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Paediatrician arrested on rape allegations, sent to judicial custody

Paediatrician arrested on rape allegations, sent to judicial custody

Surat: A city-based paediatrician has been arrested by the local police for allegedly raping a woman on the pretext of marrying her. The local court has sent him to judicial custody.

According to media reports, the doctor who owns a children’s hospital in the city was sent to jail after a complaint against him was registered at Sayajigunj police.

The case was registered by a woman who claimed that she first came in contact with the accused doctor through a matrimonial website. Due to family reasons, they could not get married and she was married to a Charted Accountant. She then shifted to Malaysia.

The women returned to Mumbai, the accused doctor contacted her through social media platform and asked her for a meeting. The woman agreed to meet him. They met in a hotel in Sayajigunj in 2013 where he allegedly raped her. The woman alleged that the doctor repeatedly raped her at several meetings in the hotel in the time duration of 2013 to 2017.

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The complainant alleged that she became pregnant and two years back she delivered a baby boy. The woman did inform about the alleged incident to anyone but when the blood group of the child did not match to any of the parents, she had confronted her husband.  She, then, explained her connection with the accused doctor.

The woman then approached the accused doctor who had allegedly promised to marry her did not go by his words. It was after his refusal of marriage the lady approached the police and filed the complaint against him.

The lady filed a complaint of rape and criminal intimidation against the accused doctor at Sayajigunj police station.

Following the complaint, the paediatrician was arrested from his residence in Singanpore area of Surat of the city, reports the TOI.

The local court sent the doctor to judicial custody.

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  1. This case is very interesting if everything reported about it is true.There are several ways sex under mutual consent could turn out to be rape. According to Indian penal code the consent could be made invalid in many situations. If a lady says she gave consent because the man gave a false promise of marriage, the intercourse could be rape, even if both of them enjoyed it! Extra marital relationship is not an offence if it is on mutual consent. Of course it could be a reason for divorce. You should remember that police often want a rich accused!

  2. Did the lady in question get divorced. Why did she go to malasiya is it with her husband. Was the divorce process completed in india and how did the dr come to know of her arrival in mumbai how did the dr come to know that she had cometo mumbai
    How did that lady permit herself for repeated rape without any resistance or a mutual consent. Why did she compalain.only when the blood grp of child did not match she had approched the dr to marry her but neither she had told whether she is still living with her husband even after the suspicion arose. She was probably under the idea that her pregnancy was induced by her malaysian husband until bld grp changed. The issue arose only after her delivary and after her problem with her husband. It was probably too late as she was pregnant had not even a sign of doubt on the doctor. Probably she enjoyied the drs company in hotel then. How can the dr now give consent for marriage 1. If she had not completed the divorse legal matters having a child in hand. Had she informed the dr that she was married to that chartered accountant when she called upon the dr in the hotel was any dna testing done. Why was she unable to conceive with the chartered accountant. How long were they both got married. Why settle in malaysia.
    How dare was she to get into an affair with is dr even though she was said to be married. Are theyvreally married or live in relation ship. All these querries has to be explained in this dr als having etra marital affairs. The conduct of the lady to be viewed in depth or is she a habitual money extractor or has to view in several angles
    Mean while all sorts of tests will be done on this dr. DNA testing seminal analysis etc etc. Dr may have to get punished if it is extra marrital. If proved beyond doubt may serve a jail term. The care and future of the child has to be considered if dr is at fault . Even for the care of that lady has to b considered all are with probabilities. The lady will also under go strinngent examinationscgynec opinion, her husband alo will be questioned

  3. user
    DR SUDHAKAR ARYA March 30, 2019, 1:26 pm

    How can someone rape a lady repeatedly .She had enjoyed sex with the doctor.It was mutual consent.The lady herself seems to be ill character.The local body of doctors lobby in Surat should come up in favour of the doctor.

  4. This is sex by mutual consent. Doctor is getting unnecessarily harassed.