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UK Doctor responsible for three botched surgeries, banned

UK Doctor responsible for three botched surgeries, banned

United Kingdom : Name of the medical practitioner, who owing to poor vision had performed a series of Botched up surgeries in the UK, has been finally struck off after he was branded a ‘danger to patients’. The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, a disciplinary panel found him guilty of misconduct and banned him from treating patients reports Daily MAIL UK

The doctor, Dr Lawal Haruna , 59, who accounted his botched up surgeries owing to ” poor vision” , has been facing action on account of three cases, namely

Patient A- had acute appendicitis,yet Haruna mistakenly removed a pad of fat. As a result,  the patient was forced to undergo a further operation a month later.

Patient B, also came to him with appendicitis, but the doctor mistakenly removed her ovary and fallopian tube when performing an open appendicectomy, leaving the appendix in situ.

Patient C had been admitted under his care with a cyst – only for him to remove a skin tag instead.

Not only this, the said doctor dismissed the incidents as “trifling errors” reports Telegraph and added the appendix and fallopian tubes were similar “worm-like structures which lie in a similar area.

Appearing before the expert panel the surgeon, who represented himself, told the Manchester hearing, said he had been suffering from “poor vision” at the time and claimed it would be ‘harsh’ to strike him off. The panel on the other hand, reminded him of his duty to his patients, terming all above cases as “Never Event” (A never event is something that should never, ever happen) before barring him from seeing patients

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  1. His credentials should be checked may be he turn out to be a quake . He may not be a real qualified medical person .