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Pillibhit: Cardiologist faces heat after allegedly misbehaving with patient

Pillibhit: A cardiologist working with the District Hospital, has been facing heat from the authorities, after a video of him rebuking a orthopedically handicapped woman patient and refusing to see her went viral on Social media.

The incident relates to a poor village patient who was suffering from restlessness and chest pain. TOI reports that as no one in the hospital was responding to her requests for medical aid, she presented a letter of request before the district magistrate, Sheetal Verma, who directed the medical officer concerned to provide medical assistance to her.

Carrying the letter, she went to the cardiologist Dr Chaurasia at the district hospital. As per the video, he was attending to another patient, when she entered his chambers. Angry, he reprimanded her for interference  However, he seemed to have gone out of bounds with his words, when he rebuked her with harsh words saying “Tum aurat ho to chhod raha hoon, admi haota to maarta yahin par (I am sparing you as you are a woman. Had there been a man in your place, I would have thrashed him here only).” He further refused to give her any treatment and told her to go to another doctor

While the woman was being reprimanded, someone recorded the whole conversation and uploaded it on social media. The video soon went viral and was followed by media reports of the same

In response to the incident , Chief medical superintendent (CMS) Dr RC Sharma condemned the misbehavior of the cardiologist and told reporters that the woman was provided with proper medical checkup and medicines as well.

On disciplinary or legal action against the erring doctor, the CMS said that the cardiologist had been given warning. “Any repeat of such behaviour will result in disciplinary action,” he told TOI.

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  1. barging in while doctor examining a patient is too a common phenomenon with Indian patients. What about the violation of privacy of the patient being examined by cardiologist. What about govt. providing staff to prevent such unauthorised entry . Press runs amok with half truth sensationalism.