these schemes are ill conceived,poorly funded & badly managed.So my opinion the National IMA should be proactive & persuade the policy makers to sit together find out the real cause behind such practices & improve them. I am in for UHC but dignity of the profession &^ a respectable earning should be there for the doctors.Otherwise that day is not far off when the MBBS seats in PRIVATE MEDICAL COLLEGES ,MOSTLY OWNED BY POLITICIANS WILL GO VACANT like they are going in dental colleges.Bahut achha hua yeh FIR ho gayi.

  2. It is unfortunate that some doctors have been blamed for the problems of the hospital.
    The doctors do not sign up for any of the schemes and the hospitals do. It is the duty of the hospital administration to ensure that whatever is needed for the patient – be it medicines, disposables, services like dialysis are available. Doctors can only work when they are provided. If patient needs antibiotics, does it make any difference to any doctor whether the patients relatives buy it or whether it is provided by some charity or ECHS. All the doctor needs is the drug. If the hospital has not provided the same, doctors cannot wait for the red tape to untangle itself and hence they are prescribed to the attendants.

    What is required is that the hospitals think whether it is viable to take the schemes and then sign up so that they can take care of the patients. What I find is that they want the beds filled but when the patient needs high end care, they are reluctant to give as the schemes do not compensate even to break even point. This is the reason for most of the problems and doctors being the face of hospitals land up facing the ire of the patients relatives