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OPINION- Should Sex be declared to achieve the real aim of PCPNDT Act ?

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Should Sex be declared to achieve the real aim of PCPNDT Act ?

One of my Dr. Client was was very upset over the recent PCPNDT actions against Drs and hence suggested why there should not be compulsory sex determination…….

After pondering over it, I have tried to pen down few aspects.,.

To start with, let’s see a common adage.

In order to curb the evil of Sex Determination, the PCPNDT Act, 1994 was enacted with various amendments in 2003. However it’s a matter of record that this Act also could not stop illegal sex Determination…. As per 2011 report, per 1000 male child, the no. of female child was reduced to 914 on National Level!!

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Few months back, the Union Minister Smt. Maneka Gandhi also suggested compulsory sex determination, so that naturally girl child saved… But it distinctly made YES and NO groups…

The Medical Fraternity (in majority) welcomed this step.. According to Medicos, once the Sex is declared, it becomes the responsibility of the Mother and her relatives to see that the baby is delivered properly. So Drs can come out of clutches of the PCPNDT ACT, which has become the tool for harassment of doctors and medical professionals in the country.
The Medicos further say that it will also save them from the draconian “Form F” which is to be filled at the time of every sonography.. The Punishment for Sex Determination and the Punishment for lacuna in filling the Form F (e.g. omission to mention the age of patient etc.) is one and the same !! i.e. 3-5 years of imprisonment and/or Rs.50,000 to Rs.1,00,000 fine….

It’s unfair !! The vires of PCPNDT Act has been under challenge in different High Court by Drs. Associations….

In order to achieve the object of “save girl child” the MTP Act is also required to be amended simultaneously !!
Critics would call it as “Treatment itself dangerous than the disease”, Experts say, with a hope that the baby boy will be delivered, people will take proper care of the Mother. But if the female sex is determined, there may be “inadvertent lapses” in proper care and nourishment of both, mother and the child !! So the moment will be “Save Mother” instead of “Save Girl Child” ..
There are millions of pregnancies and deliveries that take place every year.. Statistically even if 50 % of those are of Female Child, how the Government machinery will keep an eye on it ?? It’s a very, very tough task ahead !!!


So what we really need to change is our mindset and not the change in law, as I have stated above… In western Countries, there is no discrimination between Female and male child.. Girls are not treated as “Paraya Dhan” or its not written in the WILLS, “that I don’t intend to give anything to my Daughter, as I have given enough at the time of her Wedding” !! The Concept of “Vansha KA Diyya” is also not in existence in Western countries.. Therefore unnecessary importance has been given to birth of male child.. Now as per 2005 amendment, the Daughters have been given equal rights with son in the ancestral properties !!!

So it’s the mind-set of the people is required to be changed and not the law !!

Thanks and Regards
Adv. Rohit Erande

The author is a lawyer working in Pune

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  1. user
    Dr. Sheo Murti Lal Maurya September 6, 2016, 11:25 pm

    To reveal sex properly we need high end machines and it is not possible at every age of fetus. this will be extra burden over radiologists and in case of any failure to detect it properly it again be against him/her. Third gender is another issue. For average clinical work most of the medium size machines may not be able to reveal sex properly. Position of fetus will demand extra time for it. In our country due to high population most of the radiologists are overburdened and have no time for this extra work to detect sex. In our country this will generate further corruption. Very few care for law in our country . It is being broken every now and then.

  2. The PC & PNDT Act should be abolished. It has no value except harassment to the Radiologists. BUMS, BAMS, BHMS, Gynecologists and RMP Quacks are practising on ptegnant ladies and conducting Ultrasound for pregnant ladies who are the main culprits for sex determination and abortions. Government is falling only on Radiologists by forming PC & PNDT ACT, LEAVING ALL THE OTHER PERSONEL who are mainly involved in doing such illegal procedures for their livelyhood. The Government should think with Broad mind how to avoid female feticide in existing health structure scenario. There many Anganwadi centres, Asha health workers, Primary health centres, Urban health centres, District Hospitals, Regional Health centres and Referral Hospitals through out the India. Its not difficult to trace and follow the famale fetus declared pregnant cases until their delivery. My sincere suggestion is to abolish the PC & PNDT Act and introduce sex revealing system during pregnancy . Follow the cases of pregnancy with female fetus until delivery. If any case undergoes abortion before normal delivery time, then conduct enquiry on this, if found intentional female feticide, then punish the concerned personnel ( patient, people who encouraged and who involved in conducting abortion ) ,these are the the Real people who should be punished not the Radiologists. I am leaving this message to all to think on this issue. SEX REVEALING SHOULD NOT BE THE CRIME, ABORTION SHOULD BE THE CRIME. This is my personal opinion only.

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