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Now, Medanta Under Govt Scanner for Rs 16 lakh Bill to 7 year old Dengue patient

Now, Medanta Under Govt Scanner for Rs 16 lakh Bill to 7 year old Dengue patient

Haryana: Even as the investigations on Fortis Memorial Research Institute are still underway on account of alleged negligence and overcharging of dengue patient, another prominent hospital in the area, Medanta -the Medicity has found itself on the similar path, with a similar complaint being filed with the police against the prominent hospital.

TOI reports that a complaint was filed with the local police station, by the family of a deceased 7 year old who had been admitted to Medanta for 22 days with a diagnosis of Dengue Shock Syndrome. The father of the child, an agent of LIC policies alleged that the treatment at the hospital was not proper and after paying around Rs 16 lakh, when the family could not afford the treatment anymore, the hospital shifted it to RML Hospital in Delhi. Alleging negligence and overcharging by the hospital, the deceased patient’s family have filed a complaint with the police

Speaking to TOI the patient’s father claimed that he borrowed money from his relatives and even mortgaged his property to pay the hefty treatment cost demanded by the Gurgaon hospital.“As an LIC agent, I do not earn more than Rs 500 a day. You can imagine how we had struggled to arrange the money,” said Parmar.

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Now the family has filed a police complaint at Gurgaon’s Sadar police station against the hospital management, chairman of department of pediatrics Dr Sunit Singhi, Dr Maninder Dhaliwal, Dr Veena Raghunathan and other supporting members of their team. The family accused the hospital authorities of “murder, forgery, cheating and extortion”.

As per protocol, the police will now investigate the case and send the complaint to the health department for examination of all medical records and generation of report. Action agianst hospital and doctors will be initiated if the health department finds any violations.

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Medanta Medicity in its defense issued the following statement

“Shaurya was suffering from dengue shock syndrome, among other complications, when he was admitted to the hospital. He was given adequate treatment based on his condition and was then transferred to RML. We are not aware of any (police) complaint in this matter. However, we will fully cooperate with any investigating agency,” AK Dubey, medical superintendent, Medanta-The Medicity,in a statement said.

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  1. Media and public are going overboard… thinks they are ulterior…and every patient thinks he/she is immortal….the fact is that one has to accept mortality in grave conditions…in this case tge patoent\’s kin claims he is an LIC agent with meagre income…what tha fuck ws he doing for so many days? he didn\’t realise his penury which he claims? well no one should aim fly 1st class when he only afford economy! No but every one wants sympathy on being poor and havong lost someone to disease and call doctors all sorts of names to extort tge situation!!!! Assholes….and my advice to doctors…dont bow down…..when you sense such buggers coming in….just punt them to other hospis…no mercy….may death after spendind little—cheap deaths…would be well digested by tgese cheepos…..and media is nothing but social pimps…high term these vernacs realise good treatment never comes cheap…and if doctors are godly…r they treated so… docs why not kick the butt of matadi….lets see what happens.

  2. Shameless comment and the language of comment shows what type of mind set this person has , though I never want but wish the family of this person faces same situation then he will feel the pain ,

  3. user
    Raj Rajeshwari Saigal December 24, 2017, 7:09 pm

    I have full sympathy with the parents of the child named Shaurya ,who was suffering from dengu shock syndrome & other complications.The wearer only knows where the shoe pinches. I am simply surprised the father inspite of being LIC agent ,insured others for Medical Insurance, How did he spare his own family of insurance knowing well its advantages in case of need. He must be well versed before admitting the child to a tertiary care hospital like Medanta ,regarding its cost factor. Why did not he admit his son in RML on first instant? That is also a good govt Hospital? Moreover why when the contition has become serious,the child was brought at last stage to the hospital what were they doing at home? taking Nani Daadi treatment or quack\’s treatment? Regarding Dengu so much advertisement is done by govt how to avoid it & when to report to hospital. Dengu is unlike heart case. The patient of Dengu can not have serious attack instantly ( unlike heart attack with instant death as first sign of heart attack. Moreover Doctors are not magicians to cure all diseases. Otherwise no doctor will die. Doctors also die & they know the reality. No doctor is careless in treating his patients. Sincerety & hardwork is in his blood when he joins the mwdical Carreer. (Leave aside a few black sheeps) The police, Politicians, & lawyers try to instigate the patients\’ relatives against doctors. In my opinion no profession in the world can match a Doctor\’s. First hard life of study, then hard training, then during surgery or treatment a doctor is awake the whole night most of the time in care of the patients, Mostly no holidays, celebrations, & youth is finished. If people are not satisfied with govt hospitals, complain to the govt to improve the facilities in govt institutions. People go to private hospitals because of their own satisfaction of having good & personalised treatment they get esp in small hospitals which cater for 70% . Ask the govt to spend more money for health care & education as it used to be in British raj. Govt schools & Hospitals were superb. In foreign countries you get best treatment in Govt Institutions. Govt bears responsibility fot lack of care. Ask police officers, Politicians, & lawyers to have one of their children to become a doctor, & let them work in emergency Department & see what happens when even his relative is treated there & cant be saved under his supervision. Elect the govt on promise of providing health care,Education, Jobs & shelter to live in & wholesome food to eat. No need to construct unnecessary roads, bridges, costly clothes,costly furniture etc which can wait till necessities are taken care of. No body can match Doctor\’s service. Lord Budha said who so ever wants to serve me,serve an ailing patient. so doctors are doing their duty. If there are no doctors, imagine what will happen. There will be Mass deaths because of uncontrolled infections * diseases.There will be chaos in the world. So Blame game against doctors should be stopped. Govt can help a lot in this in a nice way with encouraging. Doctora have already stopped encouraging treatment of serious cases which may be could have been saved given a chance.But to avoid aftermath in case of failure in treatment so many cases are not attended. I remember that during our carreeras a doctor we rejected so many cases & telling the patient that such treatment can not be provided here as no facilities are available here in a village. If patient dies you will blame us. Sometimes there usd to be curfiew in the town Then patient will request to keepnin hospita till morning % they will leave in the morning. When morning comes they refuse to go saying that their patient has improved, Ultimately they used to survive. Because they had trust in us doctors. These days that trust has lost because of so many factors.Volumes can be written on saving some serious patientsbecause of trust among doctors & patients.

  4. Its getting common sympathies with the family but they should have been aware about the costs associated…. How many govt hospitals will do ECMO support or costly newer emerging treatments… They come at a cost to hospital also…. Its easier… Complain and blackmail…..

    I think in long term patients and doctors both will suffer…. Bcoz no one will take challenging cases and doctors will become mediocre and utterly professional…. Vicious cycle

    Only the lawyers, politicians will gain cases and mileage and mint money

  5. Strange. An LIC agent earning 500/ per day,without any health insurance ,decides to go to a corporate hospital.It takes 3 weeks for him to realise that things are expensive .
    Now decides to go to the police as it has become a routine for unhappy patients to cry foul and go to the media or court.
    God bless him with some oral sense.

  6. LIC Agent not having mediclaim himself and for his family is strange story in itself

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