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Return to Work or face Contempt of Court, Arrest: Govt to Striking Doctors

Return to Work or face Contempt of Court, Arrest: Govt to Striking Doctors

Jaipur With the Rajasthan Doctors strike entering the 4th day after another round of failed negotiations with the government, the State Government today was seen threatening the striking doctors to return to their duties by 7 pm, adding that strict action would be taken if they do not comply, reports ANI.

Moreover, Rajasthan High Court, responding to two PILs in the matter of doctor’s strike issued a notice to the state government on seeking the government reply by November 15 . The court further directed the state government asked the doctors to send a notice personally asking them to return to work adding that if the doctors do not return to work even after this, then it shall be  considered as contempt of court.

Siding with the government medical practitioners in the state, the Bench of Justices KS Zaveri, Mahesh Sharma and Dr. Abhinav Sharma cited the example of SMS Hospital which receives more than 800 patients and where doctors faced heavy workload. Do they have no choice but to strike? observed the court

Responding to the observation , the petitioner maintained that the workload is also there in the army and the police. The High Court then issued a notice to the state government asking for a reply by November 15.  Now, the case will be heard on November 15.

In his petition, petitioner Dr. Abhinav had said that the High Court had declared the strike of doctors in 2011 as unconstitutional, hence doctors cannot go on strike now

Court Order

  • The High Court asked the government to issue a notice to all the doctors personally and return to work. if they do not return to work, then it is shall be considered to be a contempt of court.
  •  The court directed that the government will make a committee to meet the reasonable demands of the medical practitioners , but by then they will have to return to work
  • The court asked Solicitor general, NM Lodha, to present a list of doctors till November 15 detailing how much salaries are being given to the doctors.

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  1. Govt should take strict action against such doctors who strike over patient\’s suffering. I am a medical student and i am glad that i am becoming a doctor. I atleast wont have my child die outside hospital waiting for a doctor. Shame on such doctors..

    However WRong the bill is.. Doctors who strike and block roads and ambulances.. should be lati charged..
    If our indian army had to go on strike .. no doctor will be alive today… Think like a soldier

  2. You’d think differently if you were 15 years older and a consultant in a highly litigious specialty in a private hospital

  3. user
    dr. gurudutt joshi November 12, 2017, 7:36 am

    Judiciary is no more \”Yudhishtir \” there are lots of scams in it also, they must pip into their sleeves as per the dialogue of film jolly LLB 2 . The govt. and judiciary must understand the ground situation of doctors ,the govt. does not listen to the genuine demands ,govt. does not give promotions and time bound increments and salary to the doctors .The leaders of the rajasthan doctors union has not done any crime ,if the govt. does not listen to their demands there is no way left out.

  4. Absolutely right sir

  5. Is there any rule for this judiciary & lawyers How many lawyers these courts have sent to jail If you have gone to strike then continue it otherwise these will goon hammering you forever for one reason to others Be united This society needs doctors not court or lawyers

  6. Right sir

  7. Working in unsafe conditions and unsafe hours is suicidal ( which is again a crime). Doctors should demand judges like working hours ( 11-4 pm, weekend off, summer and winter vacation).

  8. Dont Back off, rather talk to your counterparts in other states to increase the movement state wise.